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Jehovah`s Witness/The Conclusion (Jay's Title), and Exposing Rando's Wicked Internet Sites


Hello again,

Thought you might like to see the conclusion of the "Sister T" vs Jay episode.  My subject line was "I confess "Sister T", I did not understand."


Hello! The expert can't answer your question.

Your Question was:

I did not understand how a discussion concerning the credentials and statements from 2 scholars regarding the acccuracy of the NWT morphed into a list of scriptures regarding the name of Jehovah.

So, it's up to whoever reads the entire discussion.  If they see it thru your eyes or thru mine... then so be it.  I will not continue to saw sawdust.


Following is the reason:

I do not see a Bible question here....

Have a good day

Sister T


Guess I should have asked 'what does the Bible have to say (book, chapter & verse) about the credibiity or lack of same when it comes to the accuracy of translating ancient biblical scriptures?'  That would have been a question.  

I'm not asking you to post this but I don't care if you do. Don't know that it will accomplish anything other than show how quickly "Sister T" was able to divert the topic of conversation to something else.  

BTW, I read Rando's current attack on you.  And I've never seen a website so full of blasphemy & foul language as his second link.  Just seeing the name of the link should have been clue enough about what to expect. And this is the kind of stuff Rando likes to read.  

Again, he zero'd in on the negative things about 'Christendom' or Baptists on the website, not realizing the website also pokes fun at Jehovah's Witness & says derogatory things about them.

I especially found the following from the website amusing:

"To take the wind out of your opponent's sails, reply to the smallest query with pages and pages of text. Ideally, you should spend a couple of hours writing this yourself, but if you don't have the time cut-and-paste relevant (or, if possible, irrelevant) information from other Christian websites or resources. Try to spend at least ten kilobytes explaining why they should pray more, why they should fear Hell, how Christ died for their sins, why prominent Christian philosophers and scientists disagree with them, how long-dead Christians have already proven them wrong, and so on. Ask as many obscure questions as possible. If they are truly sincere (which, being atheists, is impossible) they will answer all of your points. If they fail to answer all of your points and questions, victory is yours. Make a note of this humiliating defeat and remember to bring it up often when dealing with this particular individual. (This is also a handy technique to use during a live debate with evolutionists. )'

The website also refers to God as Joe Hovah.

Have a blessed day.


Hello, Jay.  I hope you are doing well.

Per your permission, I am making this question “Public”, as there are some things you mentioned here, that I want to make some comments on.   You are correct that it won’t accomplish anything by my posting it, however, it will serve as yet one more of the many examples, of how they divert attention off of their inability to give competent answers.  

But one thing you mentioned about Rando’s latest vulgar website, is something I want to take a few moments and discuss.  I actually had 2 people contact me yesterday (Sunday), who were simply amazed that Rando would reference a web site of this nature.  

More on that in a moment, but first things first….In regards to your back and forth with Ms. T, yes, she put on quite a performance.  Like you, I was wondering why she wouldn’t just answer what you were asking, instead of what you weren’t asking.  Don’t feel too bad for “not understanding” what her point was….It seems a lot of people read their replies, and can’t seem to derive much sense out of it.  So, you’re not alone.  You aren’t the first person to have your question, and what should’ve been a simple answer, to end up being directed by them to a completely different topic altogether.  They normally will direct your question into whatever subject it is, that happens to be a burr in their saddle at that moment.  

For Rando, that is pretty much always the Trinity.  No matter what the question is, the answer in his mind, is ALWAYS “the Trinity”.  That is, of course, until Darryl Murphy issues him an open challenge to talk about it, and then Rando strangely (and predictably) goes completely silent.  All of a sudden, Rando no longer wants to talk about the very subject he rattles on and on about, and continually shows his ignorance of.  

I guess Ms. T’s thing here lately, is the name “Jehovah” in the NT.  But again, I understood what your question was, and I didn’t think it was that difficult to grasp.  I am sorry that you were the recipient of their normal tactic of questioning the person’s motives, and insulting their intelligence.  If they can’t answer simple questions, what in the world did they volunteer here for, in the first place?

Now, about Rando and his choice of websites, as sources of information.  This is something here, that I want to publicly CHALLENGE the other 2 JWs here (and the ONLY 2, I might add), who are not only NOT embarrassed by this man’s wicked behavior, but actually will voice support of it in public.  I would like to ask Eddie or Ms. T either one, or both, to give us any possible reason why a man who is supposedly a “servant of Jehovah”, would use sites such as these, as his references.  Or….why he would even be ON those sites, to begin with.  Its not just one example, but several.  I will discuss 3 of them.

The first, is the one we just saw in the past few days….

Now, it needs to be stated at the outset, that the letters in this site, stand for “JESUS CHRIST NOT FOR ME”.  That in itself, should alert the reader that this is NOT a Christian site, but rather, an ANTI-CHRISTIAN site.  And if one spends even a few minutes on it, they immediately notice that the man behind this site, is a hater of God Almighty.  And it also contains some pretty vulgar language, as well.

So, if you want to get a really good argument to refute Baptists from Scripture, then where should you look?  Why, an ATHEISTIC, God-hating web site, of course!  Why not?

You know, we just saw Rando use the “Landover Baptist Church” web site a few short weeks back, as his “proof” of what Baptists believe.  Of course, Rando was busted big time, when I pointed out that Landover “Baptist” is not Baptist at all, but rather a satirical and parody site, set up by an atheist, to MOCK Baptists who believe the Bible.  And when Rando was caught in his lie, did he offer a retraction or an apology?  No…he simply quoted the site again.  

And, now, we have this, as Rando’s “proof” against Baptists.  But if we look at just a few things on this site, it becomes clear this is not a site for Christians to be using as information.  Consider some excerpts from this site, and the author’s views about Christianity…..

REGARDING THE GOD OF CREATION, THE AUTHOR STATES….“So much for the Christian claim that Adam and Eve, and not Biblegod, is to blame for the fall. Biblegod stacked the deck, created defective creatures, and set the whole row of dominos up for a fall.

“What did the "loving" Biblegod set in the middle of their playground to catch their attention and arouse their natural curiosity? Why, nothing short of something guaranteed to kill them, and not only them, but every single one of their descendants for all time and eternity …. Christians- wake up!!! The God of the Bible does not love you!!! He never did, and never will!!! How many atrocities will it take to get it through your thick skulls that any god that would do that to his own two children deserves not your love and worship, but your hate and disgust. In the beginning… God was nuts!!!

REGARDING THE EXISTENCE AND LOVING NATURE OF GOD, THE AUTHOR STATES….“Christians were noticeably absent from making many public comments immediately following the September 11th terrorist attacks. They knew the question that was on everyone's mind: Where was God? Well, he was in the same place as Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy: the fantasyland that exists within people's minds.”

“But he wasn't the ONLY one on the morning of September 11th who knew beforehand AND DID NOTHING to stop those planes from smashing into the lives of 3,000 people. I point this out to the Fundies reading this: IF Moussaoui is such an EVIL SINNER per James 4:17 for letting such a horrible thing happen, how much MORE an EVIL SINNER is your Biblegod, who did EXACTLY THE SAME THING on the morning of September 11th, 2001.  

And don't give me that CRAP about Biblegod can't interfere with "free will". Every time you idiots pray for a high school football game to swing your way, or pray to marry someone you've got your heart set on, or pray a friend or relative will be "led to the Lord", you are expecting Biblegod to interfere with someone's "free will". So if Biblegod can "interfere with free will" by making a quarterback sneeze when throwing a pass, he could have just as easily kept all the hijackers home that morning with a severe case of diarrhea.

So Fundies, don't DESPISE Moussaoui unless you're also willing to despise BIBLEGOD, for BOTH are guilty of allowing 9/11 to happen, and therefore both are SINNERS according to the Bible, in James 4:17

“Stop Worshipping a Sinner!”

Perhaps Eddie and Ms. T would like to RE-THINK as to who on this site, is “trying to turn people away from Jehovah God”.  Why would a REAL or genuine JW, be using sites such as this, as references and sources of information, knowing full well that some person weak in the faith might read this forum and check out these sites, because Rando used them in his own posts?

More from this site which says “Jesus Christ is not for me”….

Well, since Ms. T is so hung up on the name “Jehovah” here lately, and its defence (not a bad thing), let’s see what this site used by Mr. Rando, has to say about Jehovah.  I wonder if Ms. T and Eddie will still claim that Rando is one of them, after seeing the kinds of sites that Rando uses for information.  

On this site, there is an article entitled “Jehovah Unmasked” , and we learn a little about the author of the article.

“Removing God’s Mask:
The author, Nathaniel J. Merritt, has been hitchhiking his way to Enlightenment since he was a teen. Becoming a Jehovah's Witness at age 15, he ran away from home at 17, and hitchhiked to San Jose, CA to escape from his rageaholic father. After some adventures there, he hitchhiked home to Michigan, where he was shunned by the Jehovah's Witnesses at 19 for smoking pot and having sex. This sent him into a downward spiral where he hit rock bottom. Shortly afterward he was born again as a Jesus Freak in 1973. Then a fellow Jesus Freak taught him to meditate, and this opened many new inner vistas. This spiritual renewal led him to become a Baptist minister in 1980, and there he remained for 15 years. Then Merritt began to yearn for something more than he was getting from Christianity. So he dove into the deep waters of Zen Buddhism, and even became a Buddhist priest. Finding Buddhism “not a good cultural fit” after ten years, he returned to Christianity, but not as a Fundamentalist. Some say he returned as a heretic and blasphemer…

the author takes the reader down the rabbit hole of the real Matrix, and turns the world upside down and inside out. Discover for yourself, in your own Bible, the lies of God in the Garden of Eden, and the Truth told by the Serpent.”

(Throat clearing…..Eddie and Ms. T, tell us all again, just who is turning people away from Jehovah?  I don’t think you have ever seen me use sites like this, except now, to expose how evil it is, and to expose the charlatan who dared to refer us to it).

But the author of “Jehovah Unmasked” (from the very site that Rando used as a reference), utters this blasphemy towards the true God, Jehovah….

“All of us grew up watching and enjoying the antics of Donald Duck. We laughed as he slowly but surely lost control of a situation, and then finally, in an impotent rage, threw a temper tantrum. Sometimes, it was his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie who drove poor Donald to the brink and beyond. We can all relate to Donald because often we too are faced with a situation that is beyond our control no matter what we do. After all, we are finite beings. However, when Donald Duck finally came to the end of his rope and threw a destructive temper tantrum, he displayed three important traits:

1. He is impotent in the face of great difficulty.
2. He utterly lacks self-control.
3. He can be manipulated by others and by

In this, Huey, Dewey, and Louie demonstrated their control over their Uncle Donald.“</b <b>They could push his buttons until he could no longer respond to the situation in a rational or constructive manner, and he was finally overcome by his mindless rage. Donald had been successfully manipulated and shown to be impotent. For one is truly impotent when one can no longer respond to a situation constructively or maintain composure and self-control, and can only rage and destroy. As humans, we can relate to this. It reminds us of our own finiteness, and our own foibles. However, when we read about this same behavior being displayed by the supposedly omnipotent and omniscient god Jehovah in the pages of the Bible, it should give us instant pause for thoughtful analysis of Jehovah. Humans push Jehovah, over and over again, beyond his ability to respond to a situation in a constructive, rational, or self-controlled manner. Just as Donald Duck throws impotent destructive rages because he can no longer respond constructively or rationally, so does Jehovah.

“The True God could never be manipulated and controlled by finite creatures as Jehovah is “Huey, Dewey, and Louie” (the human race) would never be able to exhaust the True God's mental and emotional resources and push it over the brink into impotent, murderous rage As we have seen over and over, “Jehovah” is none other than Satan the Devil.

Can’t wait to see how many JWs will continue coming to Rando’s defense, or if this will finally be enough to shake them to their senses, and see that he is not what they think he is.  Which SHOULD have already been evident long ago, given the outright lies he has told in this forum for years….lies which people like you, Eddie and Ms. T, have defended time and time again.

What do you have to say now?

Well, there is much more on this site that I could list, to show what a truly wicked, evil, and ungodly site that it is.  But I think this will suffice.

But as you pointed out, Jay….This site that Rando was using, actually POKES FUN at Jehovah God, and His name.  And Ms. T is all up in arms about defending that name….Well, she and Eddie are going to have to make a choice, between defending Jehovah, and defending Rando’s wicked actions.  There is no way they can do both.

But again….Rando, why do you frequent sites such as this, and why would you use them as reputable sources of information as to what is “true” or “false”?

And back to his use of the Landover Baptist Church site a few weeks back, as if it were a legitimate Baptist site, when he knew FULL WELL it was not.  I stated then, that there was a very blasphemous video on You Tube of the Landover Baptist Church, with its founder speaking at an ATHEIST rally in Washington, DC.  A few weeks ago, I declined to post the link to the video, because I don’t want garbage like that on my site.  However, I am now going to post the link, just to show the wicked nature of the blasphemous sites that Rando enjoys going to, and worse, QUOTING on this forum as reputable sites….

The following blasphemy proves beyond all doubt that the Landover Baptist Church, is NOT a Baptist group, but rather, an ATHEISTIC group…  I really don‘t even recommend watching it, but just in case anyone is not convinced, the proof is here….

Yes, that is what this charlatan called "Brother Rando", likes to watch, and wants the readers to believe, is a legitimate Baptist site.

Now, last but not least, we have Rando’s using another site that is Pro-Abortion, Anti-God, Anti-Christian, and PRO-HOMOSEXUAL, as a good source of information.

Rando used this site, to show how “wicked” Baptists are.  He not only used the site, but gave us a quote from it, containing FOUL language, in the following link….

In fact, Jay, it was you who brought to my attention, that Rando was quoting from a LGBT site.  In fact, you sent him the following question, which of course, he rejected without even a comment…..

JAY:  “Rando, are you an anti-Christian who supports homosexuality?

In your latest anti-Baptist 'question to self' you direct people to a GLBT website

Are you an activist for the GLBT Community? (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender). Does the GB of the WTBSociety know you are promoting a GLBT website?”

Valid question, Jay.  I wonder if there are any valid answers?  When you asked Rando about it, he declined to answer you.  What about now?  Rando?  Eddie?  Ms. T?  Care to elaborate?

When we examine site, we find that it was created by a “man” named David Badash.  Regarding David Badash, we learn….

“David Badash is the founder and editor of The New Civil Rights Movement, a journal of news and opinion on gay rights and marriage equality, and is a well-respected voice on politics and civil rights. Badash is often quoted in national and international publications, such as Politico and The Washington Post. His work has also regularly appeared at, in Bilerico, and he is syndicated at Badash is the creator of The Great Nationwide Kiss-In, a fifty-city, international gay rights response to the unlawful harassment, detention, and arrest of same-sex couples for kissing in public.”

“David is married to Caleb Eigsti. The couple and their their two dogs live in downtown Manhattan.”

Now, as a Christian, I do not hate anybody….not atheists, not homosexuals, not anyone who is in sin.  But that does not change what the Bible teaches about these topics, either.  I would never knowingly use a site such as these, to “prove” anything regarding Bible doctrine, or how “wrong“ Jehovah‘s Witnesses are.  

Rando, I think you have some explaining to do.  You have spent your entire time on this forum lying about other people, but nobody really knows where you stand.  Your continued use of sites that promote not only outright sin, but also BLASPHEMY against God Almighty, directly calls into question whether or not you are even a real JW.  A JW once told me that he believed you are actually disfellowshipped, and are here to make the WT look CLAIMING to be part of it, but then acting like a complete moron.  So, are you really even a JW? At the very least, you are disobeying the "Slave's" counsel, on what type of internet activity is appropriate for a JW.  

But you have spent years on this board, lying and attacking.  Normally, when a person has to tell so many lies and use so many attacks against others, then they usually have something to hide themselves.  

Why do you utilize sites as sources for information, which show an intense hatred for your Creator, and the God whom you CLAIM to serve?  I’m starting to think you are here to discredit the JW religion, not defend it.  This has been suggested to me several times by numerous JWs over the years here, but I always figured you really were a JW, but just didn’t have the integrity or the sense to offer a defense of it without lying.  But I’m starting to wonder if they’re right.

Furthermore, I am starting to wonder how much longer your only 2 supporters on this forum, Eddie and Ms. T, will continue to sacrifice their own integrity to God, to stand with you.

Jay, once again, I am sorry that you had to put up with Ms. T’s diversions, rather than just receiving a straight answer to your questions.  I noticed you were attacked for writing to me on a couple of occasions, as if its any of her business who you write.  But your question was polite, easy to understand, and it should have gotten a better reply than it did.

And as for Rando, he continues to dig a hole for himself.  Merely quoting one bad web site by mistake, could be overlooked. But it has become a pattern with him….no way its accidental.  No way at all.....  

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