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Hello Eddie.
My jw coworker told me one day that there were dinosaurs on Noah's ark.  Is this a watchtower teaching or has  he gone rogue ?  I explained in great detail to make sure he knew what a dinosaur  was. He later waffled about  the meaning of what a dinosaur was.

Thanks Kevin.

dino vs human
dino vs human  
I'm not sure why he said that to you. Must have read it from somewhere as some claim that there were dinosaurs in Noah's Ark.

As as for us, we believed the these creatures never made it to the Ark since they were long gone - before even the flood took place. In fact, we believe it was God's plan that these animals appear on earth for a SPECIFIC reason, for a specific task. And once they FULFILLED their specific task, Jehovah God simply put them to sleep. In fact if you think about it, science agree with this conclusion. That is, that all of a sudden the dinosaurs disappeared from the face of the earth and became EXTINCT. It is as if they were hand picked, SPECIFICALLY SELECTED to die off. Of course since many scientists don't subscribe to a Creator, they attribute their disappearance or extinction from other sorts. Some assumed disease killed them off, while others say a meteor, while still others say volcanic explosion. In any case, these are just theories of no real basis because it can't explain how or why these creatures were specifically "selected" to die off while their contemporaries - the mice, the butterfly, the dragonfly, the crocodiles, etc didn't. While they agree on extinction, they can't explain how or why selective.

Why not?

Because the explanation lies in the supernatural. God who created them simply SELECTED them die off because they were not meant to POPULATE the earth. Just imagine humans living next to these giants! It will be very difficult if impossible to co-exist. One will be on top of the food chain.

In fact if you consider the "creative days", these "great creatures" or dinosaurs were created in the fifth creative day, long after vegetation 'sprang forth from the ground' (Gen 1:11-13). Hence without any animals grazing around, the earth no doubt was overgrown with all sorts of vegetation. So the creation of animals of such great size with enormous appetite is perfect for such task. In a sense these were created for the simple purpose of controlling the growth of vegetation (as well as their kind). But when time came for man to take over the task of "cultivating the ground" and to "take care of it" (Gen 1:26-28), God saw 'fit' to selectively put them to sleep.

In fact it was the perfect and a kind thing to do! Just imagine again trying to take care of a T-Rex! How would you feed one or two without you becoming their food! How about a Brontosaurus! Or a Pterodactyl! Or a Triceratops! A very difficult if not an impossible task for Adam, Eve and their offspring to do! So it was just right to remove these creatures from earth since they've fulfilled their temporary role.

Fast forward, thousands of years later, the flood came in Noah's time, and judging from the size of the ark and the amount of food it can store, there's no possible way a dinosaur of "its kind" will fit inside let alone its food and the rest of the animals along with eight humans to take care of all of them.

So no, there were no dinosaurs inside the Ark since they were long gone. And logistically speaking, all the dinosaur "kind" will not fit inside the ark because of their enormous size and appetite. Just imagine placing a T-Rex next to a cow or sheep! Other reasons we can deduce is that there were no recorded event/s in the Bible where humans came in contact with these animals.  

Now if you read blogs or reports that dinosaurs walked with man, read carefully what they are saying because you can interpret their evidence in many ways.

So you might need to ask him again where he got his information.  

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