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Jehovah`s Witness/Eddie, Eddie, Eddie...Don't You Ever Learn?


Well, I am just now able to reply to some of Eddie’s nonsense that has transpired over the past week or so.  Although I was away and not able to field questions, I did check the board a couple of times, just to keep up with what was happening.  And it was pretty much the same old lies, distortions, and misquotes that we always see.  In fact, has anyone noticed that the posts from these people have all said pretty much the SAME THING, here lately?  The same stuff over and over.  I will touch on a couple of different things in this writing, so I apologize to the readers for this post being somewhat scattered, as it touches on several different topics.

After Richard’s devastating post this morning to Eddie, regarding the Watchtower, I almost hesitated to say anything else for a few days.  It is not my desire to stomp on someone who is already lying on the ground gasping for air, after having the wind kicked out of them.  And that is exactly what Richard's post did.  

But since Eddie continues with the shrill, high-emotion rants, filled with distortions and falsehoods, he leaves me no choice.

Eddie is an interesting chap. Sometimes, his line of thinking and his reasonings, leave one wondering how a person can so completely have their thinking capacities become so warped.  I notice that several people have written to him as of late, trying to make him realize the bad example he sets for his religion.  It's apparent he is incapable of grasping it, as he seems to have no clue what this is about.  

He actually thinks this is about defending Jehovah against slander, when nobody has said one word against Jehovah.  He writes this…..

“I will tolerate no rivalry against my God, Jehovah”

Now, I’m not even sure what that is supposed to mean, exactly.  But regardless, nobody is trying to “rival” Jehovah, or slander Him in any way.  Nor do we “hate the name Jehovah”, as he falsely claims.  In fact, we born again Christians LOVE Jehovah God, and believe that a cult that twists His Word, perverts its teachings, and falsely claims to be His “sole channel of communication”, should be denounced.  This is not against Jehovah, or even the people who are in the religion known as “Jehovah’s Witnesses”.  It is against a false religious Organization, that teaches unscriptural doctrine.

Now, Eddie, in Eddie’s usual disregard for truth, said this….Its really a minor point, but still, I would like to briefly address it, since it was a stupid remark….

“But poor Mr. Holland, he really needs yours and Scott's help. He's been awol lately, which is good.”

Does this clown even know what “awol” means?  Apparently not.  It means Absent Without Leave.  Uh, I believe that I placed myself on “vacation” from the board, which we are allowed to do.  And I also believe I was quite clear to state that I was doing so, because I was visiting my son, whom I had not seen in months.  Furthermore, I actually came back to the board earlier than originally intended.  

In fact, I’ve been back for nearly 3 days now, and I was back when Eddie wrote the comment about my supposedly being “awol”.  So, that was a really dumb comment.  

But hey, I don't want Eddie to feel I am unavailable, if he wants/needs to talk to me.  So Eddie, I am back now.  Is there anything you were wanting to discuss with me?  

And by the way, I do not believe that I have to clear, or explain, my vacation plans with you in the first place.  I mentioned it as a courtesy to my questioner, to let him know I would be unavailable last week, and to tell him when he could follow up, if he wished.

That being said, I very much appreciate those 2 who wrote to Eddie, and reinforced what everyone else is noticing….That Eddie is a joke, and makes a complete fool of himself, and doesn’t have the mental capacity to grasp it.  It seems more and more people are noticing it.  Now, I’m not sure what makes Eddie say that I “need help”…Its not like he has even made a valid argument against me.  I mean, he has been given numerous opportunities, and repeatedly challenged by me, to show what the supposed “lies” are against his religion.  As of yet, he has shown none….Not one.  But that was funny, to claim that I "need help", when those guys are always writing letters of comfort to each other, trying to convince themselves that they really are "winning", when its obvious they are not.  

Good one, Eddie.

But "help" or not, I want to say that Dan and Scott hit the nail on the head about you, Eddie.  You are a joke, as is your "logic", and your misinterpretations of nearly everything you read.  I am glad they wrote you, and pointed this out.  They were absolutely correct.

And because of this, look what Eddie has been reduced to….He is now repeatedly asking some odd question, about “who is Mr. Holland arguing with”?  All of that, because he can’t just show where a lie has been told, or his beliefs misrepresented. And he just can't admit that he made a blunder, and misunderstood the statement.

So, not sure why he thinks I need help….He hasn’t even said anything about me that was true.  You’re gonna have to hit harder than that, Eddie.  Can you?  I doubt it.

That being said, I am glad that Scott and Dan wrote to this guy, and told him what everybody else has already noticed….These people are a joke.  They don’t even have a clue what this is all about.  It has nothing to do with “slandering Jehovah”….It has to do with false doctrine.  These people repeatedly claim that they are “defending Jehovah”.  No, they are making a mockery of Him.  

Jehovah never told you to lie and twist people’s words, Eddie.  Jehovah never told you to say anything that isn’t true, yet that is what you do on a weekly basis.  That simply isn’t going to cut it.

Now, what follows, is my address to Eddie’s incessant question about “who is Mr. Holland arguing with”?  

Sorry Eddie, but I didn’t think that was a serious question, initially.  I mean, you had been humiliated at every turn, and your lies were exposed on many topics.  So, I knew what you were doing, when you desperately tried to twist my comment about JWs and the 144,000.  So, I called you out on it, and asked you if I actually SAID that you all teach that only 144,000 are saved.

Well, you stupidly replied by saying “Yes, you did” , after which I simply gave the entire paragraph, and told you that you could earn some quick cash, if you could find that comment anywhere.  

Well, you obviously didn’t find it, after telling the world that I had said it, so you changed your story, and then told everyone that this is what I really was implying....after first claiming that I had SAID it, you then place yourself in the position of "mind-reader".

Then, you kept on with that “who is Mr. Holland arguing with”, to the point that everybody started wondering if you had mental problems.  

So, now that I am back and have time, I will be happy to address that for you.  I am sure you will continue to try and cling to it, in the absence of anything else, but nevertheless, I am going to go ahead and demolish it right now.

Now, at the outset, let me just point something out.  This question that Eddie has been incessantly asking….“Is Derrick Holland arguing with himself? If no, who said, "...not just some" then?” , only came about for ONE reason…..

Because Eddie made the false claim, that I had said they teach that only 144,000 are saved, when no such thing was ever said, or implied.  Then, Eddie reiterated it again, when I asked him point blank if I had actually said that, when he claims “Yes you did! You "REALLY [said] that JWs teach that only 144,000 are “saved”.

That was a dumb move.  Surely he knew that I would then challenge him to show WHERE it was said.  I guess he just wasn’t thinking.  Well, after being challenged, he decides to come up with this weird question, “who is Mr.Holland arguing with?” , to show that I was IMPLYING that they teach this.  

So let’s just state this simple fact…This question of Eddie’s only exists in the first place, because he couldn’t produce the very statement that he claims that I made.  That should say something.

And as pointed out before, this is the very reason that intellectually challenged people like Eddie and DW, should not "paraphrase" to begin with.  They simply are not able to read something in context, and get the correct meaning of it.  Either that, or they don't want to, and instead, would rather distort and twist it.  

He writes….“In other words, who is Mr. Holland trying to convinced that "God wants ALL men to be saved...not just some"? Was he trying to convinced you or misled you? I don't know.”

He then tells us that there are 2 options, as to my comment.  And again, I will quote him….

ED:  Two possible reasons why he said it in my opinion.

1. He was intentionally lying about us.


2. He simply misspoke.”

Actually Ed, there are 2 other options that you didn’t list.  But they are valid possibilites, nonetheless, regardless of how embarrassing they may be for you to consider.

3.  Eddie is lying/attempting to twist my comments into something he can use


4.  Eddie, as usual, has completely failed to comprehend the statement”

Funny, you didn’t consider those possibilities, did you?  And I think we both know why….Because YOU know full well what you’re doing, and that is your intent, in an attempt to vainly try and discredit me.  Like I pointed out….the question only exists, because your initial accusation was proven false.  So, instead of retracting and apologizing, and admitting you made a blunder, you instead desperately try and cling to whatever piece of wood that you think is floating on the water, from the boat that just got sunk.

But Ed wasn’t done….

ED:  “So to me, that is puzzling….So to me, his statement doesn't make sense.”

Not trying to be rude, but those comments mean absolutely nothing, Eddie.  Here’s why.  You have a track record already, of never getting anything correct.  You distort nearly every detail of every topic.  You have done it on the Trinity, you have done it by claiming we “hate Jehovah’s name”, nor can you even correctly identify who writes a question.  You have a strange inability to correctly grasp things, and this latest tirade of yours, is merely another example.  

Now, I have already told you exactly what the paragraph meant, and I really don’t have to go over it again with someone who isn’t interested in anything but finding something to lie about and twist anyway.  But I will, as you are simply not going to get away with twisting my comments to suit your convenience.  I’ve told you this before, but you’re a slow learner.  You’re simply not going to do it, and get by with it.  I believe I am in a much better position than you are, to state the intent of my paragraph.

So, who was I “arguing with”, in this statement….“God wants ALL men to be saved...not just some.”

Simple…No one.  This particular statement, as ALREADY explained, was tied in with the previous one….“He is not Mediator for merely 144,000 select individuals, but He is Mediator for ALL men.” .

In fact, Ed, I notice you normally don’t like to quote the entire paragraph, but instead, seem to like to zero in on one statement in that paragraph.  Why is that?  Is it because that, when the statement is placed in its original context, that your false accusation is demolished?

So, let’s just quote the statement IN ITS CONTEXT, as it originally appeared, in this link….

“But He will come...make no mistake about it. And everything we see happening in this world today, only indicates that the time is getting closer and closer. I would encourage everyone reading, to be ready to meet God.”

“And there is only one way to do that.… Not by coming to any church or religious Organization, regardless of whatever boastful claims they make about themselves, but by placing complete faith and trust in the shed blood of Jesus Christ. There is ONE Mediator between God and men, and that Mediator is not a religion or a church ....It is Jesus Christ. He is not Mediator for merely 144,000 select individuals, but He is Mediator for ALl men. God wants ALL men to be saved...not just some.”

Now, this is clearly an appeal to the readers, to be ready for the return of Jesus Christ, followed by HOW the Bible outlines to be ready, as contrasted with the teachings of the WT, on how to be ready for “the end”.  

Eddie wants to isolate one statement out of context, in a desperate attempt to discredit me, all because he was made a fool of previously, for claiming that we (Christendom) “hate Jehovah’s name”, and then was asked questions about WHY we would write and sing songs about it, if this were true.  So, Eddie was still reeling from that one, and was quite upset.  He got desperate….and he only dug his hole deeper.

Eddie is a prime example of what happens, when a person is driven by hate, and a desire for revenge.

Nonetheless, he can’t just separate the statement “God wants ALL men to be saved...not just some” , from the rest of the paragraph.  The paragraph itself, WAS an argument against the false Watchtower teaching, that Jesus is only Mediator for the 144,000, and not all of mankind.  It was also an "argument" against ANY group that places itself in the equation of salvation, in addition to belief in Jesus Christ.  Not every individual statement was an “argument” against the WT exclusively….The entire paragraph collectively, was making a reference against their teaching….Not on how many will be saved, but on how many can claim Christ as Mediator.  

Actually, if he wants to play that little game, then let’s just break the paragraph down, and ask the same question “Who is Mr. Holland arguing with?” , to EACH statement individually.  Wonder why Eddie didn’t do that?

Let's start with the first statement......

“And there is only one way to do that.… (being ready to meet God)

Now, WHO is that statement “arguing” with, Eddie?  Why didn’t you also claim that I was saying that JWs teach that there are several ways to be saved?  Must not have occurred to you, I guess.

Or, is it just possible that I was simply making that statement, as a foundation for the rest of what I wanted to say?  Does each statement individually, have to be an “argument”, in and of itself?

Next statement….“Not by coming to any church or religious Organization, regardless of whatever boastful claims they make about themselves, but by placing complete faith and trust in the shed blood of Jesus Christ.”

Who was this statement “arguing” with, Ed?  Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics, Mormons?  Actually, all of the above, but not limited to all of the above.  This statement was contradicting ANY religion that claims you have to come to them or their group, to be a true Christian.  

So, why didn’t you isolate this statement, as well?  Simple…Because even you know this was a broad statement, not aimed at any one particular group.

Next statement….“There is ONE Mediator between God and men, and that Mediator is not a religion or a church....It is Jesus Christ.”

Who is this one “arguing” with, Eddie?  Again, ANY religion or church that places itself into the equation.

Oh, and by the way, you owe Richard an apology.  He did not SAY that you all say that the Organization is the Mediator.  He simply showed quotes from your own literature, that show your belief that a person must come to the Organization, and then ASKED the question as to who is the Mediator in the JW religion.  

He was not saying that your religion states this as their belief, but only that this is the EFFECT of those quotes, placing the Organization as the Mediator.

You know, kind of like YOU do, when you know full well that we do not believe in 3 gods, but you state it anyway, because you THINK that is the logical conclusion of our belief, although you know full well that we don’t believe that.

Richard was merely pointing out what the logical conclusion of those quotes was….So, get your facts straight.

Now, the last part of the paragraph….“He is not Mediator for merely 144,000 select individuals, but He is Mediator for ALl men. God wants ALL men to be saved...not just some.”


Well, we thought we had him.  But no, we twisted his words and lied yet again, and he called us out on it.  

Uh Ed, I believe that I CORRECTLY stated your belief, that Jesus is Mediator for only the 144,000, didn’t I?  Isn’t that, in fact, what you believe?

So, I believe that by just reading the above statement, it is pretty plain to everyone but you, that it was a reference to the REASON that God provided Christ as Mediator to all men….Because He wants all men to be saved.  Again, nobody is saved without a Mediator.  That is, unless you are sinless, and not separated from God by your sin.  

So, the statement that you have been harping on, was in itself not an “argument”.  It was part of a paragraph, which you could call an “argument” (but more of a doctrinal statement and an appeal), against the false teaching of the WT, that Jesus is Mediator for only 144,000.

But of course, this has already been explained, and the meaning of the statement was actually the OPPOSITE of what you have been desperately trying to argue, and convince the readers of.  And quite unsuccessfully, I might add…As evidenced by all the people, both JWs and non, telling you to “give it up”.

But you have done everything you could do, to discredit and slander me.  And it failed…miserably.  And look at what you have been reduced to….“Who is Mr. Holland arguing with?”


Since you seem to be determined to play this hand out, then I am going to pose some questions to you, that I expect you to answer.  

1.  Since I have now shown you numerous quotes from various writings of mine, where I clearly state that JWs teach 2 CLASSES of salvation, or better, 2 HOPES of salvation, then please explain to this board just WHERE the “attempted deception” is at?  

I mean, if I have spent 14 years stating CORRECTLY that JWs teach that they can have the hope of salvation by being in the Organization and believing in Christ, and that they believe the “saved” are divided into the 144,000 and the “other sheep”, then isn’t that the very opposite of what you are trying to CLAIM that am saying?

You make no sense, Ed.

2.  Since I am well aware that you people are full of hate, and watching and waiting to pounce on the least little slip up of mine, in order to start screeching “LIAR!!  DECEIVER!!  THAT WICKED MR. HOLLAND IS HERE ONLY TO LIE AND MISREPRENT US, SO THAT HE CAN TURN READERS AWAY FROM JEHOVAH!!” , then wouldn’t it be royally stupid for me to make a statement that would be such an easy target?

Again, you weren’t thinking.  I mean, I haven’t survived here for 14 years, without being exposed in a REAL lie even one single time, by making blunders like what you are trying to claim here.

And again, it would contradict all the times I have made clear what the JW teaching is.   To tell the lie that you claim I did, would only be counter-productive, to what I have been saying for 14 years.

And besides that, I'm a Christian...I don't tell lies, for that very reason alone.  And if you claim to be a Christian, then you shouldn't either.

3.  Since the WT teaching that exists, is so easy to refute, then why would I even NEED to lie about it, or want to lie about it?

That's what you guys do.  You can't refute anything that we actually do believe, so you twist it, set up "straw men", and attack them.  Me, I don't need to do that...Because I can simply CORRECTLYs state what your belief is, and then take the Bible and refute it.

So, you still want to tell everyone that I said that JWs teach that only 144,000 are "saved", despite the fact that you still have produced no statement to this effect, and the only statements from me that we DO have, say just the opposite?

Fact is, nearly every JW that I have ever known with the exception of 2, claimed to be of the “other sheep”….MEANING, NOT part of the 144,000.  This includes my own mother, several cousins, and 2 aunts.  None of them claim to be of the “anointed”.  They DO believe/hope that they will be saved.

So in the future, don’t try this garbage with me.  I told DW, and I’m telling you…..Defend your beliefs as you will, and do it from the Scripture.  If you resort to these types of shenanigans with me, I will make you look very foolish.  And you tend to help a lot in that regard, and you make it easy.

Get a clue, Eddie.  Both non-Witnesses and Witnesses alike, are embarrassed by you.  When do you figure it out?  

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