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**At your suggestion in a post several days ago regarding Greek scholars who have favorable comments about the NW Translation   I did the research on the two you mentioned (Dr.Jason BeDuhn and Dr.Benjamin Kedar.  Found the following:   


  Yet Dr. BeDuhn makes note, "I am sure you are aware of historical objections to the (re)insertion of `Jehovah' into the translation. Of course, no Greek Gospel manuscripts support this, but I will not quibble with you about that"10 (emphasis added).

  Dr. Benjamin Kedar also endorses the NWT. He made it clear to the Watchtower, however, that he no longer wishes to answer questions concerning his stance.11 His comments are limited to the Old Testament and are not influential concerning the identity of Jesus. Other names produced by the Watchtower are not names of scholars.

    Perhaps BeDuhn and Kedar are unaware of the lack of credentials that plague this organization's translators. Bill Cetnar explained that of the supposed translators, only F. W. Franz, fourth president of the Watchtower, had any schooling in this area, and his abilities to translate were proven inadequate in a Scottish Court in November 1954.


**So Dr. DeBahn has an issue with the (re)insertion of `Jehovah' into the translation. And says no Greek Gospel manuscripts support this.  And Dr. Kedar know longer wants to explain or be involved with the issue.  


**Another website:

**Below is just a little of the info on this website.

What leading Greek scholars say about the NWT:

Dr. Bruce M. Metzger, professor of New Testament at Princeton University, calls the NWT "a frightful mistranslation," "Erroneous" and "pernicious" "reprehensible" "If the Jehovah's Witnesses take this translation seriously, they are polytheists." (Professor of New Testament Language and Literature)
Dr. William Barclay, a leading Greek scholar, said "it is abundantly clear that a sect which can translate the New Testament like that is intellectually dishonest."
British scholar H.H. Rowley stated, "From beginning to end this volume is a shining example of how the Bible should not be translated."
"Well, as a backdrop, I was disturbed because they (Watchtower) had misquoted me in support of their translation." (These words were excerpted from the tape, "Martin and Julius Mantey on The New World Translation", Mantey is quoted on pages 1158-1159 of the Kingdom interlinear Translation)
Dr. Julius Mantey , author of A Manual Grammar of the Greek New Testament, calls the NWT "a shocking mistranslation." "Obsolete and incorrect." "It is neither scholarly nor reasonable to translate John 1:1 'The Word was a god.'"
"I have never read any New Testament so badly translated as The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of The Greek Scriptures.... it is a distortion of the New Testament. The translators used what J.B. Rotherham had translated in 1893, in modern speech, and changed the readings in scores of passages to state what Jehovah's Witnesses believe and teach. That is a distortion not a translation." (Julius Mantey , Depth Exploration in The New Testament (N.Y.: Vantage Pres, 1980), pp.136-137)
the translators of the NWT are "diabolical deceivers." (Julius Mantey in discussion with Walter Martin)


**Another website:

**This website has many scholars remarks on the NW Translation.  It is too lengthy to copy & paste here.


**I noticed you referred to the NW Translation as 'our bible'.  Meaning no one else uses it?  Two other organizations with bibles of their own immediately come to mind. The Mormons (Book of Mormon) and Islam (Koran). Unlike mainstream Christianity, these  religions teach another Jesus... do not believe in his deity.


That aside,  I asked if there are any Greek/Hebrew scholars who speak favorably of the NWTranslation, have come to believe the JW doctrine and thus become members of the organization.  If that were ever the case, I would think it could be used to promote 'your' bible and the organization at the same time. And both the scholar and organization would see the value of using it as a marketing tool.  Don't you agree?

Thank you for being willing to answer questions about the JW Organization.


**indicates my comments

Hello Jay,

As was stated before those scholars had some things they didn't agree with, that was mentioned in what I said...what's your point?  Their personal opinions of some things still doesn't change their admittance of the accuracy of the NWT.

If I give you a scripture from the NWT, you can look up the same scripture in any Bible.  So JW's didn't write their own Bible like the book of Mormon, there is no comparison what so ever. Do not twist my words around or things around Jay, or I will not reply to your statements and you can ask someone else.  You and I both know you aren't really interested in learning.  It's obvious you do not agree with JW's from your many protests, and that's your choice, no one is forcing you to come on this site or concern yourself with JW's.    

Just because Jehovah's name is removed and mere men say they can't find the name in the Greek Scriptures doesn't make it so. His name was written in the Greek scriptures in the Hebrew form.  There were manuscripts found.  If you want that info, you can do the research yourself.

If someone is quoting from the Hebrew scriptures, why would they take it upon themselves to remove God's name?  You need to ask those scholars why they think it's OK to remove God's personal name where it obviously should be and then replace it with a mere title, Lord.

But I already know why, only Satan wants God's name removed and anyone else who does is the same.  If you feel that God's name is unimportant then that's your choice.  

If you look up Psalms 83:18 in the NWT Bible, it will say the same as other Bibles who keep true to the older manuscripts.  The main difference is the replacement of God's name with the title lord, which is wrong, period!

Psalms 83:18:

(NWT) "May people know that you, whose name is Jehovah, You alone are the Most High over all the earth."  

(KJV) "That men may know that thou, whose name alone is Jehovah, art the most high over all the earth."

(ASV) "That they may know that thou alone, whose name is Jehovah, Art the Most High over all the earth."

(DARBY) "That they may know that thou alone, whose name is Jehovah, art the Most High over all the earth."

Yet some Bibles remove God's name and put Lord, I'll just list one:

(NIV) "Let them know that you, whose name is the Lord—
   that you alone are the Most High over all the earth."

Many Bible translators take it upon themselves to remove God's name in this scripture and they do the same throughout the Bible. ANYONE who thinks that is OK, needs to question their own motives.  JW's do not and will not ever agree to that wrong doing.  If you feel some mere men is justified in doing that, then that's between you and your god.

No I do not agree with your idea about a marketing tool because we do not sell the NWT Bible for any profit, and we are not like Churches who profit off their sales of Bibles and services.  If someone is interested in using their own copy of the Bible they are welcome to.  

It's no point in keeping on with this matter with me because you cannot prove that it's OK to remove God's name from the Bible or quotes that have his name.  

Just because some men say so, means nothing.  Men also say people came from monkeys and evolution is taught in schools and scholars and scientists with Phd's and all kinds of man made credentials say and teach evolution rather than attributing creation to God. That doesn't make it right, correct or a fact.  If you feel that's OK, then again, you need to question your own motives for agreeing with that.  

You cannot ever prove that God's name shouldn't be in the Bible and any person who truly loves God wouldn't want his name to be removed and/or replaced in the first place.

Seriously, what is your fight against God's personal name Jehovah?  Who are you or any person for that matter to fight against God's name being in the very book he authored!

The Bible clearly shows that's God's name and I would think that a person who truly loves God would want to use his name as much and as often as possible and wouldn't have a problem with it at all.  So why do you have a problem with God's name being in the Bible since that's his name?  Only enemies of Jehovah God would want his name removed and not used.

As much as you want us to be wrong, it just isn't a reality Jay.  Because of Satan who misleads people who feel like you do, Jehovah had this scripture penned and it will be fulfilled, hopefully you'll wake up before it's too late.

Ezekiel 38:23 (NWT) "And I will certainly magnify myself and sanctify myself and make myself known before the eyes of many nations; and they will have to know that I am Jehovah.’"

Take Care,

Sister T  

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I am an active baptized Jehovah's Witness and Jehovah is Almighty God,(Ps. 83:18) and his Son Jesus Christ died so that everyone exercising faith in him may not be destroyed but have everlasting life. (John 3:16). I support my fellow Witnesses on this board who are real, and Jehovah's worldwide visible organization, including the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. As God is not a God of disorder, and there could not be order if there were not ones to take the lead. Taking the lead and having a leader is not the same, our leader is Jesus Christ, and in order to have unity and order, there has to be arrangements in place. As the first century Christians had, there were men taking the lead, (Acts 6:1-6) as with Moses, (Exodus 18:21) and in our day, in following with Bible truths, we do the same. When people twist that around to us worshiping men, it is just a straight out lie! Why would the Scripture at 1 Tim. 3:1-10, 12, 13 give the criteria for men reaching out for an office of overseer if that was not meant to be? (Phil 1:1, Acts 20:17, 28, Eph. 4:11, 12, 2 Cor. 3:4-6). If we were not supposed to have men who take the lead, why was this scripture penned? James 5:14-15 "Is there anyone sick among YOU? Let him call the older men of the congregation to [him], and let them pray over him, greasing [him] with oil in the name of Jehovah. 15 And the prayer of faith will make the indisposed one well, and Jehovah will raise him up. Also, if he has committed sins, it will be forgiven him."

If you have legit questions and want to know the truth, please ask, but if you are here to spread your lies and twists of the scriptures or get your falsehoods out, you may get rejected! The truth is from the Bible, if what you say does not harmonize with the Bible then what you say is wrong! Context and other scriptures help determine scriptures that may stump us, let scripture interpret scripture. The Bible does not contradict itself, so if what you are being taught or if what you are teaching makes it seem like the Bible is contradictory, remember it's not the Bible it's the man-made teaching! Doctrines of men! Mark 7:6, 7 "He said to them: “Isaiah aptly prophesied about YOU hypocrites, as it is written, ‘This people honor me with [their] lips, but their hearts are far removed from me. 7 It is in vain that they keep worshiping me, because they teach as doctrines commands of men." (also Romans 10:2, 3)

Matthew 24:14 says "And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come." We are doing that today, we are living in times of Bible Prophecy and as a Jehovah's Witness, we have the privilege to be apart of a prophecy spoken by Jesus himself! The good news of the Kingdom. Ask yourself, what kingdom? then read Daniel 2:44! It's a real government. Take heed now! Listening to men over God will mean your life.(Prov 3:5,6, Ps. 146:3) A lie will never become truth, No matter how long or how many people say it or speak it. Learn what the Bible really teaches, seek out Jehovah's ways, serving God in truth is only acceptable to him,(John 4:23, 24) you can not be serving God acceptably if what you believe is a lie! Pray for understanding and ask Jehovah to search your heart and draw you! (John 6:44, 65) Now is the time to be with the people who are called by Jehovah's name! (Acts 15:14, 17, Isa. 43:7, 10, Zech 8:23)

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