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Jehovah`s Witness/Landover Baptist? Uhm, Not So Fast, Rando....


In the last 2 weeks, Rando has single-handedly embarrassed every other JW on this forum, when he was thoroughly exposed for claiming his religion never taught that Jesus “came” in 1874.  And as Rando always does when caught in a lie, he only digs himself deeper.  He sunk to a new low, with the following post, designed to show how wicked us Baptists really are.  

And his source?  None other than the famed “Landover Baptist Church”’s web site.  I quote from Rando….

“What's interesting is that the "Landover Baptist Church" has been guaranteeing Salvation since 1620. Derrick Holland has been harassing our Religion for fourteen years on the JW Forum and his own Religion is teaching by joining their Baptist church they would gain Salvation, "Guaranteed"! Four Hundred years, the Baptist Trinitarian Sect has been lying to the Public towards a false salvation in their Organization! They have No Creditability!

What seems to be criminal is how a Mayor is seeking the KKK to move to his area and get a tax abatement.

Quote: "Currently the Klan's offices are located in the liberal City of Dawson Springs, Kentucky. Dawson Hills might be all right for some religious and political groups, it is 98% white and has several churches. But, Freehold is a better fit, 99.9% white and 99.999% True Christian™. I've been visiting with Klan officials about a tax abatement package we can offer them as well as a subsidy for their office facilities. They agreed to a visit, the date has not been set."

In response from "gushing for Jesus" she quotes: "“[The Ku Klux] Klan in some areas of the country tried to be a means of reform, fighting the decline in morality and using the symbol of the cross. Klan targets were bootleggers, wife-beaters, and immoral movies. In some communities it achieved a certain respectability as it worked with politicians.”"

What a Satanic Cult... they have a picture of Jesus saying, "Let's head over to the lookout spot and watch your friends and family burn in hell."

The KKK shouldn't be getting State funds or a tax abatement package as well as a subsidy for their office facilities, it's a hate group. In the same manner, Derrick and Richard lie about being Christian, so does the KKK!”

And Rando concluded this fascinating writing, with this question….

“Is this the Best you can do Holland??”

The REAL question is….

Uh, is this the best YOU can do, Rando?

You are aware of course, that “Landover Baptist” is not a Baptist site, correct?  Surely you are aware of the well-known fact, that this is actually a PARODY site, set up by atheists, to MOCK the Fundamental Baptist belief system, right?

You are aware that the Landover Baptist site is designed, by infidels and those who hate God, to mock those of us who believe in the divine inspiration of Scripture, and hold to conservative values, right?  And this is Rando's "source" of information...Well, except for the homosexual site that he gave us awhile back, that is.

Now folks, Rando is on the rampage after his lie about 1874 was exposed.  Notice he has no more to say about that one.  He lied, he was proven a liar, so now he is trying for revenge.  Only problem is, Rando doesn’t have the brains to get revenge, without digging his hole even deeper.  How warped does a person have to be, to use a MOCK web site, as a source of REAL "information"?    

What you just witnessed in the above comments, is yet another willful lie, in using a site that is not even a Baptist site.  He uses this site to show how “wicked” Baptists are.  Only problem is….This is a site set up by infidels, to mock Baptists.  

Rando wants you to believe this site proves how bad we are.  So, he tells you about a “Baptist” church in Freehold, Iowa, that says all sorts of blasphemy, and twists the Bible.  

But Rando knows that there is no “Landover Baptist Church” in Freehold, Iowa….IN FACT, there is NO SUCH PLACE, as Freehold, Iowa.  Not only is the church completely fictional…so is the name of the town.

Is THAT the best YOU could do, Rando?  

Here is proof that Rando tried to pull another “fast one” on the readers….

“The Landover Baptist Church is a fictional Baptist church based in the fictional town of Freehold, Iowa. The Landover Baptist web site and its associated Forum are a satire of fundamentalist Christianity and the Religious Right in the United States.”

“The site was created by Chris Harper, who obtained his Master's Degree in English Literature from George Mason University in 1993 after being expelled from Liberty University (founded by Jerry Falwell) in 1989 for producing a satirical radio show which Liberty's administration found offensive”

(And they tell us not to believe any “LIES” from former JWs who are now “apostate”, and have an axe to grind.  Yet, this hypocrite refers you to a site from an apostate Baptist who has an axe to grind, and wants you to believe this is a real Baptist Church, and a legitimate Baptist web site.)  

“The fictional Landover Baptist Church is a parody of fundamentalist, Independent Baptist churches and Biblical literalism.”

These statements are found in this link….


“Unlike Landover Baptist, a well-known spoof site which takes mighty swipes at religion but doesn't clearly indicate to the unwary that all of its articles are humor pieces”

For further reading about “Landover Baptist”, from a real Baptist site….

Even this largely ATHEIST site, admits they are a fake site, and not genuine….

“Landover Baptist Church is a website that parodies Christian fundamentalist beliefs and activities. Despite being around for years and being one of the most famous parody ministries on the internet, people still get Poe'd by it and assume that it is real. It is engaged in some sort of mock war with the other big parody ministry website, Objective: Ministries. Landover Baptist Church also has a discussion board, which functions as a reductio ad absurdum of its target.”

And although I will not provide the link here because of the filth and blasphemy it contains, there is actually a video on YouTube of a representative of the “Landover Baptist” web site, speaking to a group of atheists at an Atheist Rally in Washington, D.C., and proceeding to mock those of us who believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God.  If anybody is interested in seeing the sort of sites that Rando uses as “genuine Baptist” sites.

In other words, thousands of atheists know it’s a fake, but Rando tried to convince the readers it was real.

Hmm….If even atheists know it’s a fake, then why would Rando use it, as a genuine Baptist site?

Simple…He’s a liar.

Basically, “Landover Baptist” is about like if I, or Richard, were to set up a site calling ourselves “Jehovah’s Witnesses”, and then proceeding to post mockery which would attempt to make the Jehovah’s Witnesses look bad.  Can anyone just imagine the names we would be called for such a wicked act?  These people would be screaming “liar, apostate, demon!!!!!!” ….and rightfully so.

Yet, this so-called JW named “Rando”, has no problem trying to tell the readers, that a fake site set up to mock Baptists, is a genuine reflection of Baptist belief.  So, its perfectly okay for Rando to do it.  

If anyone thinks Rando is a man of Godly character, then they need their head examined.  This is merely one more example of the hundreds of lies, he has already been exposed for.

Unfortunately for Rando, this so-called “Landover Baptist” wrote to me over 10 years ago in this very forum, attempting to start an argument.  And they were soundly exposed then, as a fake and a mockery.  

So, I’m way ahead of you, Rando.

Okay Rando, another lie, and another failed attempt.  Now, back to 1874.…

Do you still maintain that the Watchtower never taught that Jesus had “come” in 1874, or do you now wish to just apologize to the readers for your ignorance?  We shall be looking for your post tomorrow.  

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