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Hi Mr Holland. I am the guy who wrote to Eddie a few times and told him that he and his friends are a joke. The another person wrote in to him and said the same thing. Then, some of  his friends (or himself) starting writing and saying I was wrong, so I responded.  Also Eddie had made a couple of comments about my not following back up with him, so I decided a follow up was in order.  But strangely enough he rejected my question today.  I am not trying to start trouble but only giving observatons, but I really think you should see what I sent to him on Saturday only to have it rejected today. Since they are always claiming that you and Richard lie about their religon, I decided to ask him about the dispute over 1874. I asked him if you were right or Rando was right, because I had already checked out the facts and wanted to see what Eddie was made of.  I wanted to see if he valued truth more than lies or if he would support a lie from a witness friend of  his.  I guess  we now have the answer.  I want you to see what I asked him and his response back to me. I wrote him this:

“Hello! The expert can't answer your question.

Your Question was:

Hi Eddie. Im glad I made such a impression that you and your friends are still talking about me. I didnt follow up again last time for a third time because it was pointless as you only tried to make the question about me. Pretty cowardly of you, IMO.I had made my point that you are a joke so there was nothing else to say. But since your buds want to argue with me then Ill respond. And its funny to me that your friends all of a sudden show up after people like me Dan Rita and others started noticing your methods and wrote about it. Yall writing yourself or having your friends do it?

No Im not wrong in what I said. I said your a joke and here's why. It's because when guys like Richard and Holland give facts about your religon you people don't even bother to answer. Instead you just attack them for giving the facts and try to sweep it under the rug by saying it's all lies. It isn't. I checked. What Richard posted was all factual and your answer to him was pathetic. You said he stooped low but it was you who stooped low Eddie. You didnt answer a thing yet what Richard said was easily proven. Then Holland is called a liar for saying your religon taught the coming of Jesus in 1874. Your pal Rando said it was a lie and Holland responded by proving with irefutable proof. Quotes from your own religon no less. Did Rando prove him wrong. No he attacked him. So is Holland really a KKK racist or a mason or a sex predator? The talk was about 1874, why did the joker attack Mr Holland?

So yeah, your a joke. Ill prove it. Answer this question. Who was right about 1874? Rando or Holland? Did your religon ever teach Jesus came in 1874 yes or no? Somebody is telling the truth and somebody is not. Answer that question Eddie and we will see whose a joke.

Following is the reason:

Same O same o. You're just parroting Holland. No point of answering your questions since you're not listening.

Have a nice day.

Expert: Eddie G”

I just wanted you to see that. I asked him straight up if you or Rando was correct about 1874 and he accused me of parroting you. What kind of an answer was that? He seems to me to be saying that he will not answer my question unless I agree with his answer.  It says at the top that the expert cant answer my question but then he types that one comment to me.  Doesnt matter though. I checked it out and you were right about 1874. How can Eddie talk about lies and then let his jw friend lie to everybody and say nothing about it?  Thank you for your time Sir.

Hello, Sir.  How are you?  It is great to hear from you, and I want to take a moment to thank you for your very accurate observations when you wrote to Eddie last week.  I did check in on the board and saw where you had written, and also another questioner wrote, as well.  You must understand that these people have a severe mental block that keeps them from grasping how they look in the eyes of thinking people.

Now, what you wrote here to him, and have sent to me, is one of the most revealing things to date.  I am sure you already realize this, but let me just say it....What you did at the end of your question, was absolutely brilliant.  I am referring to your asking him the simple question, as to whether I was correct about 1874, or if Rando was.  

Make no mistake...Had your writing to him NOT contained that one question, you would have gotten a response from him, instead of a rejection.  But by including that one question, you put him in a spot where he had to make a choice that, in the end, he didn't have the guts or the INTEGRITY to make.  

That choice was....

1.  Show integrity, tell the TRUTH, and admit that I was correct about 1874, and that his lying friend Rando was wrong


2.  Claim Rando was correct, only to know that he would be demolished with a truck load of facts, proving he himself to be as big of a liar as Rando.

That's the position his pal Rando, has put him in.  So, instead of telling the truth, or putting himself out there to be exposed for siding with Rando's lie, he chose to be a coward and just refuse to answer the question, and insult you.

You see, Scott, Eddie KNOWS full well that Rando lied to this board about 1874.  And Eddie, the very guy who talks so LOUDLY about "people lying and slandering his religion", is PERFECTLY WILLING to let a lie stand, and is PERFECTLY WILLING to let readers be given a completely WRONG answer, regarding 1874.

Eddie is not here to "educate" readers about his religion....He is here to do whatever it takes, to convert them to it.  And if he has to lie in the process, or leave out damaging facts in the process, he has just shown he has no problem doing that.

That is the definition of a hypocrite.  As I have pointed out time and time again, these people DO the very thing they accuse you of doing, and they accuse you of doing it, so as to divert attention off the fact they are doing it.  Eddie accuses us of lying so much, because he is lying.

You know, this may be one of the harshest posts I have ever done, but its well deserved.  This guy showed his true colors to you.  But let me also state that I myself have been in contact with Eddie, and I have been getting the same result as you....rejected questions, with a little note attached.  And I have also been pressuring him on this 1874 thing, along with a few other lies that Rando has told as of late.  

I too, wanted to see if Eddie would place FRIENDSHIP over what is right and TRUE, and if he would risk upsetting Rando, in order to see that the readers did not receive false information.  Well, we now have our answer....Eddie has refused to tell the truth (by rejecting your question), and is perfectly content to let a lie FOR his religion stand, without correction. So there it is....If you ask Eddie a question about one of Rando's lies, Eddie will reject your question and let Rando lie, rather than tell the truth.

That tells any thinking person, all they need to know about Eddie G.

But the hypocrisy doesn't end there, I'm afraid.  In fact, let me give you an excerpt of what he wrote to me today, in one of his rejections.  Read this statement from him about lying, and how someone who lies isn't a real Christian, and then compare that with him not correcting what he KNOWS was a lie from Rando, about 1874.  Read what he wrote to me....

" you people should be ashamed of spreading lies and gossip by Ex-Witnesses who have a big ax to grind. You people should be ashamed spreading lies and gossip that has no bearing on the truth. You people should be ashamed spreading lies and gossip that are false and based on hate.

I know that you know what I'm talking about. There's more of these kinds gossips and vile lies in the internet. Many are just made up lies and wild imaginations. But it's a shame that you people take pleasure in spreading it. What a shame. And you call yourselves Christians?"

The above, was written by Eddie G.  Eddie renounces "lies" from ex-Witnesses, which he claims are "based on hate" .  Yet, he is perfectly fine with Rando posting lies about Baptists, based on hate, from a website started by an Ex-Baptist, turned atheist, as "proof" of how bad Baptists are.  What a hypocrite.  

We are rebuked for getting information from "apostate" sites, but its perfectly fine for them to get information from "apostate" Baptist sites.  I asked Eddie if he was okay with that, and rather than take a stand for truth, he placed integrity on the back burner, in order to not hurt Rando's feelings.

How dare Eddie G even have the nerve, to lecture ANYONE about "lying", and "hate", and "slander".  He stood by and watched his fellow JW, slander me and call me a liar about 1874, when he knows full well that everything I said about the WT and 1874, was absolutely factual.  

The lesson we can learn from this....Eddie could care less about lying, and its perfectly fine for "Christians" to lie, provided they are defending the Organization.  

This guy has tried every diversion he can think of, and its high time he is shown for what he is.  He needs to get the beam out of his own eye.  What Richard and I post, is factual truth, as you saw Scott, when you checked the facts out for yourself.  That was very responsible of you to do.  Don't take our word for it, and definitely don't take theirs....Whatever you read, check it out.  Telling you that doesn't bother me, because I don't have anything to hide.  We give truthful answers.  

You see why we are attacked now, don't you?  People like Eddie and Rando, do NOT WANT you to know they once taught the "coming" of Christ occurred in 1874.  Rando flat out lied about it, and Eddie rejected your question, to keep from HAVING to tell the truth.  To tell the truth, would've been to contradict Rando.  To lie, would have only destroyed his own credibility.  But guess what....By rejecting your question for OBVIOUS reasons, he destroyed it anyway.

Eddie, if you're not going to be HONEST with your readers, then WHAT are YOU even doing here?  Do you really think your games of slander, lies, and attacks against those who aren't afraid to tell the truth, is going to work here?  If a reader asks you about 1874, you have a MORAL OBLIGATION to tell them the truth....Not make up some lame, pathetic excuse, as to why you won't answer them.  What a "joke" you truly are....Scott hit it right on the head.

Scott, you asked him point blank about 1874, and you said that it would show who was a joke.  Well, it sure did, didn't it?  Instead of answering your question, he refused, because he claims you were "parroting"  If that isn't the lamest thing I have ever heard.

Okay, in conclusion, I am now going to publicly call out Rando and Eddie.  Watch the board, readers, for more of the attacks against me.  Also, notice that they will NOT answer this question about 1874.....

RANDO AND EDDIE.... Did the Watchtower, or did the Watchtower not, once teach that Jesus Christ "came invisibly" in 1874, before the teaching was CHANGED to 1914?

Yes, or no?  

No more of your diversions, because I will post this same question every day if I have to, until you answer it....

WAS this taught by the Watchtower?  Simple question...."

To you Rando....Eddie G allowed his own reputation to be destroyed because of you.  You lied, and now you have put Eddie in a very bad position.  He cannot even tell the truth, out of fear of making you upset.  Its about time you issued a public retraction and apology, don't you think?

If anybody thinks this reply is too harsh, then so be it.  We have seen nothing but cowardly lies, and cheap shots from these people.  And when it is pointed out from other readers, all of a sudden they start writing themselves or having their friends to do it, telling them how great they are.  What a joke....Like anybody is falling for that one!

Ever since I posted what the WT taught about 1874, Rando has made up every demonic lie he can think of...That I'm a racist, a sexual predator, a Mason, etc.  He even goes so far as to quote a FAKE web site, to show his hate for Baptists.

What Richard posted about Malawi, really happened.  It was not "lies" as these people try to claim...It happened.  And it was the Watchtower's policy, that caused it to happen.  Richard was right for posting it.  Yet, he was maliciously attacked and slandered, for doing so.

I was correct, when I posted that the WT once taught that Christ "returned" in 1874.  Rando lied, he was refuted, and now you are seeing the demons in him reacting to being exposed.  And Eddie is going right along with it.

Scott, you nailed it....These people are truly a joke.

1874, Rando and Eddie....Do you still want to deny it?  Or does "truth" even matter a little bit to you, Eddie?

Sir, I want to thank you for taking the time to send me this.  I am sorry that you got a rejection, because the guy you asked did not have enough integrity to tell you the truth, because he was more worried about covering a friend's bald-faced lie.  

That is why I recommend ANYONE that wants a good, sensible answer from a JW here, to ask Brenton, Carol, Elbert, or Abdijah.

If you want answers from people who will lie to you without batting an eye, then ask Eddie or Rando.  Those are your choices. And any JW reader who would side with them for lying, is in just as much trouble with God, as they are.  Its one thing to defend your religion, but its another thing to go against the very commandments of God.  Eddie made his choice by siding with the biggest liar this forum has ever known, and now his own reputation has been shot, because of it.  No other reader should make that mistake...not when there are GOOD JWs here, who are much more competent...AND HONEST.

I think its about time Eddie and Rando, come forward to this board, and explain their actions.  Eddie, why did you reject Scott's question, when you KNOW the truth is that I was correct, and Rando was lying?  Don't you owe the readers BETTER than that?

Thanks again for holding this guys feet to the fire, and turning up the heat.  Like I said, Scott, your question would have gotten a reply, had you not asked him if I was right, or if Rando was.  Eddie has shown himself now, to the point that any integrity he might have had left, which was not much, is now entirely gone.

And how do we know this?  Simple....Regardless of whether he thinks you are "parroting" me or not, that was just an excuse for him to not answer a question he did not WANT to answer.  Because, if I were the one lying about 1874 and Rando telling the truth, then HE WOULD HAVE ANSWERED YOU ANYWAY, just for the joy of exposing me as a liar.  He would not have CARED whether you were "parroting" me or not...He would have taken advantage of the opportunity.

The only reason he rejected it, was because he did not want the readers see him have to admit that I was correct, and Rando was lying.  So, he took the coward's way out.  

His answer proved positively, that this board needs people who are NOT here just to give "sanitized" answers, designed to LEAVE OUT relevant facts, which only make the Organization look favorable.  No wonder they want us gone....if we weren't here, then they could lie all they wanted to, about 1874, and any other thing they don't want you to know.

That is why Christians will stay here and proclaim Jesus Christ, and not ANY false Organization, as being the ONLY thing necessary to be saved.  And I appreciate questioners like you, showing them that they are fooling nobody.  Keep their feet to the fire, Sir.  

Take care, and God bless.


P.S.  A little side note here, which is a bit humorous, in light of what we have just seen.  When Eddie G wrote to me the first time, the title of his question was....

"Why are you hiding the truth about Easter?"

Imagine that....Asking someone why they are "hiding the truth", yet he rejects your question, asking him for truth about who was correct, so that the readers don't get to see the facts.

Eddie, why are YOU hiding the truth about 1874, just to keep from having to contradict a fellow JW?  Rather hypocritical, wouldn't you say?  

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