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Greetings Pearl

A question for you!
Having been in the company of JWs for a few years I came to the conclusion and it saddened me also
That they follow man!
Reason why I say this is.
A JW that came to me expressed what she thought.
Later when l did attend one of their meetings!
Before I did attend a meeting at the kingdom hall.
The same person ask me NOT to say anything about what she thought.
At the time l said ok
However it stay with me!
It was only later I realised why!
Or should I say my reasoning why!
Weather it's right or not that could be answered by yourself!
I attended some meetings.
But stopped shortly after.
Reason being.

It seem to be that everything that was given from the elders was unquestionably!
And that there was Demons  jumping out of every bush ! So to speck.
If your not a Jw.
Then your not on the right path!

Am no prophet nor teacher.
However I have read parts of the bible, in the process of going more in depths in my personal  walk.

Now to get to the point of me writing to you Pearl!
Why would someone in the kingdom hall ask me Not to say what she thought about what was going to happen and how things were going to look like at the end of time?
At the time she said that they would think she was ( her words not mine) nuts to be thinking anything!
Why Pearl does Jws think that the Spirit of God can aniont only the leaders and not the people of Jws?

And can I ask!
What would have happened to that person if I had of said what she thought about the book of Relevations?
Personally I believe that God will give Spirit to the one that seeks His Spirit in Truth!
I don't believe God is a respector of person!
More a respector of the heart of someone!

Plus I ask about fasting.
Prayer and fasting that is!
Never got an answer to this!

Before Jesus when into the wilderness.
Jesus when in with the anointing of the H/S
But Jesus came out with Power in the H/S

There's more in the bible ref fasting in the NT
However Pearl.
Would you as an individual if things were hard for you!
Would you fast?
Would you yourself believe that theres a need to go to that's depths?

Love in Christ to you Pearl
Love hearing your thoughts and scriptural depths in reasonings.

To read this reply with pop up scriptures,
please go here:

It is hard for me to see your question clearly, and hard for me to understand what you are saying.
I will try to find your questions and reply to them,
but I think perhaps you write to me to express your feelings, and not really to learn something.
This is alright. We all need to express our feelings. But our feelings need someone to listen,
not so much to reply.

You seem to ask about fasting (and why Jesus did it)
(and the thought of him entering the wilderness after his anointing
and returning in the power of the spirit),
should we fast when we are having spiritual difficulty,
the absolute authority of the elders to teach in the "kingdom halls",
the teaching that one needs to be a "JW" in order to be on the right path,
why are "JW's" afraid to express their thoughts,
what happens to those who do express "unofficial" thoughts,
why the leaders are the only ones considered as lead (anointed) by God's spirit.

To answer each of these thoughts in depth, would take a book,
so I will be brief with each one. For more depth about a particular one of these subjects, I can suggest going to my website, and using the search box.

After Jesus was anointed by God, he was elected as the initial "seed" and heir of God's kingdom (Gal.3:16; Heb.1:5,13; Eph.1:10,22). As such, he initiated the pattern for each invited heir, by following that election with Satan's testing (Matt.4:1). Each of those invited as heirs, must go through Satan's accusations and tests (Luke22:31; Amos9:9; Zech.3:1,8; Rev.12:10; Job.1:6,11). The "wilderness" is used to represent this time of test by Satan (Rev.12:6,14; John17:15; Ps.1:6; Rev.17:3; Heb.3:7,8).
Those who come through such tests successfully, are refined and sealed as faithful by them (Isa.48:10; 1Pet.4:12; Dan.11:35; Jer.9:7; Zech.13:9; Rev.9:15,5,4; 7:3).
Why did Jesus fast during this time?
This is symbolic, and represents a denial of spiritual food sourced with men, and reliance on God's Word and spirit (Matt.4:4; Eph.6:17). This must be imitated by all those who wish to come through their time of testing, successfully (Matt.15:9; John8:47; 1John4:6).
We too then, must not be guided by the doctrines of men, and in this way, we "fast".
Deprivations of our literal flesh, are of no benefit. Our benefit comes from Christ feeding us (Eph.5:29).

The authority of the elders in the congregation, is given to them by means of the governing leaders. This is symbolically depicted at Rev.9:1-3 and Rev.13:11,12,14-17; 19:20).
Those scriptures also depict and explain your other questions...
  about the assertion that the path of "JW's" is the only one of salvation,
  why "JW's" are afraid and forbidden to express thoughts which are not the official current doctrine,
  and what happens to those who defy this tyrannical demand.
For more information about these things, and the fulfillment of prophecies which fulfillment you now see displayed in these current circumstances;
I suggest a search at the site, for "mark of the beast", "666", "getting 'killed'".

Regarding why the leaders are the only ones considered as lead (anointed) by God's spirit...
This tout was also prophesied to occur.
This relates to the same "star" depicted at Rev.9: and Rev.8:10,11; 13:11; 19:20.
The false prophet depicted in these scriptures (who works in behalf of the Beast, whose power it uses), is also depicted as a Harlot, who "rides" that same "Beast".
Prophecy tells us, that the time comes for this last Harlot, to declare herself as the only one fit to rule. (Isa.1:21; 47:7-9; Rev.18:7,8)

God gives His spirit to those whom He chooses.
Those who receive it, must provide it's fruitage,
especially during this time of famine.
(John15:4,5,8,16; Isa.43:10,21; 1Pet.2:9,10,5; Eph.2:20-22)

God bless you with His mercy and support,
Love in Christ,

Jehovah`s Witness

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PLEASE NOTE THAT MY PROFILE HAS BEEN UPDATED. I have been teaching the Bible since 1976, as well as studying JW publications. I am very familiar with the teachings of the Watchtower. As regards anyone's ability to teach truth, it largely depends upon Holy Spirit. For, without it you have no wisdom or scriptural understanding. I will do my best to assist anyone who asks. I have noticed a couple of warnings about "apostates" within the list of "experts". The definition of "apostate", according to the scriptures, are those who deviate from the truth. Therefore, only the scriptures have the authority to identify such a person (John 17:17). Merely disagreeing with someone in authority, does not constitute true apostasy. Otherwise, Jesus himself would have been an apostate. Jesus' own words afford us ample protection from such wolves. He said, "By their fruits you will recognize those men." Matt.7:17-27. Therefore, by all means, exercise every caution! Your life depends upon you doing so! But Jesus did not give the picture men expect of faithful ones today. He did not point to power, authority, growing numbers, accomplishments, or influence as being the sign of his true anointed disciples (Mark10:42,43; Matt.7:22). He pointed to fine fruit. This would include a love of truth and a clinging to God's word in every teaching (1Peter2:2). This authenticity becomes clear, when teachings are closely examined. So too, are "apostates" revealed, as those who deviate from God's word, or fail to do their utmost, to derive every teaching, from it. (see


I have been a baptized JW for decades. I was enrolled in my Congregation as a regular pioneer, though I did not sign the pledge of allegiance to men on the back of the application. I have read the Bible through many times, had been in the Theocratic Ministry school for decades, and was anointed by Jehovah God, through Jesus Christ, 42 years ago in June. As Organizational doctrine progressively strayed from the scriptures, I made comments during meetings and to Witness friends, including elders. Although I justified all my concerns with scripture, this alone lead to me being disfellowshipped in April, 2012. I continue to consider myself one of Jehovah's true witnesses, because Jehovah himself defines who His witnesses are, at Isa.43:10-12. There He states that they are His "chosen" ones (1Pet.2:9), whom he has called to declare the fact that Jehovah is the only Savior (Isa.43:11)...not men, nor an organization (Psalm146:3). This I faithfully do, and I have been chosen by Him to do so. I accordingly write articles about how the scriptures themselves interpret prophecies which apply to our era. ( The directory of articles can be found in my profile, located there.

I belong to the group chosen and anointed by Jehovah God through Jesus Christ...invited to accept the full course of Christ. If I prove faithful, I hope to belong to the Heavenly Mt. Zion, the Holy City, New Jerusalem.

Publications ....also....

The Scribes and Pharisees took the lead in Jehovah's house of worship in the time of Christ. Jesus had the divine credentials to publicly criticize those men, and he certainly did so. Why? Was he a rebel, only seeking to promote disunity and gain a following for himself? No. Jesus realized how spiritually harmful such leaders are to those who blindly follow them. He was therefore obligated, as were his disciples, to champion scriptural truth; despite the backlash from those in power, and those loyal to those in power. Truth (not power, position, or favor with men), leads to everlasting life. John 17:3,17 The anointed are under obligation to accept the same assignment as Christ. They are divinely commanded, authorized, and qualified to do so.... not by men, but by the truth of the scriptures, and Jehovah's spirit. My education, has been by means of that spirit, as we read..... "And YOU have an anointing from the holy one; all of YOU have knowledge. And as for YOU, the anointing that YOU received from him remains in YOU, and YOU do not need anyone to be teaching YOU; but, as the anointing from him is teaching YOU about all things, and is true and is no lie, and just as it has taught YOU, remain in union with him." 1John2:20,27 Matt.13:55-57; John7:15,16; Acts4:13; John16:13

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