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I have been an avid reader of this board, and must say, I disagree with Scott. Derrick and Richard are a joke. I have seen both Richard and Derrick changed their doctrine before my very eyes several times and they don't even agree with one another.  It's like watching dumb and dumber. They are a disgrace and I hope you put them where they belong.  In an Asylum!  These two coo coo's are CRAZY Fanatics! Warped minds who constantly bicker and fight.  

I look forward to your posts and will keep reading.  I'll be watching those two yahoo's and will be making a complaint to Allexperts about them.

Thanks Danny for the post.

You hit the nail in the head! They belong in an Asylum.

I mean take for example Richard and Holland, they are so gullible that they will believe anything they see in the internet. They grab into it like white on rice and publish here just to get a kick out of it. It's like an addiction to them. Anything that is against Jehovah's Witnesses, they wallow in it like a swine wallowing in a mud. They enjoy it. You see it and I see it. It doesn't matter if it's a lie, a gossip, a slander, or pure vile evil made up stuff. As long as it puts Jehovah's Witnesses in a bad light, they will publish it. They seem to enjoy all of it like crack addicts. So exactly, for a person whose waking moment in life is to find a way to destroy Jehovah's people and His Organization belongs in an Asylum.

Now how does a person stay sane with all the negativity in their hearts? Well, one needs to be like you said "coo coo CRAZY Fanatics"! Warp minds.

In any case, keep watching these coo coo CRAZY fanatics but be careful not to get their "dirty mud" on you.

They will continue progressing from bad to worse expecting to be "raptured" up to heaven, while at the same time believing in their hearts that their trinity godhead is torturing and roasting their unbelieving loved ones in hell fire for all eternity.

Coo coo fanatics indeed! And it takes dumb and dumber to believe such a vile lie.

As for Scott, he seems to be an okay person but somehow got bamboozled by believing the lies of DH.  

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