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Jehovah`s Witness/Derrick Holland humiliated once again...


After Holland has been unable to provide proof to the "Forum" that I lied about "1874".  He now writes me pleading with me to answer his NEWLY Arranged Questions .

Funny thing is, I never saw these questions before, nevertheless even answered them!  So how can I have LIED about a question never asked of me in the first place?  Is that being honest Derrick Holland?

His first question was about the "Watchtower" and that they taught Jesus WOULD return in "1874" when I explained to him they didn't exists until "1881".

AT first, I thought this question was from a honest and sincere person, since the questioner under an "alias name" was from <font color="red"> Illinois </font>.  WE all know that Derrick Holland is from Granite Falls, North Carolina.  So I didn't think you would have stooped to deceive the Forum.  A Public Apology is in order.

Now your second question is QUITE different and no mention of the Watchtower at all.  WHY?  

"Questioner: Derrick
Country: Illinois, United States
Category: Jehovah`s Witness
Private: No
Subject: The Web Sites

Question: Rando, we are still waiting for an answer to the question....Why do you use wicked and ungodly web sites, set up by atheists to mock God, as sources of information? And why do you also use a site that is affiliated with the LGBT agenda? Do you also agree with that agenda?

And why do you continue to lie to the readers about 1874, and the fact that this was a key date in your religion's early teachings, as they taught that it was the year Jesus had "invisibly returned"?

Do you just not KNOW the history of your religion, or are you just lying about it? So, why do you pose as an Expert on this religion, who can answer questions about it, when you obviously can't?

Answer:  Can't find a lie, so now you're trying to manufacture one?  IS that being honest?

Well well, so DH did write the first question in claiming the Watchtower existed prior to "1874" in that Jesus was to Return in 1874 Liar. Liar.  Even your buddy "Richard" was forced to admit it was a Second Adventist teaching.  How come you're not calling "Richard" a liar???  It's called Hypocrisy Holland.

You been caught red handed!!  All your utube sites bare the fact that you live Granite Falls, North Carolina. Why are you lying Holland.  Why?  Is it because you also slam ISLAM??  Are members in your Church looking at you funny?   Knowing that you are a Con-Artist?  Not so "cunning" are we now?

You claimed that JEHOVAH is not found in the Greek Scriptures.  But here we have the King James Bible having Jehovah's Name in the Greek scriptures. "Jehovah in the New Testament 297 References With Jesus' Testimony in Red Letters" - See more at:

Whose the LIAR, Holland??  WHO?  YOU!  Are you now going to say we can't belive the King James Bible??  lol.....  You are some work of Satan's finest.... You can't "fool" Holy Spirit Holland.  Even trying it, would be mean everlasting death.   Once saved Always Saved Always False.

Weren't Ananias and Sapphira "saved" and faithful followers of Jesus Christ?  "However, a certain man, An·a·ni′as by name, together with Sap·phi′ra his wife, sold a possession 2 and secretly held back some of the price, his wife also knowing about it, and he brought just a part and deposited it at the feet of the apostles." (Acts 5:1-2)  Gee Holland, they never even spoke, abused, or slandered Holy Spirit.  Just withheld some "funds" for sin here... or was there??  

But Peter said: “An·a·ni′as, why has Satan emboldened you to play false to the holy spirit and to hold back secretly some of the price of the field? 4 As long as it remained with you did it not remain yours, and after it was sold did it not continue in your control? Why was it that you purposed such a deed as this in your heart? You have played false, not to men, but to God.   

No Jehovah in the Greek?  You do know "JEWS" wrote the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts.  Matter of fact, their very names bear witness to Jehovah.  

Strong's Greek: 2243. Ἡλίας (Elias) -- Elijah, an Israelite ...
... Luke 1:17 T Tr marginal reading WH) Ἠλίᾳ), ὁ (אֵלִיָּה or אֵלִיָּהוּ
ie either 'strength of Jehovah' or 'my God is Jehovah'), Elijah ...
// - 31k

Liar!  Liar!  Just because the KJV translators removed "Elijah from the Greek to Elias" doesn't change the meaning.

Joanna = "Jehovah is a gracious giver" the wife of Chuza, Herod's steward, and a follower of Jesus  Why are you lying Holland?

Derrick Holland is LYING......He's LYING.... LYING....Jehovah is in the Greek text some 29,000 times as Jewish Names themselves give witness to JEHOVAH!  A few quotes that Jesus Christ quoted from the Old Testament are also written in the New Testament giving witness to his God and Father JEHOVAH:

Isaiah 61:1 The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah is upon me; because Jehovah hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;(Luk 4:18; 2Co 3:17 ) 2 To proclaim the acceptable year of Jehovah , and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn;( Luk 4:19 ) - See more at:

Luke 4:8 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the LORD, ( Jehovah Deu 6:13;  Deu 10:20  ) thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. - See more at:

I'll keep exposing you as the hypocrite and apostate that you are...nothing personal, just exposing your Baptist Doctrines as LIES.  "There are literally thousands of problems with the JW's New World Translation.  As for the name Jehovah, it inserts this name 237 times in the New Testament, where NO GREEK MANUSCRIPT on the face of the earth uses this name in the New Testament." Liar! Liar!

"The word is ALWAYS "kyrios", which means Lord.  When it suits their convenience to translate it "Lord", they do so.  When they need it say "Jehovah" to prove a doctrinal point, their NWT translates it as "Jehovah"." REALLY Holland?  You're a blatant liar!   

You're a fraud and your KLAN are frauds.  "If ye will not hear, and if ye will not lay it to heart, to give glory unto my name, saith Jehovah of hosts, I will even send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings: yea, I have cursed them already, because ye do not lay it to heart. 3 Behold, I will corrupt your seed, and spread dung upon your faces, even the dung of your solemn feasts; and one shall take you away with it." - See more at:

Let those who contact you share in your "wicked works" against Jehovah, for they must be gathered. (Rev 16:13-16)  

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Brother Rando is a student of Prophecy and one of Jehovah's Witnesses in good standing with the Faithful and Discreet slave. His interests are directed towards how the time of the end would come about. The earth’s population today is going through a physical, spiritual and emotional tribulation that has been prophesied concerning a time of distress as it enters into a cleansing period of removing wickedness by means of God’s Kingdom. (Daniel 12:1) Brother Rando’s discussions are of keen interest to many who await for God's Kingdom. He asserts that his discussions are just that, and not Prophecies, nor does he make the claim to be inspired. His authority is the Bible. He proclaims the year 2034 to be of very high interest to all. Like a GPS, that gives Insight to location, 2034 allows us to gauge where we are in the stream of time according to God’s Will. His Goal is to educate the public that Jehovah Witnesses accepted the Sacrifice in Christ, whose Blood was shed for many as a ransom and exercise faith in "Jesus Christ" for salvation. (Romans 10:9) Why Study the Bible?


In Brother Rando’s research of the Bible, he found scripture does interpret other scripture. The answer to how long a day was, according to God’s Will was found in Psalms 90:4 and 2 Peter 3:8. This is vital to gaining understanding in how we are to measure time in God’s view. Spiritually and not fleshy or physical. A day in heavens time is a thousand years to us. It’s by this method we can measure time and where we are in the stream of time of the end. In answer Jesus said to them: “Break down this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” (John 2:19) Was Jesus indicating that he was the Temple of God, God’s Kingdom? And that the temple would in fact be destroyed or broken down? According to God’s Word, the following scripture is the basis for Salvation. “For if you publicly declare that ‘word in your own mouth,’ that Jesus is Lord, and exercise faith in your heart that God raised him up from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9) In order for John 2:19 and Romans 10:9 to come in line, did Jesus utter a prophecy about God's Kingdom since he stated, “I will raise it up”? IF the basis for salvation is that Jesus is Lord and that God raised him up. We can conclude that Jesus did not raise himself up, but it was God that raised him from the dead since he was dead and conscious of nothing at all. (Ecc 9:5) Jesus prophesied that HE would raise God's Kingdom. (Rev 5:10) Jesus was speaking prophetically of raising the temple within the third day of a thousand years. Jesus warned Peter not to think the thoughts of man. (Matthew 16:23) Based on 2 Peter 3:8 we are able to determine the time frame to when God’s Kingdom would be raised up by Jesus Christ. Jesus was put to death on Nisan 14, 33CE. The two days would actually represent two thousand years and we come up with the year 2033. Jesus stated,“in three days I will raise it up.” So the third day is upon us in 2034. SEE the unseen things!

“I fully support, acknowledge and cooperate with *The Faithful Steward and Its' Governing Body* of Jehovah’s Witnesses.” I am property of the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" that Jesus, my brother, is appointing over his belongings. This Slave is the Governing Body of Jehovah's Earthly Organization known Worldwide as "Jehovah's Witnesses". When the Mountain-like organizations act against God's chosen people after Babylon has been destroyed, Jehovah will slaughter those who are touching the pupils of his eyes. Even though Babylon the Great is spoken as a woman and she has fallen in (Rev. 14:8), the sacred secret is that she is not a woman at all, but the World of False Religion that will be utterly destroyed by the personal hand of Jesus Christ as (King Abaddon) in the coming Great Tribulation never to be found again! (Matthew 24:14)

Secular Historians point to the Temple in Jerusalem being destroyed in 70 AD by the Romans. But was Jesus Christ speaking in a physical sense since that Temple is non-existent today? Jehovah Witnesses assert that Jesus under inspiration of Holy Spirit was actually prophesying about his spiritual body as the only means to approach his Heavenly Father. (John 14:6) Not the Temple made by hands or his fleshy body as Christendom claims, but his spiritual body, known as the Body of Christ. (1 Cor 12:27) This would actually be the Collective Representative of God’s Kingdom in how we can approach the One True God JEHOVAH. Brother Rando is not the first to come up with this time frame. In the first part of 1914, the Bible Students known as International Bible Students Association discussed the “time of trouble” on the printed page called The Bible Students Monthly. Early in 1914, an issue of The Bible Students Monthly was issued with the large bold heading “END OF WORLD IN 1914? Some have quoted the large headline of this tract as proof that Russell was expecting the “end of the world” in 1914. However, such neglect the subheading under the larger headline, which states: “NOT THE VIEW OF PASTOR RUSSELL NOR OF I.B.S.A.” International Bible Students Association: "Nevertheless, when viewed from God’s standpoint, we are still “shortly after” 1914. Although Russell himself did not think the time of trouble would be this long, he did allow that it could be. It is possible that the time allotted for this period is 120 years (1914+120=2034), but that these days will be “cut short” some time before they are allowed to reach their end. We do not put this forth as a “prophecy”, nor would we feel anything was wrong if 2034 came and went and nothing had happened as far the full binding of Satan and the destruction of his empire is concerned. All things are in God’s hands."

According to the discussion, 1914 represents the year that the earth would enter into a time of distress and that time limit could very well be 120 years. Which again, brings up the year 2034. The year 1914 is derived by a prophecy of the end of the Gentile times. Brother Rando insists that we should not live by a date, but to use this time to get right with God. Jesus continually pointed that the people who were on the earth when he would raise God’s Temple would be like those people in Noah’s time, taking no note. Where do the 120 years come from? If we read Genesis 6:3, most people think of this scripture in the fleshy sense of man’s lifespan. But could there be a spiritual meaning, giving those with Insight a divine warning? The Bible does say, “make secret the words and seal up the book, until the time of [the] end.” (Daniel 12:4) Could it be, this world has entered into it’s Last Days in 1914? (1 Timothy 3:1-5) Yet there is another scripture that helps us measure the time. In Ecclesiastes 6:6 it reads, “Even supposing that he has lived a thousand years twice over and yet he has not seen what is good, is it not to just one place that everyone is going?” The chapter talks about vanity and that if a person actually lived two thousand years without God’s Kingdom we are all heading to the same place. Since death was the punishment, we would need God’s Kingdom to conquer death, the place we all are heading. A thousand years twice over is two thousand years. Simple math again brings us to the time of 2034, when the second thousand years has been brought to it’s finish. Could Christ Millennial reign be from 2034 to 3034? We don’t know. Jesus stated, he would raise God’s Temple in the third day, so we can expect God's Kingdom to be fully operating sometime between the years 2034 and 3034. However, Jesus Christ was risen first thing on the very morning in the third day. Most Bible readers are in agreement that Christ does rule for a thousand years.

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Armageddon is the actual cleansing of the earth from all wickedness. If in the literal sense, it would consist of angels coming down from heaven to bring death to all those rejecting the Kingdom of God. But if it is spiritual, Armageddon could very will take place without the knowledge that it is actually occurring. If this is the case, then Armageddon would commence without the knowledge that the wicked are simply dying off. There seems to be evidence in scripture to how God destroyed the forefather’s in the wilderness. They died off in the wilderness at the hand of the destroyer without knowing of such, as Paul eloquently explains in 1 Cor.....

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