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Hello Derrick.

I have witnessed the constant attacks and unsubstantiated accusations made against you recently and had to write to one expert in particular. Not surprisingly, I got a response that was totally unrelated to my questions and likely will not even show. Just wanted to share it with you and others, if they aren't already aware, so they know the personality of said "expert".

Here is the link and content:

Expert:   Brother Rando
Subject:   Expert DH not truthful
Question:   It seems your mission from the recent plethora or postings is to focus on Mr. Holland and Baptists rather than what most would expect from experts in this section of Allexperts i.e. answer questions about Jehova's Witnesses. Do you think this is appropriate? If so, do you think the way in which you do so is becoming of a christian? I posit that it is not and in fact has reached a new low (Matt 5:44, 1Pet 3:15).
Further, despite saying towards the end of your response "Even though this information is on the internet, I'm not asking anyone to search out Derrick Holland.  So let's leave it lay at that." Yet, you proceed to post a response listing all the various links from a "questioner" with an obvious axe to grind and a hateful tone. I think a better act would have been to reject or ask the questioner to re-submit a question without the In spirit of what the Christ tries to teach us please desist this course of action. It is unchristian and reflects poorly on JW's. Can you do that, and stick to the topic of this forum?

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Good afternoon, Phillip.  It is good to hear from you.

Yes, and the funny thing is, they turn right around and claim they are the ones being attacked.  They must honestly think the readers have no intelligence at all.  You are the 2nd JW inside of a week, to point out that this "expert"s conduct, is completely unchristian and deplorable.  

As for not getting a straight answer to your question from this "expert", well, you are one of many hundred, who have had that experience. He is obviously not here to answer questions, but to attack and slander.  I think he has proven that time and again.

Yes, he has reached a new low....even for him.  Interestingly Phillip, I was having some private conversations with Ms. T several days back, (not about this topic, per se), but she made a telling statement about putting people's personal information out there.  I think I can share this part of the private discussions, since there is nothing personal or otherwise sensitive information in this quote.  Even regarding those who have debated with her, she told me....

"I am going to reject this but I will reply to you because I don't feel it's right to put other people's personal info out there."

Now, Ms. T was speaking of people whom she had been having sharp disagreements with in the forum, yet she used a "rejection" option to reply to me, because she felt it was wrong to put people's personal information out there.  I followed up with a "Private" question, which she too, used a rejection method, which was completely pointless the 2nd time (understandable the 1st time), as the 2nd question was not "Public" anyway, and would not have posted.

But the point is....Even Ms. T, with all her joining in of the falsehoods and attacks, at least had the decency to respect the personal information of people whom she disagreed with.

But Rando, well, he gives new meaning to the phrase "low down".  Now, I realize that Ms. T will not publicly say anything about Rando's deplorable conduct as of late (she never does), as you and Mr. Hepburn have done (to your credits), but according to her own statement, what Rando did was completely wrong.

You know, he has done this before.  He already attempted to reveal my location a good while back.  Also, he ATTEMPTED to reveal what he CLAIMED were my e-mail addresses, which only made him look foolish, because he listed YouTube channels instead (some of which weren't even mine), and apparently didn't know the difference between an e-mail address and a YouTube channel.  Also, he has taken some pretty cheap shots at my family before, as well.

But I also know why he's doing it, and that is how I am able to not say what would normally come natural to say to a coward like that.  He wants to get a reaction from me, which he can then point to as "proof" of my nasty disposition.  But since his opinion of my family means absolutely nothing, then he isn't worth the energy of responding to directly in that regard.  

But let's just be clear....he said my son has contacted him a "few times".  He's a liar.  My son, Dillon (the one I told you about before), has never contacted him even one time.  Ever.  My son has never even participated in Allexperts, in any discussion, nor has he ever viewed Rando's YouTube videos, which are quite funny, I might add.  The fact that he even knows my son's NAME, shows that he has been doing some stalking and searching out information about me.

I also know that Rando is a coward, who would not have the guts to make those comments to my face.  So, why worry about what some anonymous coward hiding behind a computer screen, thinks of my son or my family?  The opinions of someone like him, matter absolutely zero, in the grand scheme of things.

And my son is not on drugs or alcohol, either.  I think most people who have had the pleasure of reading  one of Rando's "answers", would think perhaps he is the one with that problem.

So, what we have read, are simply more lies coming from the keyboard of someone who is obviously quite obsessed with me.  

But again...He wouldn't say those comments to me, so why should I worry about some guy in hiding?

Also, he asked one of his questioners the other day, for their full name and address.  There is something really wrong with this person.  Not stable at all.

And this "questioner" of his that you reference, well, there are 2 possibilities there.  Either Rando wrote it himself, or Christaras wrote it.  I suspect Christaras, because only Christaras would provide links to those ridiculous videos he made about me.  Most other people would laugh them off, for the foolishness that they are.  

But you are correct about one thing, Phillip.  You said...

"Further, despite saying towards the end of your response "Even though this information is on the internet, I'm not asking anyone to search out Derrick Holland.  So let's leave it lay at that." Yet, you proceed to post a response listing all the various links from a "questioner" with an obvious axe to grind and a hateful tone. I think a better act would have been to reject or ask the questioner to re-submit a question"

Exactly.  Make no mistake....Rando is trying to brush it off and act like he isn't promoting it, but like you said, he could have rejected it.  He didn't.  He wanted it posted, and he isn't fooling anyone with his "nice guy" act.  

It was actually funny clicking on these links exposing me.  Apparently, the genius posting them (again, probably Christaras), apparently didn't realize that one of the "Derrick Holland" links was to a white guy on Facebook, and the other "Derrick Holland" links, is actually a black Baptist minister.  I'm just trying to figure out which one they think I am....:)  Its obvious that I can't be both.  Well, obvious to me, anyway. Maybe not to those two.

But again, you nailed it.  Only a low life individual would stoop to that.  In fact, I received a writing from a former pest on this forum named "Sal" last year, who wrote to me with the personal information of Ms. T (name, congregation, city, etc), hoping I would post it.  There was no way I was going to allow my profile to be used for that garbage.  Regardless of my disagreements with a person, or  my opinion of their sorry conduct, I am not going to divulge that type of information for the public.   

But Rando is simply not a true Christian, nor is he a decent person.  I have seen it it time and again...People try to give him Scriptural counsel, and he simply ignores it.  

You saw it yourself, Phillip.  You wrote to him, and you have appealed to him with Scripture and reason, to act in a way consistent with what you all are taught in your publications, and at your meetings.  And you saw what happened....By remaining anonymous, Rando believes he is above any and all Scriptural guidelines.

Thank you for writing, Phillip, and for taking the time to write to Rando.  You see, if nothing else, people will see that not all JWs are like him, and by rejecting your very reasonable attempt to appeal to his sense of right and wrong (which doesn't seem to exist), he has only hurt himself.  Thanks for your effort, and for letting me know how it went.

Take care, and I hope you have a great evening.


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