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Hi, Mr. Hepburn. I've read some of your answers lately and it seemed you are the only witness here who is honest. At least of the ones who answer here often. I have written to two other jw experts here about the continued lies and obsessive attacks against Mr. Holland which finally went over the top when Rando said that Mr. Holland believes its okay to drink human blood. I decided that was just too much to swallow and that I had to write him for proof. So,I asked Rando where Mr. Holland had ever made such a statement and he rejected my question. He gave no quote from Mr. Holland. I also wrote Sister T because she was completely silent about Randos lies, but was writing letters at the same time about Mr. Holland being immoral. I wanted to simply ask how she could be so hypocritical, while saying nothing about how Rando was being immoral by lying about people. I wrote her twice, and she rejected me both times. So I am writing you, as Mr. Holland is on leave. I find their actions repulsive and nothing like a true christian would act. That woman thinks she can post about being moral while being immoral and going along with lies about another human being?? How is Mr. Holland being here, as immoral as what they do?

Mr Hepburn, you are a jw but you seem to be different. Can you explain how it is that you all believe the same things, but can act so differently? They think they can write and print whatever, and if someone shows them where they're wrong, then can just reject it to keep it out off sight. I think this is just plain WRONG!! How can she write about morals and then lie, or be silent when her friends are lying. It makes no sense to me.

I know you don't want to get involved but I am just wondering if you can explain their thinking, being a witness yourself. Is there something in your teaching that allows this sort of behavior, if a person is perceived as evil? That you can just say anything you want about them, even if it's false? I don't mean you personally are doing it, but if there's something in jw teaching that excuses it.

Thank you so much for your time. Have a great day!

Hello Marie

Thank you for taking the time to write.  It never ceases to amaze me how many different people read this from. That is the reason why, on the odd occasion, I have gone out of my way to make some remarks about the conduct of others here – because this is a PUBLIC FORUM.  

There are other JWs here who will give excellent Biblical answers and have not been involved in what has been happening.  Some of them get very few questions so we do not hear much from them.  When we do, they are honest and respectful to the person they are corresponding with.  They know doubt see their roll here, is to give honest replies about what JWs believe, and, defend what we believe the Bible to be teaching without attacking other people.   We are not taught, or instructed, to attack anyone’s belief system. We are taught to defend ours

This is a sensitive matter, and as you have noticed from some of my past comments I really do not want to get involved.   I have, at times, been wrongly accused of supporting the non JWs here, and that puts me in a very awkward place as to how and what I say.   If people take the time to read carefully the things I have written in the past, they will see that much of the conduct that I have written about, applies to all involved.

Over the many years that this has been going on, I have sent mainly private comments to people involved on doth sides of the unseemly goings on.  I have defended the right of all involved to be on this site, seeing that this is a site Not Set Up By JWs For JWs .  Some seem to forget this is a public forum ABOUT what JWs believe, NOT about attacking other peoples theology, and, perhaps that is where some JWs have gone wrong.  Perhaps they feel this IS a site set up by JWs for JWs.  IF that was the case then there would be no place her for non JWs.  However, that is not the case.  It seems that because I defend the right of non JWs to be here on this very public non WT sanctioned site, I have been accused of supporting the non JWs in their teachings.  

Like me, some JWs here realise this is an open forum for the public that is not sanctioned by our Governing Body, and being a public forum they realise the need to follow the directives of conduct   that we are taught to follow as set out by various Bible principles.  I have over the years made mention of those guidelines and principle.  If you would like to know what they are please ask and I will show you who we are taught conduct ourselves.

I have seen in many different walks of life and disciplines that what people are taught and what they apply in their lives can be quite different.  For example, I was a public tax accountant.  We are taught the law and how to apply it to taxation.  Working with different people who were trained, and examined (tested) in the same aspects it is sometimes staggering to see what they do in practice.

So what I am saying is that even though we taught the same standard of behaviour, how people apply that in their lives differers.  God did not create us as robots, we have the gift of free will.  We can teach principles but it is harder to get people to actually apply those principles for what ever reason.  Obviously there are principles that we are taught that I have problems in applying, because Gods ways are so much higher that of man's, and, no man is perfect.

I really do not know what it is that drives some here to act in the way that they do.
It could be :-
a lack of Christian maturity
over zealous  
thinking more of themselves than they should

or any other number of reasons.  

I can understand the reaction of a JW when someone not a JW misrepresents what we believe. Just as much as a non JW would get upset at a JW misrepresenting what they believe.  I would expect them to defend their ideas. Sometimes that happens.  Usually the misinformation presented (but not always) is due to the someone  not having all the relevant information.  Personally, I do get annoyed  when someone misrepresents what we believe.  However there is a way to respond  to such misinformation that is polite and respectful at the same setting matters straight.  So perhaps the  JWs involved in the “war” here have wanted to defend or put right the wrong ideas that others may presented about us.  IF  that is their motive that is good.  Their way of going it is not so good.

Unfortunately what has happened here has turned to what some one has almost described as a war, with unpleasantries  being fired.

All I can do is apologise on behalf of JWs for the misconduct of a few.

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I AM one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and I am always learning. I am NOT an expert in the full sense of the word but I can answer questions on the reliability of the NWT - the so called mind control problems-so called prophecies - how being a JW affects the individual and relatives and general practices and history of Jehovah’s Witnesses. >>WARNING<< Please be aware that there are people here who ARE NOT practicing JWs. By all means ask these ones questions. Depending on the question you will get an honest answer, but, generally the answer you get, will mislead you as to what we believe, often because, they do not give ALL the relevant details. These ones will, have an agenda against JWs., and will at times give answers that are not correct in regard to JW teachings and practices. If you are after a answer from one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, please read some of the answers that the various experts have published before choosing someone. If you want to ask one of the NON JWs a question, that is fine, BUT if you want a balancing view after asking one of the NON JWs, ask a JW the same question. PLEASE ALSO NOTE: There(have been)and are, some "experts" here who are NOT always the most courteous and polite, at times are actually quite rude, that applies to both JW's and non JW's and their answers may offend, especially when they get personal and attack the character of the person and not the message. Unfortunately some here that have done that. So it IS IMPORTANT to chose an "expert" that YOU feel will best suit YOU by reading some of their past answers . . . . .


I have been a publisher since 1964. When I first went on the internet I found a lot of negative information dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses covering prophecy, mind control and what many said was a very bad translation of the Bible known as the NWT. It shook my faith. After may hours researching these topics I could see why some felt that way, but, I was also able to explain why there were these misleading views. I can now set matters straight for anyone that has negative information about Jehovah’s Witness to show them that such information is at best misleading and at worst dangerous lies.

I have been a student of the Bible for many years, am trying to teach myself Biblical Greek. Was a public tax accountant for many years untill SEP 2009 when I gave it up due to health problems.

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