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I don't think this Peace I am witnessing will last very long. I do thank the real JW Experts for being here and volunteering their time so people like me can learn from the bible.


Edit of original post see comments at the end

Hello Joseph,

Thank you for writing.

It is a shame that a few people here including some that are JWs have made this forum an unpleasant place to be. I personally have stopped reading the site because of the actions of a few that claim to be JWs.  I will be staying around to answer legitimate questions from people that want to have an accurate view of what JWs actually believe.  I hope that I do so without belittling anyone, or insulting anyone.

Unfortunately some are under the impression this forum was set by JWs for JWs to answer questions.  It was not set up by any JWs and it is open to anyone that feels that they can answer questions about JWs and what we believe.  

Getting both points of view is important in the learning process so that people can come to an "accurate knowledge of truth"

Please feel free to ask any questions and I will endeavour to provide an accurate answer.

May peace be with you and your family


Hello Jospeh,

I am sorry to have to edit this question, but after your comments you left, I could not let that go.

Personally I would like to see the non JWs here go to the site “Critics of Jehovah's Witnesses”.  That would make more sense to me.  In the past I have written private emails to many of the non JWs here suggesting that.  I was reminded, and now remind other people, that  this site is not set up by JWs exclusivity for JWs.  It is a public site for people to find out information about JWs, both the good and the bad.

I assure you and any reader that I am a full fledged JW.  I take exception to the personal attacks made on other people no matter if those attacks come from JWs or non JWs.  I am more worried about the way JWs behave on this forum the Bible that I am about non JWs.   Seeing you want to learn about the Bible, bellow is just a few examples of the way JWs are taught, from  the Bible, to behave.  These are cut and pasts from various article that appear in our magazines and publications setting out the Bibles view of  what our conduct should be.  At times I have been guilty of not always following these principles as I am sure all JWs are.  That is why we get so many reminders.


Paul said at 2 Cor. 6:3, 4 “In no way are we giving any cause for stumbling, that our ministry might not be found fault with; but in every way we recommend ourselves as God’s ministers.”  “The apostle Paul, highly grateful and appreciative of the glorious treasure of the ministry, exercised care to glorify this ministry by watching closely every feature of his life and conduct ”  it-1 p. 818 

“Like Paul and his companions, we can recommend ourselves as God’s ministers. How? “By purity,” or chasteness , and by acting in harmony with accurate Bible knowledge. We can recommend ourselves “by long-suffering,” patiently enduring wrong or provocation, and “by kindness as we do helpful things for others. “ w98 12/15 pp. 19-20 pars. 17-19 

*** w12 1/15 p. 22 par. 5 Making Whole-Souled Sacrifices for Jehovah ***   Jehovah’s people would not want to do anything that might reflect badly on God’s name .—Isa. 43:10; 2 Cor. 6:3, 4, 9.

*** w09 11/15 p. 7 par. 19 What Do Your Prayers Say About You? ***  "Out of deep respect for him " [our Glorious and Holy God], "let us therefore “do all things for God’s glory” and avoid conduct that could distract, shock, or stumble anyone .—1 Cor. 10:31, 32; 2 Cor. 6:3."

*** km 12/12 p. 1 par. 5 “Be Peaceable With All Men” ***  "If we are peaceable, the householder may well remember our reaction and listen the next time someone tries to give him a witness. (Rom. 12:20, 21) Even if he seems firm in his opposition, one day he may become our brother. (Gal. 1:13, 14) Regardless of whether he ever takes an interest in the truth, we will honor Jehovah and adorn our teaching if we maintain our self-control and demonstrate peaceableness.—2 Cor. 6:3."  ( Self controll includes the way we address and speak about others )

Some important questions from  km 9/11 p. 4 Schedule for Week of October 3

10 min: Display Good Manners in the Ministry. (2 Cor. 6:3) Discussion using the following questions as a basis: (1) Why is it important that we display good manners when preaching? (2) How may we show good manners when (a) our group arrives in the territory? (b) we are walking from house to house? (c) we are standing at the door? (d) our companion is giving a witness? (e) the householder is speaking? (f) the householder is busy or the weather is inclement? (g) the householder is rude?

The principle here applies    “we do not want to give someone a legitimate reason to find fault with our ministry ”  km 10/11 p. 7 What Condition Is It In?

*** km 4/10 pp. 2-3 What Do Others Learn From Watching You? ***
1 Jesus said: “Get under my yoke with me and learn from me.” (Matt. 11:29, ftn.) Clearly, he taught others by setting a good example, not just by his words. Think of what the disciples learned from watching Jesus. He was gentle, kind, and loving. (Matt. 8:1-3; Mark 6:30-34) He was genuinely humble. (John 13:2-5) As they accompanied Jesus in the ministry, the disciples saw that he was a tireless worker who was effective in teaching the truth to others. (Luke 8:1; 21:37, 38) How are others affected by observing us in the ministry?

2 Householders: Our modest dress, good manners, and sincere personal interest in people can have a powerful effect on householders. (2 Cor. 6:3; Phil. 1:27) They notice that we make frequent use of the Bible. Others are impressed that we listen respectfully when they speak. Never underestimate how setting a good example in these areas can draw people to the Kingdom message .

3 Our Brothers: Think, too, of the positive effect we can have on our brothers. Our zeal for the ministry is contagious. As iron sharpens iron, our well-prepared presentation impels others to hone their evangelizing skills. (Prov. 27:17) Our diligence in keeping an accurate record of those who show interest and then returning promptly helps motivate others to do the same. We will have a wholesome influence on fellow workers by fully accomplishing our ministry.—2 Tim. 4:5.

4 Why not periodically analyze what you do and say and how you affect others by means of your example? Our good example will please Jehovah and enable us to echo the sentiments of the apostle Paul when he declared: “Become imitators of me, even as I am of Christ.”—1 Cor. 11:1.


So that is just some of the Biblical advice we are given and encouraged to apply in our lives.  Learning about the Bible also involves learning how to adjust our way of life and thinking to conform to Christian standards.

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I AM one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and I am always learning. I am NOT an expert in the full sense of the word but I can answer questions on the reliability of the NWT - the so called mind control problems-so called prophecies - how being a JW affects the individual and relatives and general practices and history of Jehovah’s Witnesses. >>WARNING<< Please be aware that there are people here who ARE NOT practicing JWs. By all means ask these ones questions. Depending on the question you will get an honest answer, but, generally the answer you get, will mislead you as to what we believe, often because, they do not give ALL the relevant details. These ones will, have an agenda against JWs., and will at times give answers that are not correct in regard to JW teachings and practices. If you are after a answer from one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, please read some of the answers that the various experts have published before choosing someone. If you want to ask one of the NON JWs a question, that is fine, BUT if you want a balancing view after asking one of the NON JWs, ask a JW the same question. PLEASE ALSO NOTE: There(have been)and are, some "experts" here who are NOT always the most courteous and polite, at times are actually quite rude, that applies to both JW's and non JW's and their answers may offend, especially when they get personal and attack the character of the person and not the message. Unfortunately some here that have done that. So it IS IMPORTANT to chose an "expert" that YOU feel will best suit YOU by reading some of their past answers . . . . .


I have been a publisher since 1964. When I first went on the internet I found a lot of negative information dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses covering prophecy, mind control and what many said was a very bad translation of the Bible known as the NWT. It shook my faith. After may hours researching these topics I could see why some felt that way, but, I was also able to explain why there were these misleading views. I can now set matters straight for anyone that has negative information about Jehovah’s Witness to show them that such information is at best misleading and at worst dangerous lies.

I have been a student of the Bible for many years, am trying to teach myself Biblical Greek. Was a public tax accountant for many years untill SEP 2009 when I gave it up due to health problems.

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