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Jehovah`s Witness/Rando-Cowers from challenge but attacks you!


Hello Brother Derrick. Just as you said, Rando has proven to be a coward. As always, he ignored the challenge of proving JWS are not modalist and attack you once again.

Not to my surprise he again used a topic he is afraid to address; The Trinity. He is also killing me with the Baptist rants. Its totally obvious he knows nothing about Baptists, for if he did, he would know Baptist is not a religion, it is a name of a denomination.The name itself only serves for identification that the "baptism" is believed in and in strict accordance with scripture and that the form of government is "congregational". But of course I wouldnt expect him to know that or anything else for that matter.

But I am writing you once again to place the challenge once more: Rando...prove JWs are not Modalists, and I will prove the concept of "Trinity" with scriptures.

It is simple, accept the challenge Rando..I am going to haunt you all over this forum until you prove not to be a HYPOCRITE and your doctrine to be scriptural. If you do not accept the challenge, I will make sure the readers know daily of your cowardly ways.

Brother Derrick, i have not much more to say about Rando, I will begin sending information tonight, and will continue until the entire issue is exposed.

God Bless and Keep You
Rev. Darryl Murphy

Good evening, Mr. Murphy.  I hope you are doing well today.

Well, I believe I called that one, didn't I?  I have had dealings with this guy for years, and I have never seen a bigger coward in all my time here, than the charlatan who calls himself "Brother Rando".  

You issued him a perfectly legitimate challenge to discuss his favorite topic in the world, and he suddenly crawled into a cave. He always does.  Of course, he did give us a little rant on the Trinity this morning, but that was in response to my calling him out about using satanic web sites as his sources for information.  I laughed so hard at that one....I even said in that writing, that Rando always starts talking about the Trinity, when backed into a corner on another topic.  And then he proceeds to do that very thing, that I had just predicted he would!  This guy is the most amusing person to watch, of any I have ever seen in this forum. His every move is predictable.

And yes, he attacked me.  What else is new?  But its with the same old lies as always, so no big deal.  He's a laughing stock. And everybody knows it but him.

In his latest obvious writing to self, he states....

"PS...What's so Christian about the Southern Baptists leading "abortion rights"??  Nothing!"

Brother Murphy, did you know that Southern Baptists are "leading abortion rights", whatever that is supposed to mean?  Rando finds one person (who is actually in the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship) who is off base on abortion, and suddenly he tells the world that Southern Baptists are "leading abortion rights"?

Actually, since this is yet another lie from Rando, who loves nothing more than a good lie, let me just state the CORRECT and current stance of the Southern Baptist Convention, on abortion. This does not reflect their stance in the 1970s, but the one they now affirm.  I got this from, which is the web site for the Southern Baptist Convention....

Sanctity of Life

Procreation is a gift from God, a precious trust reserved for marriage. At the moment of conception, a new being enters the universe, a human being, a being created in God's image. This human being deserves our protection, whatever the circumstances of conception.

But you're correct....He is such a dunce, that he has no knowledge at all of Baptist teaching.

And the funny part, is that he keeps rambling on and on about Southern Baptists, like that is supposed to be an indictment against me, or something.  I have told him 20 times now that I'm an Independent Missionary Baptist, and not a Southern Baptist.  Nothing against my Southern Baptist brethren by any means, but my church simply does not happen to be affiliated with the Convention, nor is my ordination through the SBC.  Its like he is in a fog or something, and just doesn't have the brains to grasp it, or something.  He laughably keeps posting all this stuff about Southern Baptists, most of it lies, and thinks that he is hurting me in some way.

But again, like you is quite obvious he knows nothing about what he is talking about.  But, that's Rando for you.

Now, back to the challenge....I will still abide by my promise to stay out of the discussion between you and Rando.  As you have noticed, he is on a hair trigger, when it comes to attacking  So, I am happy to let you demolish him, and just sit back with the bowl of popcorn in hand, and watch the action.

But again, Rando is a first rate coward, and I don't think he has the guts to dialogue with you.  He has seen enough of your posts, to know better.  Like I said, just your introductory remarks on the subject in your last writing to me, is already so far over his head, there is no way he is going to delve deeper into the subject with you.

And he claims to be an "EXPERT ON THE TRINITY"????

Would you not just think that an "Expert" on the Trinity, would be anxious to show the world his vast knowledge, especially against a "false minister of Christendom", as he would refer to both you and me?

Know what I think, Brother Murphy?  I think Mr. Rando is all talk.  When someone like you comes to him for intelligent discussion, he all of a sudden just ignores you, and gets very quiet.  He seems quite unwilling to back up his statements, against someone who can expose them for the fallacies that they are, and then show his doctrine for what it is.

But if he can't defend his doctrine, then why is he here?  

You said..."It is simple, accept the challenge Rando..I am going to haunt you all over this forum until you prove not to be a HYPOCRITE and your doctrine to be scriptural. If you do not accept the challenge, I will make sure the readers know daily of your cowardly ways."

Well said, Brother Murphy.  I admire the fact that you see this guy for what he is, to the point that you are anticipating his reaction (or lack of), and you are letting him know that he will not get away with it.  Keep the pressure on him.  He will try his best to ignore, divert, attack, and talk about EVERYTHING BUT the topic you have challenged him to discuss.  But he has nowhere to hide.  

So, Mr. Rando, what's it gonna be?  Put your money where your mouth is, since you're such an "expert" on the Trinity.  That is what you claim, is it not?

Well Brother Murphy, I am happy to let this post.  It should appear tomorrow morning, and then let's see what Rando does, as all eyes will be on him.  

Take care, and God bless you and your family.


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