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Hi Mr. Holland! Its good to see you back even if but for a few days. I am happy to send you my questions to Sister T and Rando and how they both rejected the questions I asked them. I wrote these days ago and would have sent it to you after they rejected it but you were on leave, so I couldnít. As I have told you before when I wrote, I just do not see why they have to attack you personally and tell such obvious lies. When I saw Rando write something about you saying its ok to drink blood I just had to write and ask him for proof, because I knew I had never seen you say that and really didnĎt think you would say it either. I think this guy has some strange fasination with you and I think its really weird. Its like he is not happy unless he is lying about you. I think he needs help and I told him so! And when I saw Sister T writing about morality and how immoral it is for you to be here right as Rando was attacking you, and her saying nothing about how its immoral to lie and slander another person, well I just had to write her too. I think if people are going to say they are christians, then they should act like it. And they sure donít!

You know how Iíve told you before that Iím not a person who likes to argue, but their actions are simply over the top. When she just ignored the lies against you but then talked about you being immoral, that was just too much. I see such contradictions in their words and such hypocrisy too. They say one thing and do another, just like you said. I wrote to Mr. Hepburn because he seems to be a good christian man and doesnít go along with what they are doing.

But I saw where you wanted to see it so I am glad to send it to you. So here it is. And welcome back!


To Sister T (#1)
Your question was

I am a reader of this site and sometimes get so sick of the constant attacks and obvious lies that are routinely told here. I had to write you about what I've seen today. I see today that you try to put the blame for this on the non witnesses, like it's their fault that jws lie about them. How do you even post something so foolish and call yourself a Christian? If you had any scruples at all, you would have put that questioner in his place, instead of pretending that you all are the ones exposing them and they are the ones attacking you. How is Rando saying that Mr. Holland thinks it's fine to drink human blood not an attack? And that questioner saying that Mr. Holland thinks it's right for Jews to slaughter people who are innocent? What is that exposing exactly, besides themselves as some kind of sick weirdo? And you have the audacity to say Mr. Holland is attacking you!

I also notice your saying again that this is a jw forum when even your own fellow witness said you are wrong about that. This is a PUBLIC forum to get information! Zeesh! Brenton is right and you are wrong. It's not even immoral for them to be here. They give CORRECT information, so they're qualified. You want to talk about immoral? Let's do. It's immoral to lie about people and slander them, and it's immoral for you to go along with it and call yourself a Christian. That's what is immoral. No wonder Brenton Hepburn wishes you people would leave. Rando post about drinking human blood and you say nothing about that, and then you post about them attacking you. Where are these attacks? Can you show them? The only attacks I see are from you. I've read this site for over a year and that's about ALL I've seen from you people! The sick obsession you all have with the non jws, most specifically Mr. Holland, is just plain weird.

Please spare us the comments on morals until you show some yourself. It's immoral to say nothing when lies are being told about another human all because it's a jw doing it, and then call that other human the liar.

Have a nice day and merry Christmas to you.

I'm sorry, I can't help with that.

Expert: Sister T

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To Sister T (#2)
Your question was

Oh I get it. It's okay for you to print accusations against other people of being immoral, but when someone shows how your being immoral you can just reject that? If you're going to represent your religion in such a poor manner then why do you even bother? I was going to send your rejection to Mr. Holland, but I cant till he comes back. But I think it should be seen how you try to hide questions that force you to tell the truth. There is nothing"Christian"about that. So you get to reject anything that makes you look bad, but you can post things about non witnesses that aren't even true. That's how it works? Nice set up you have here.

Good day to you, and I hope you think about that next time you're sitting in one of your meetings and they talk about being an honest person.
I'm sorry, I can't help with that.

Expert: Sister T


To Rando
Your question was

Hello. I just wanted to ask if you have ever considered psychiatric evaluation, cause I've never seen a person who needs it more. Do you have some sort of secret crush on Mr.Holland? I don't think I've ever seen a person so obsessed with another. I've watched you on this board for over a year with your constant lies and I've seen other jws join in with it, but then I see one decent human being in your religion actually say something, and he then becomes a target of attack, as well.

Your level of insanity took on a new level of stupid lately when you say Mr.Holland believes it's right to drink human blood?? Are you serious?????????? When did he say that? You must really be scared of this man, to go to such lengths to smear him. I've never seen him one day anything about drinking human blood. You have issues, Mr. Rando.

And this other one you keep telling about the Holy spirit lying to us for centuries. Didn't you write this article in which you accused the Holy spirit of lying? Didn't you tell us all this was a tampered scripture and then you took it on yourself to correct the Holy spirit? Didn't you decide on your own what it should say, which was different than what it says? I checked and found that even your own jw bible disagrees with you. Don't you even believe your own bible, or are you here to save the day and tell us what the Bible SHOULD say. So who really believes the spirit of God has been lying, you or Mr. Holland?

I know you will reject this cause I've read you do that, because you're scared to answer questions.But I just wanted you to know how over the top we readers think you are. You have a nice day Mr. Rando.

You are very welcome.

Expert: Brother Rando

Good afternoon, Marie.  I hope you and your family are well, and that you had a good Christmas.  We did, and are still enjoying having our son back home for a visit.  I am very glad you wrote and I want to thank you for sending this to me.  When I temporarily took myself off vacation a few days ago, I was hoping you would notice it and write to me with your experiences with these 2 JWs.  These people are truly unbelievable.

Marie, at the conclusion of my reply to you, I am going to place myself back on vacation.  I came back briefly so that you, and "Danny" could write to me, as he too indicated he wanted to say something to me.  Well, you wrote, but as I suspected....nothing from Danny.  I guess when I told him to come armed with FACTS, that was too much to ask of him.

I also prepared a long writing regarding this "Joseph", situation, but before sending to myself, I read Mr. Hepburn's last paragraph where he asked that his response not be the cause for a public debate with other people.  I will respect that, and not post what I have written, at least for now.  

But back to the subject at hand.  The conduct of some people who call themselves "Jehovah's Witnesses", is unbelievable.

I honestly am happy that you wrote this to both Rando and Ms. T.  Marie, this is simply good stuff.  I mean EXCELLENT!  You nailed it.  I will make some comments about each of your writings, and their response to you.

First, Ms. T.....

I loved the fact that you called her out on her "morality" lecture, and showed the hypocrisy in writing it, while completely ignoring IMMORAL behavior on the part of her fellow Witness friends.  No wonder she rejected you....What COULD she say to that?  Its all right there in print.  You were spot on, when you challenged her on her own morality, for going along with lying and slander.  And yes, no matter how much she denies it, she has done exactly that.

I honestly wonder how she posts the stuff she does.  Like yesterday....Its amazing she would actually quote Psalm 26:4....

"I do not associate with deceitful men, And I avoid those who hide what they are"

Unbelievable.  She probably should have read verse 5, as well.  But to quote that, knowing full well that she DOES associate with deceitful men on this very forum, and also those who HIDE WHAT THEY ARE, is unbelievable.  And she calls me hypocritical.  As for hiding, I'm not the one who uses an alias here, and hides from my own congregation, because of the fear of repercussions for lying.  Nor am I the one who lies.

But funny she can quote that Scripture, and write about morals, right alongside Rando claiming that I think its okay to drink blood, and say absolutely nothing.  It just shows that talking the talk, isn't the same as actually applying it into your own life.

But again, its no wonder she rejected you....There was nothing she could say.  

But you know, Marie, what REALLY stood out to me?  Its happened countless times already, and your writing to her was just another example.  I'm referring to how you directly ASKED her, to show how we are "attacking" her and the non-Witnesses, instead of what is REALLY going on....Them attacking us, with their lies and slander.

I quote you...."Where are these attacks? Can you show them? The only attacks I see are from you."

Well, there was her chance.  Why would she reject your question?  She should have answered it, if for no other reason, to show examples of us attacking them.  Why didn't she show it, Marie?  Because as you suspected.....THEY DON'T EXIST.  She had no example to show.

That is what Ms. T does....She throws out very non-specific and very general, blanket statements such as "They lie and attack us" , but never shows the lie or the attack.  And like you writing to her, to ask how Rando's lie about me believing its "okay to drink blood" , is not an attack, she just ignores that and rejects you for asking it.  She knows full well they are the ones doing the attacking, and THAT is why she cannot answer your question.  If she had an attack from me to show, then why didn't she?  

Or, she will say..."They misrepresent our teachings" , but cannot seem to show you WHERE their teachings are being misrepresented, while at the same time, she says NOTHING when her Witness friends are posting all sorts of misrepresentations about us.

This is what she does....make the same broad and general accusations over and over, and never show a real example of it.  Most of her posts about the non-Witnesses, say almost exactly the same thing each time.

And I'm glad you pointed out the hypocrisy, in my absence.  Thank you.  I'm glad that other readers are noticing it.

Sad to say, but this woman seems very unconcerned with actual truth, although she says the right things about it.  Again, saying it and doing it, are two different things.

And one more thing....You nailed her in your follow up, as well.  Yes, they DO think that they can type whatever they want to, and reject anything that shows their own hypocrisy.  They have done it from the time they joined here, and apparently have no intention of changing it.  That is why it is good and necessary for you to send it to another expert, such as myself, because they should not be allowed to get away with such dishonesty.

Now, I WILL be fair and say one thing favorable about her reply to Christaras, where the other false and absurd accusations appeared.  She DID correct him, by saying that I would not agree with children being killed, and she is correct about that.  The fact is, Christaras lied and said that I think Jews should be able to slaughter every surrounding nation.  This guy is as big of a liar as Rando is.  They both love to make up things that were never said, and claim they were said.  They will both answer to a holy God for it, as well.  I'm glad I'm not them.

Well, your reaction from Rando, was quite predictable.  Like countless other people all over the internet, you have picked up on Rando's mentally instability.  I think even his friends here know it, if they would be honest with themselves.  

But you know, just like the situation with Ms. T, you saw Rando afraid to stand behind his own lie.  You asked him point blank....

"you say Mr.Holland believes it's right to drink human blood?? Are you serious?????????? When did he say that? You must really be scared of this man, to go to such lengths to smear him."

Hey RANDO, why didn't you answer Marie's question??  All she did, was ask you to back up your own statement.  You said that I claimed its okay to drink human blood.  Here, let me refresh your memory, and quote you....

"the "Born Again Baptist" claimed you can drink "human blood" because Holy Spirit didn't specify what type of blood to abstain from?"

Rando, Marie asked you a simple question.  She wanted to know WHEN I said that.  Why didn't you show her where, Rando?  Did you LIE again?  Did you invent another statement, that was never made?  Why didn't you just give her the quote, if I really said it?  The fact you "reject" every question that exposes you for yet another lie, shows what kind of person you really are.  

And to think that Ms. T would ignore this conduct, and then lecture us about "immorality".  Why didn't she ask you to make sure you quote people correctly, and remind you of Jehovah's view of lying?

And you nailed his hide to the wall, when you called him out on his hypocrisy regarding his twisting of Matthew 28:19.  Just like Ms. T rejected you, its no wonder he rejected you, as well.  There was nothing he COULD say to this....

YOU:  "And this other one you keep telling about the Holy spirit lying to us for centuries. Didn't you write this article in which you accused the Holy spirit of lying? Didn't you tell us all this was a tampered scripture and then you took it on yourself to correct the Holy spirit? Didn't you decide on your own what it should say, which was different than what it says? I checked and found that even your own jw bible disagrees with you. Don't you even believe your own bible, or are you here to save the day and tell us what the Bible SHOULD say. So who really believes the spirit of God has been lying, you or Mr. Holland?"

OUCH!  In fact, Marie, I wrote him myself about that topic, as I noticed his hypocrisy, as well.  And you caught it, too.

One of his favorite lies to repeat for the past several years, has been this one....

RANDO:  "Remember when a "Born Again Baptist" claimed that Holy Spirit changed the meaning of "passover" to "EASTER" in the 16th Century?"

"Derrick Holland picks and chooses a quote to deliberately deceive.  After all, he proclaims the Holy Spirit was lying to us for 1500 years"

But lo and behold, and you nailed it Marie, it is RANDO who accuses the Holy Spirit of lying to us for centuries.  It is Rando who also decides that Jesus needs "correcting", and that it is now his (Rando's) duty to enlighten us all, and tell us what Jesus SHOULD have said, and correct this lie that the Holy Spirit has been telling us for nearly 2,000 years now.  

Like I've pointed out a thousand times, when Rando makes an accusation, then watch closely because it won't be long before he does the very thing he accuses me of.  Its been his pattern from day one.  

Rando claims I think the Holy Spirit was lying, but now we see Rando change the Scripture, and tell us that it is "tainted", and the Holy Spirit failed to properly preserve it.  So, who is REALLY calling claiming the Holy Spirit has been lying to us?  I think its pretty obvious.....  

Oh, and Marie....Don't even bother asking Rando for the quote of my saying the Holy Spirit lied.  He won't give you that one, either.  You will just get another rejection.

And there is something else, along these lines that I want to mention....

You know, Marie, I have mainly focused on Ms. T and Rando in this response, but let's not forget about Eddie G, either.  He is of the same type as they are.  

When Rando's Scripture-twisting posted on the forum again, I wrote to both of them (Eddie and Ms. T) about it, because I wanted to see if they REALLY would stand for truth.  They both claim to hate lying, but I seriously doubted it.  And I was proven correct.  If they hated lying, they would speak out against ANYONE who says that a verse in the Bible is "tampered" with, and inaccurate.  You don't get any closer to blasphemy than that!  But strangely enough, Eddie and Ms. T don't seem to view that as worth their time.

Wonder why?  Could it possibly be that their REAL agenda is not about "standing for truth" at all, but rather, attacking those who speak disagreement with the WT Organization?  Might that explain why they claim to abhor lies, but then have no problem in doing it, and supporting fellow Witnesses who do it?  

And just for the record, I'm referring to not just the KJB which I use, but to their OWN New Word Translation, which reads....

Matthew 28:19-  "Go, therefore, and make disciples of people of all the nations,baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit"

Now here, you have Rando arguing even against his OWN religion's "bible", and then you have Ms. T rattling on and on about how she will stand for Jehovah, and the Bible is always right, etc.  But when I asked her about Rando's blatant Scripture-twisting, she says "Stop harassing me" .  She would say NOTHING in opposition to Rando's lies, nor his blasphemy.  Nothing.  Instead, she wanted to accuse me of trying to cause trouble between them.  No, but when a person is blaspheming the Word of God, then I think those who CLAIM to be standing for truth, should be willing to say something.  If not, then their claims aren't worth the time it took to type them.

And Eddie wasn't much better.  I wrote him twice, but only the first one posted.  What did not post, was my follow-up to him, where I narrowed it down to ONE simple question.  This was due to Eddie's dancing around the first questions I asked him.  Eddie is a great dancer, when it comes to the tough questions.

Here was my follow-up to him, and his reply....

MY FOLLOW UP TO EDDIE G:  "QUESTION: Okay, let's try this again. A more direct approach this time, because you obviously misunderstood my question. I did not ask what "your views" or interpretations about Matthew 28:19 are, nor did I ask you to discuss them with myself, or other non-JWs.

What I asked you, was if you AGREE with Rando, that Matthew 28:19 is "tainted", and wrongly translated in nearly every Bible under the sun. I also asked you if you were going to post something in response to this Bible-twisting of his, as I am quite certain you would if it were one of us writing that nonsense. And I asked you which was the most evil.... Celebrating Christ's birth in December, or perverting the Scriptures? Nor did I appreciate the cheap shot, that we would "twist" what you said. That is what you do, twist things to make it look like we are in disagreement when we're not. That's not our game. However, you SHOULD disagree with Rando on this one. And in a big way, because he's messing with the words of Jesus Christ. Last time I checked, he isn't supposed to do that.

But since you danced around those questions and didn't answer a single one of them, I will simplify it down to ONE question....

Do you believe that Matthew 28:19 is a tainted verse, and is improperly rendered in your own NWT as...

"Go, therefore, and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit"

Your thoughts, Eddie?


This should have been a real simple question for him to answer, with a "yes", or "no"...."Do you believe that Matthew 28:19 is a tainted verse, and is improperly rendered in your own NWT"

And I want you to see this sorry excuse for a reply.....

REPLY FROM EDDIE G:  "Like I already said in one of my past post, since it's a fruitless endeavor to discuss anything with known critics and opposers of JWs. Thus there's no point of responding."

Here's a direct question, asking him if he agrees with his so-called "friend" that the verse is tainted, or if he agrees with his own "bible", and he cowers in the corner afraid to answer.

What happened to "I will tolerate no rivalry against my God, Jehovah?"

Uh, that's what you just did, Eddie.  Your Pal attacks the Scripture that was inspired by Jehovah, and you say nothing.  He tells us that the Holy Spirit can't even preserve the Bible without error for centuries, and you are afraid to counter it, for fear of upsetting him, even when you KNOW he's wrong.  You wouldn't even stand up for Jehovah's inspired Word.  You threw Him under the bus, as Ms. T did....All to keep from upsetting Rando.

This is why your questions were so timely, Marie.  The hypocrisy of these people is, if I can borrow a phrase from Ms. T, unreal .  They can talk about exposing error and defending Jehovah, but neither one of them would say a word about it, when Jehovah's inspired Scriptures were being corrected by this charlatan.

You know, I think Eddie is more concerned about bashing people for Christmas shopping, sending Christmas cards, putting up Christmas trees, and eating Snickerdoodle cookies in December, than he is for addressing something going on right in front of him, and something that we know from Scripture that Jehovah REALLY detests....LYING and SCRIPTURE TWISTING.

Well, I've typed plenty, and I still have another post to go.  Marie, I was going to put myself back "on vacation" tonight anyway, so I am so glad to have heard from you today.  Thank you for taking the time to write them and call them out for the hypocrisy.  I think more and more people, are tiring of it.  

As always, it so very nice to hear from you.  I hope you and your family are well, and have a blessed new year!


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