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Since you are an expert on prophecy I was wondering about the Witnesses latest eschatology involving "overlapping" generations.

The simple question I have is in Matthew 24:34, where they take this idea:

Did it take two generations to see the fulfillment of the fall of Jerusalem? Or one? How many generations did that prophecy necessitate in the end? If it was one, how can the JWs say that Jesus meant two overlapping generations where his disciples present saw the fall of Jerusalem (including John and Thomas), showing that they did not necessitate to have a second generation due to the first dying off completely (a problem the JWs find themselves in).

Can you explain where Jesus can be proved to have meant two generations in one?

The obvious answer is one. The same generation that was alive when Jesus spoke of all these things coming to pass upon "this generation" was still in existence when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem.

Really, the dilemma before Jehovah's Witnesses it is not even so simple as two overlapping generations, but more like three. After all, how many people alive today had parents who where adults back in 1914?

What we are witnessing in this regard is the fulfillment of an extraordinary prophecy, actually several prophecies. But the one that most readily comes to mind is in the 29th chapter of Isaiah. The prophecy has to do with God pouring a deep sleep upon the prophets and visionaries of his nation, as a prelude to the coming of Christ, the foundational stone of Zion. Verse 20 states: "For the bed is too short to stretch out on, and the woven sheet is too narrow to wrap up in."

The spectacle of a man trying to sleep on a bed that is too short and trying to cover himself with a sheet or blanket that is too narrow perfectly illustrates the situation of the leadership of Jehovah's Witnesses, who are just never able to comfortably cover themselves with their 1914 lie. No matter how they spin it it just doesn't work.

The apostle Paul also foretold that God's people would be subjected to a "deluding influence" by a man of lawlessness, who himself would be empowered by Satan from the invisible realm to perform powerful works and lying signs and every unrighteous deception in order to convince Christians that Christ has already come. And Paul indicated that this great deception would be a prelude to the actual manifestation of Christ.

For that matter, Jesus himself foretold that many would precede him saying 'I am he, and the due time has approached.' I wrote an article recently on The Watchman's Post regarding these matters in an article entitled: The Antichrist is Coming

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