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Have you read DWs response to the last post he received!
Hands up to DW for his response Derrick.
I know you and DW have not seen eye to eye.
However DWs response was fitting to the reader who wrote it.

You are welcome to make this public if you wish Derrick.
If you do May readers see that you both have differences,  that's DW and yourself.
however the person took things a step to far.
Which we all can do from time to time!
Just glad DW did,  for the persons spiritual growth.
And did make it public.
We all can learn!
From a gentle rebuke.
Which seem to be in this case.

How do you feel Derrick ref DWs response to the last reply?

May you be blessed
Take care.

Good evening, Sister S. Good to hear from you today, and thank you for giving me permission to make this public.  However, I don’t see that it was sent as a “Private” question, anyway.  So, it should be public tomorrow morning in the forum, simply because it is not showing up as a “Private” question.  

Yes, I saw DW's response to this questioner, and the rebuke was in order. It is really sad, but there are readers on both sides (seemingly more on their side, however), who are so spiritually immature, that instead of studying the responses to see both sides of doctrinal/Biblical issues, they instead would rather make this forum a haven for ad hominem attacks and personal insults. Such was the case with this "questioner", if indeed, it was a questioner.

But bottom line....Any person who calls themselves a "Christian", and who would post about ANY of the experts being "inbred", or any other type of personal slander such as that, is not only extremely immature, but is making a false claim of being "Christ-like". I don't see Jesus Christ acting like that, anywhere in Scripture.

Conversely, let me say this from my side, as well, so that it will be out in the open....

TO ALL READERS: If you wish to get an answer from a non-JW Christian perspective on WT doctrine, I am happy to take your question. If you wish to expose a falsehood told by one of the other experts where you were PERSONALLY slandered, or you are doing so on matters of Biblical doctrine or teaching, I am happy to take your question. If you wish to ask a question about another expert's conduct, and it is something that has been observed publicly by all reading, then I am happy to take your question. If you have had a legitimate question rejected by another expert, and it was a question pertaining to something relevant to this forum, then I am happy to take your question. If you wish to simply have a respectful dialogue on a doctrinal matter, even if we disagree, then I am happy to take your question.

However, if your motive is to attack or slander another expert personally, then I do not want your question, either. Sadly, I have at times had to address other experts personally. I truly wish it had not had to be done, but it has had to be done quite regularly. When lies are told, then those lies have needed to be, and probably will still need to be, corrected. If nobody here lied, then we could stick to answering the questions asked of us, and have intelligent Scriptural discussion.

But unfortunately, there are both experts and readers here, that try to "muddy the waters" by telling lies and making false misrepresentations of Christian teachings, in order to actually PREVENT Biblical discussion from taking place.

Now, I do agree with you about DW doing the right thing, in regards to setting the questioner straight on their downright stupid, and childish comments about "inbreeding".  If they are so smart and I am so stupid, then why don't they have the guts to write to, or debate me?  Surely someone of their vast intelligence, could make quick work of an "inbred Southerner", couldn't they?  I don't anticipate hearing from them anytime soon, however.

But regardless, anybody writing something like that, doesn't know the first thing about being a Christian. Comments like that do not bother me in the least, nor do they embarrass me. They only make a fool out of the person writing the comment.

About DW's reply today, let me be as fair and objective as I possibly can. I will give props where they are due, and criticism where it is due. And his answer this morning, is deserving of both.

First, the props....

DW: "You know I was going to reject this for the simple reason I don't want this on my board in the public eye then I changed my mind and I'll tell you why."

I want people to know that I don't condone name calling of this kind on any person no matter who it is. This post is out of order and I don't want people writing to me with posts like this."

This was the right thing to do. He is absolutely correct that it is out of order, and he was right to make it clear that he does not want questions of this nature.

"A true Christian shouldn't be doing things of that nature and if they are they need to adjust their thinking on the subject."

Couldn't have said it better.

"This is friendly counsel, sorry it had to be in public but you made it public."

Excellent! Basically, he could've rejected it and sent a private note, but since the questioner was dense enough to make it public, then the questioner received a rebuke that was just as public as their question. That was straight on, and on the money! Nice job.

Now, for the criticism....

DW: "Derrick sits on a Jehovah's witness board telling lies, being highly hypocritical, speaking many blasphemies and waging war on Jehovah God himself."

Unfortunately, DW puts this same statement (or a varying version of it), in nearly every post he writes. And it is no more true today, than it was when he first started saying it. He was doing so well, but still had to get a cheap (and a false) shot in there.

I mean, really...."Waging war on Jehovah God Himself"? Really? Who on earth would be so foolish, as to try that? That's a war that anyone is bound to lose.

What he really means by that, and again, this proves my understanding of his statements about the Slave determining "truth" was entirely correct, is that to disagree with the Organization that Jehovah has "set up" to dispense "truth", is to attack God Himself! That is what he believes, and that is what is behind him claiming that I am "waging war of Jehovah God Himself".

Conversely, we Christians believe that any claim by any so-called "Slave" to be "God's Organization", is DEPENDENT on their teaching Bible doctrine, and promoting the true Gospel of Christ. It is not something we accept because they convince us that they are such. It is something we accept if they consistently teach Bible truth, or reject, if they do not. Sadly, they do not. Therefore, I reject them as "God's sole channel of communication". I fully accept Jesus Christ and His atoning work on the cross for my sins, and I fully accept the Bible to be the inspired and inerrant Word of the living God. I do not accept the WT Society as being His representative. And that is why DW claims I have "waged war" on God....Not because I have ever actually done so, or stated any indication to fight against God. I mean, how dumb would THAT be??

Back to his claim that "Derrick Holland sits on a JW board telling lies".....Fact is, I pointed out many times here lately, that DW would continue to make this comment, but would not show any "lies". I have been proven correct, yet again. I still think he has some mentality, that if you just repeat the same statement over and over, then it somehow becomes true....Or at least, that people might start to THINK its true. But that is simply not the case.

Fact is, DW has still failed/refused to answer some very simple questions that have been put to him. Questions I did not think he would answer. Several times now, I have asked him to show some "lies" from me. Not differences of opinion, or statements he merely disagrees with....But lies. So far, nothing. He has nothing to post.

I also asked him for statements from me, that would prove his claims true, regarding my teaching that Jesus is "another almighty god" , or that Jesus raised as a "super body swapping zombie" .

And again, nothing. In fact, others have tried to get him to produce these statements, and he rejects their questions as "Spam". And he knows that is the case.

In short, his statements are completely false.

In addition, I asked him numerous times as of late, to please tell us what we are supposed to do, when the teaching of the "Slave", and the teaching of the Bible, are in conflict. Do we go with the "Slave", and be unscriptural, for the sake of unity? Or, do we go with the Scripture, and be accused of being "prideful" and "pushing ahead" of the Slave?

Still no answer to that question, for obvious reasons. If he answers it the way he believes it, then it will show that his statement about "every Bible teaching from the Slave being the correct one, until the time they tell you otherwise", is EXACTLY what he believes....That truth is determined by the "Slave's" pronouncements.

So, even though his post this morning was somewhat commendable, there are still many questions he has chosen not to answer, while claiming that I am a "liar", while never producing one example of a lie.

Let me also say this....I am as conciliatory as anyone. I have forgiven these guys who lie and slander me, although they have never asked me to. But that does not mean their lies will go unaddressed. It simply means that I can honestly say that, as a Christian, I harbor no hatred or malice towards them...only pity, and a burden for their souls.

Now that being said, DW did once before, what he has just done again in recent days.....Come back to the board with a broad apology. Now, I do not like to judge a person's heart. I do not know what is in his heart. I only know that his actions and words have been reprehensible, at times. I am not the judge of his soul. However, the last time he came back with an apology and a resolve to do better, it lasted a short time, and then he reverted right back. I hope this time is different. Perhaps it will be. Only time will tell.

Now, I genuinely appreciated this comment...."But to start calling him a dumb inbred and poking fun at him like that is a step to far and certainly not following the example of Christ."

Now, I am not inbred, but even if I was, what would that matter? What was the questioner trying to prove here? Does a person have control over the circumstances of their birth? DW was right to point out that there was nothing "Christ-like" about that.

Now, I did find this one interesting, given that Rando and DW have a history as close friends. I am talking about this comment here....

"Just as the person who wrote to Bro Rando calling Derrick andRichard "boyfriends" is out of order and certainly not behaving in a Christian manner"

Again, DW is correct here. But what is interesting, is first of all, I would about be willing to bet that the person who made that remark, IS Rando. You can tell by the tone of the question and certain phrases that they often repeat, that this person writes Rando a great deal. And there are certain things in the writing, that would indicate that it is Rando himself.

However, it is interesting that DW rightly points out that it is "not behaving in a Christian manner", but NOTICE WHAT RANDO SAID in that very "question", to the "questioner".....

"Take Care and I admire your tenacity!"
Brother Rando

So, DW correctly points out that it isn't Christian, but Rando admires the person? Why would Rando admire unchristian behavior?  I searched in vain in Rando's "reply", for any type of rebuke or correction to the questioner, or some indication that Rando wanted to keep things "Christ-like", but I found no such statement.

Rather interesting, wouldn't you say, Sister S?

Now, let's just be honest here. I believe the "boyfriend" remark (another reason I believe it was written by Rando), is sort of retaliation for my asking Rando about his own tendencies. Now, I have never said Rando has a "boyfriend", because I have no knowledge of such. I have never said Rando has homosexual tendencies, because I don't have proof of such. And when I did mention it, it was not to insult, but it was because Rando himself opened himself up to the question, by giving us all links from homosexual web pages, and even writing an "answer" to someone awhile back, talking about how we can serve God and still be gay. It was a fair question, in light of statements he himself made.

But yes, to merely throw something like that out there as a childish insult or slander, is completely unchristian. I wonder if the person doing that, thinks Jehovah God was pleased with them, or if He was laughing, as well?

So, you ask how I feel about his post? Simple....I am not expecting the guy to like me, or feel any different about my answers, than he does. I do expect him to act like a Christian in his mannerisms and conduct, if he is going to claim to be such. And aside from his repetitive false statement about me "sitting on a JW board telling lies", then I have no problems with his answer.

As always, it is great hearing from you, and I hope all is well over there in the UK.  God bless, Sister.  

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