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Jay wrote at 2014-03-18 18:43:58
Eddie, I think it is the JWs who created the fallacy (false notion)  of 'a lesser god' by inserting the article 'a' in the NWT scripture John 1:1 "In [the] beginning the Word was, and the Word was with God, and the Word was a god."  So according to Jehovah's Witness or WatchTower theology, in the beginning there were two gods. Aren't religions with more than one god considered PAGANISTIC?  How do JWs (or God for that matter) deal with this lesser god?

On the other hand, if the lesser god was not with God in the beginning as stated, but was created later... wouldn't that contradict scripture that says God is a Jealous God?  would God create another god to share the heavens with Him when He declares Himself to be a Jealous God?  Exodus 20:5... 'for I the Lord thy God am a Jealous God...' and Exodus 34:14 '...for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a Jealous God:'  And John 17:22 'Father, I will that they also, whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am; that they may behold my glory, which thou (God) hast given me (Jesus): for thou lovedst me before the foundation of the world.'

God creates a lesser god, then glorifies that god?


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