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QUESTION: Hello again Derrick, Every once in a while, when I am need of a good laugh, I come back to this site and read what are Jw friends have to say. I must say its very amusing. Same old asking and answering their own questions, patting themselves on the back,and, of course, the relentless banter about how you should not be on this site. They remind me of a pathetic high school club full of insecure kids thinking they are "special" because they are "in" and you are not! Forgetting that there are no real requirements for this club,and is pretty much open to anyone. But,if this is what it takes to boosts ones self esteem....have at it. Most witnesses are not well educated (if at all) and suffer from major insecurity, so being "accepted" and feeling a part of something was most likely the reason they got sucked in. Its really kind of sad. I, also, notice major paranoia comes across in their responses, especially when challenged. I saw Sister T call someone "insincere" if this person came back and asked another question! Really, is she serious? So, its accept her answer or hit the road? These people clearly are not the most intelligent,are they? Did Sister T think by insulting someone, and accusing them of being insincere she was really going to score points with that person? She lost all credibility. This is a major reason why Jehovah Witnesses have a bad reputation, and no one wants to listen to them. The only message they really send out to people is "we know we are right and you are wrong" and "if you do not accept what we say as true, then we really don't want to have nothing to do with you".  Nice huh? Jesus would be proud. They have so much to learn.  Take Care.

ANSWER: Good evening, Rita.  How are things going for you and your family?  It is great to hear from you again.

You know, what is so obvious to you, me, and so many other readers, is totally beyond the grasp of some of these characters.  They honestly have no ability to see how their actions make them look.  They have somehow managed to convince themselves, that Jehovah God Himself is smiling down upon them as they lie about those whom they perceive as "haters of God's people".  How does a person get to the point where they can convince themselves of such absurdity?  

"Same old asking and answering their own questions, patting themselves on the back,and, of course, the relentless banter about how you should not be on this site."

Yes, it is basically the same stuff over and over and over again.  And they seem to find comfort in writing to themselves, and telling each other how wonderful they are.  Have you noticed how they love to write each other, and claim that I can't answer Scriptural questions?  If there is anything that is "funny" and gives me a good laugh, its that one.  That "questioner" of Rando's, is notorious for it.  The person can't even type a coherent sentence that makes sense, yet they talk about how dumb the non-Witnesses are.  Then, they claim we haven't "answered their questions".  Fact is, none of them have even SENT me a "Scriptural question" to answer.  If they did, I would answer it.  I mean, how frightened does a person have to be, to send a question to Rando, that they want ME to answer?  What are they afraid of?  I don't even bother with someone that spineless.  If they wanted an answer, they could send me a question.  Oh well.

Your analogy of the high school club was very accurate.  The fact is, they THINK this is a JW forum.  Actually, Allexperts is a forum with MANY subjects, and Allexperts makes the rules, and Allexperts makes no requirement that a volunteer be CURRENTLY practicing in that category, to volunteer for it.  I guess these people would have a problem with a FORMER expert mechanic giving advice on how to fix a car, if he were no longer a practicing mechanic.  It is pretty interesting to see them repeating over and over, that this is a "JW forum", when it certainly is not.  If it were, then JWs would be moderating it, and could control who answers in it.  Fact is, this forum is open to anyone with enough knowledge of JW belief, to answer questions on the subject.  And I believe I am quite accurate in my representation of their beliefs.  Far more accurate than they are, when they distort mine.  If I weren't, I would happily correct any error, which is more than they will do.

I'll tell you what, these last few days here have been quite interesting.  It seems some of the less-intelligent JWs believe they are above Scriptural counsel from the more mature JWs, who think they should act like the Christians they claim to be.  Quite sad, really.

" I, also, notice major paranoia comes across in their responses, especially when challenged."

Ah, you noticed that too, did you?  I'm telling you, there are about 3 of them here, that exhibit some of the most extreme paranoia that I have ever seen in any human beings.  They think people "hate" them, and are out to get them.  I am so glad that I don't live that way.

And yes, unfortunately, your observations are correct about certain experts who act in an immature manner, when someone doesn't immediately accept their answer.  If you don't accept whatever you are told, you are immediately viewed as a "trouble-maker", "insincere", "opposer", etc.  Or, my personal favorite...."You aren't seeking truth".  

I honestly have no idea WHAT they are thinking, when they decide to insult someone.  I think they do it, for lack of a competent reply.  So, the next best thing, is to try and bully the questioner by insulting their intelligence.  I agree with you....It only hurts their own reputation, and their own cause.  

Yes, you are correct....They have so much to learn.  Sadly, as we saw in the past 2 days, some of them are simply unwilling to learn from a wiser JW, and basically attack him for trying to talk some sense into them.  That is called PRIDE.......

Take care, Rita.  Great to hear from you again.  God bless.



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QUESTION: I always wondered if Jehovah Witnesses ever stopped to think about how few people they actually recruit, compared to the amount of man hours required for their door to door service. I would be curious to know the numbers on that. Seems a great deal of time is spent by these people,with little to show for their efforts. Do they ever ask why they are not well received?  If, according to them, they are more knowledgeable than most on the subject of the Bible, why don't people want to listen to what they have to say? I think its more about obeying the Watchtower Society, and its rules,than actually trying to "save" someone. How many would continue their required service if is was not mandatory?? They need to really start being honest with themselves, and realize they are serving their organization and obeying their rules, not Gods. This organization uses their power to threaten them and they run scared. I don't blame them. No wonder most people think they are a cult. Big red flag if you cannot leave of your own free will AND STILL MAINTAIN FAMILY AND FRIENDS. This is not what Jesus teaches. Deep down, they know. But, what can they do? They are trapped. Best advice you can ever give anyone regarding being a as fast as you can. Take Care Derrick.

ANSWER: Hey, Rita!  How are you?  Did you see where Rando implied that you are me, and I am you?  If you read his latest stuff, you probably saw that.  

Well, the way the JWs normally look at it, is that they are "growing" all over the world.  I doubt seriously the individual JW actually breaks it down to the number of converts per so many hours.  Of course, if they were thinking Scripturally, they might ask themselves just where the Bible indicates that they are supposed to report their hours in the first place.  

As for if they ask themselves WHY they are not well received, I honestly believe the answer to this for MOST of the loud ones here, is "no".  Now to be fair, I will say that there is a JW or two here, that actually does care how they are perceived, and feels embarrassed by the rest.  But you saw what happened when he tried to reason and plead with them...He was basically attacked himself, and they implied he was "getting carried away", and "wanting to please those who slander God"....All because he didn't think they should be insulting and mock people.

No, I do not believe the most vocal JWs here, ever think about, or care, how they are perceived.  And I don't think they can even grasp it, if you want the truth...Its not like people haven't tried to tell them.  

You said..."If, according to them, they are more knowledgeable than most on the subject of the Bible, why don't people want to listen to what they have to say?"

Well, as you have pointed out, part of it is in their delivery.  They have no clue how mean-spirit, unloving, and unchristian that they sound.  They think they're just "being like Jesus"...although Jesus never LIED or SLANDERED anyone with falsehoods.  But another thing that, with many of them at least, is the fact that they THINK they are knowledgeable on certain subjects, but are actually not.  Like you saw with Eddie and the Trinity teaching.  After telling the world how well he "understands" it, he proceeded to show with his many comments, and yes, even his questions, that he certainly does not.  So, what they perceive as "knowledge", is actually a script, and beyond that script, they are lost.

Like you so observantly pointed out with the expert who, when asked a follow-up from a person who didn't just accept their first explanation, they just tell the person that they're "insincere", or "not really looking for truth".  In other words, they will say what they are taught to say, but when that isn't enough, then its the questioner's fault for not seeing the "obvious".

I agree with you that they need to get honest, and realize they are serving the Organization.  I know they will protest that statement, but that is what the evidence shows.  Now, I too believe in proclaiming the Gospel to the lost in an active manner, but I don't "report hours" to ANYONE, and I am happy and content that God Himself knows of my efforts.  Don't need any man's approval or recognition.

And yes, the thing of losing family and friends upon leaving, is really sad.  There are people who no longer attend my church, but when I see them in public, I don't turn the other way like I didn't see them.  The lady I wrote about the other day, who just sent in her disassociation letter about 2 months ago, said that she has seen several JWs at the store, and they won't even acknowledge her.  What happened to the love?  You don't have to AGREE with a person's actions, or even their lifestyle, to still love them and try to reach out to them and reclaim them spiritually.  

Anyway, great hearing from you Rita, and I hope all is well for you.  Thanks for writing, and keep in touch!  Always nice to hear your insight.

God bless,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Derrick, No, I actually did not see Rando's comments. I don't often read his comments, because they are just too manic and "off the wall". Too say he speaks nonsense is being polite. I will, however,send him something so he can see where my email comes from, to refute any claims that it is you. I am sure he will reject it, so others will not see he is wrong....yet again. Your comment about their "knowledge" being script is so point on. You are right, once the conversation goes off script, they are lost. This is when they become defensive, and lose all control. I always found it strange that most of their answers are pretty much "word for word" exactly the same from witness to witness. Nothing cult like about that! I also agree that Jesus would never approve of turning your back on someone (for any reason). To think that is just wrong. I get that someone might not be "your cup of tea",and their values and ideas don't mesh with yours, but that doesn't give you the right to be disrespectful to them. A true follower of the Bible would never do what Witnesses are taught to do to a fellow human being. Jesus would expect no less than politeness and simple acknowledgement for each other,regardless of anything else. Apparently, the Watchtower folks teach their members, if someone does not believe what we do, ignore them and turn away for you have no use for them. Absolutely shocking that anyone would think that this is what God expects! I feel sorry for them. Take Care friend.

Yes, here is what he said this morning, in a response to Sister T.  Remember that you had mentioned her in your first writing, about how she said a questioner was "insincere" for not accepting her first answer, and I commented on it being a normal reaction for them?

Well, he said this to Sister T, implying that you and I are the same person.....

"When Holland throws "cheap shots" at you, he then lies and tells everyone that he is a Christian.  He may be writing himself under "female aliases" to attack you.  Take it with a grain of salt."

Of course, he says "may be", because he has been nailed so many times before for claiming I am using an alias, when I haven't.  But again, the implication is there.  Exactly what he thinks would be the purpose, is beyond me.  But oh well...that's Rando for you.

Yes, you're correct..."Nonsense" is being too polite in regards to his writings.  In fact, its the understatement of the year.  

As for sending him something, you can if you want him to feel stupid, but you certainly don't have to prove anything to him.  He will probably claim I flew to PA to send him that, just to confuse him, and then flew back here to NC right after doing so.  He'd do that, before he would admit error.

And yes, he will very likely reject it.  If he does, send the rejection to me.  

You said...."Jesus would expect no less than politeness and simple acknowledgement for each other,regardless of anything else. Apparently, the Watchtower folks teach their members, if someone does not believe what we do, ignore them and turn away for you have no use for them. Absolutely shocking that anyone would think that this is what God expects!"

Yes, but what it boils down to for them, is that a person who has left, might just have something damaging that the WT would not want the other Witnesses to know.  So, severing contact is the safest, although not the Christian, way to do it.

When I see how someone disfellowshipped or disassociated is treated, I am reminded of how opposite this is from what we read in Scripture.  Even if they do believe the person who has left, has turned from God, they are supposed to try and reach that person and bring them back "home" again.

James 5:19-20-  "Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him;

Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins."

That seems pretty simple to me.  If someone in my church became a JW or Mormon, I would not turn my nose up at them in the grocery store.  In fact, I would make it a point to go over and talk to them, and see if I could talk to them for a moment.  At the very least, I would let them know I missed them, and was praying for them.  

But like you said...Its cult mentality that causes them to do it.

So, Rita...How does it feel being me?  :)  

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