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As always, there are certain comments and allegations that are brought out through the forum that need to be addressed.  I have been very open that when I write a Q&A to myself it is in response to some issue brought on my others, and is usually used to make clear something that was distorted before.  So here goes yet another...

I will just go person by person.

Bro DW - First off, thank you for responding to Brenton's letter in the manner you did.  When you first came on the board, you were hostile.  The way you have conducted yourself since deciding to represent yourself and your religion in a way as to not bring reproach upon Jehovah has been noticed.  It is appreciated.  Regarding your recent letter, you should absolutely take issue when someone misrepresents your beliefs.  It doesn't matter if it is me, Derrick, or anyone else.  That is your right and your role.  It does go both ways, though. You can disagree with the Trinity doctrine all you want, but you have to agree that anyone intentionally lying about this belief or any other of someone else's beliefs should be called on it regardless of what forum it is in.  Hypothetically if you stumbled onto a different religious forum, and they were misrepresenting your beliefs, you would be compelled to correct it.  All anybody asks here is to be represented accurately.

Rando - You have a lot of hate inside you.  I recall from somewhere that you believe that you are of the elect.  If Christ is your mediator, why do you purposefully turn your back on his words?  I truly don't understand how your behavior demonstrates that of our Lord and Saviour.  It is sad for me to see you claim this heavenly hope, while your actions yield the words "I never knew you."

Eddie - Why such disrespect from you?  You don't have the common courtesy to respond to a simple e-mail?  I have never shown you anything but respect despite the slander you demonstrate towards me.  Why do you write Rando as different personas?  Sometimes you appear somewhat educated and other times you write as some separate person who uses a bunch of capitals and poor grammar and spelling.  (You do realize that Rando called you by name in one of those letters.)  Benyamin Grunbaum/Daniel Selinski/Alfonso Williams...did the same thing.  Be honest, is this a tactic that they teach you in Theocratic Warfare?  I can't ask you the same questions above as Rando, because I have no reason to believe that you are of the elect.  Thus, Jesus is not your mediator; you have not taken off the old and put on the new; and therefore behave in an un-Christlike manner because that is still your nature.  I sincerely challenge you to go through 1000 years and a final test by Satan without dishonoring Jehovah when you cannot make it two days now.  I genuinely pray that you will humble yourself before God and find the peace that true Christians know.  Until then, I accept your persecution; it only helps to fulfill prophecy.

Brenton - You are the most reasonable JW here.  You are the representation of what all JW's should strive to be.  I truly believe that if all JW's behaved like you, the religion would escape the nasty "cult" identity it has taken on.  Your comments on here are always insightful and respectful.  I appreciate your thorough research and opinions.  For me, disagreement is not a barrier, but rather a launching pad for more discussion.  Thank you for being here and representing yourself, your religion, and Jehovah with honor and dignity.

Robert King - I don't know if you read this board at all, but I would like to hear more from you.  I am very familiar with your youtube videos and your perspective is one that I find incredibly interesting.  

Pearl Doxsey - Same as Robert.  I have read many parts of your blogs as well as input from you and your husband on other forums.  Your perspective is also of great interest to me.

Robert Jones and Ben Erdman - I don't know if you still read the forum.  Robert, I see your presence in other forums, but I haven't heard from Ben in quite some time.  You guys are great and have much to offer the forum.

Derrick - Thank you for your defense.  I greatly appreciate it.  It is frustrating for certain people to attempt to pit us against each other with various claims.  It is comforting to know that we are shielded from these statements.  Thank you for your presence on this board as one who is willing to represent a different side.  Both sides need to be heard and evaluated on their own merits.

Other JW experts - May God richly bless you as you prepare answers for the questions that you face.

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I am not a Jehovah's Witness, however I can answer many questions concerning the ideas and doctrines on which they disagree with mainstream Christianity. I have spent a great deal of time in ministry with current and ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, as well as those who have started to become disillusioned with the Watchtower Organization.


Jehovah's Witnesses are generally wonderful and moral people who are zealous for God. However, in their zeal, they have pledged allegiance to what they believe is God's spirit-directed organization. This allegiance blinds them from allowing God's word alone to work in them. My hope is to share the love of Jesus Christ with all who seek salvation, no matter their label or denomination. My experiences come from the relationship that I have with Him as the source of my daily strength. These experiences create an undeniable testimony of salvation by grace through faith in the cleansing blood of the Lamb of God. Through prayer and meditation on God's holy word alone, we find truth as revealed to us through the Holy Spirit.

As the word "organization" is misleading in this particular area, I want to be clear that, as a member of the body of Christ, the label or denomination of the church I attend is not the source of my salvation. I do not go to or through any organization for official knowledge or guidance. I go to God's word alone.

I have a Bachelor and Master's Degree with extensive educational experience.

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