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Hi Derrick, I sent Mr. Rando several messages showing him clearly that I am not you. I pointed out the locations of the emails. His responses back were his typical "off the wall" nonsense that conveniently ignored what I showed him. What a surprise. When I pressed him further, he gave up, and rejected my message. He is so transparent....and,frankly,really stupid. I don't know how you have the patience to deal with someone like that. God Bless you for your tenacity. Take Care.

Good evening, Rita.  I hope you are having a wonderful day.

So, he rejected you, did he?  Lol!  Who didn't see that coming?

And let me guess...His "responses" were some babble that had little or nothing to do with what you wrote him about.  

Funny, I saw him imply in the forum that I might be you, but I am yet to see him print a retraction of any sort.  No retraction, no apology, no admission of yet another blunder.  Shouldn't a "Christian" do that, now that he knows his implication was bogus?  I know he will hide behind the fact that he said "may be", but again, now that he knows it isn't true, shouldn't he be compelled to retract even a false implication?

Well, its like this...Every time you have ever written me, it shows you are writing from Pennsylvania.  So I dare say, it showed Rando the same thing.  And Rando knows full well that I do not live in Pennsylvania.  So, what does that tell you?  Well, basically you already figured it out....

"He is so transparent....and,frankly,really stupid."

That may sound a little harsh, but it is what it is.  Not to be insulting, but there is simply no nice way to describe Rando, except to say that he is a coward and a habitual liar.  And its his own fault, not mine.  Seriously Rita, what on earth was even his point, or what was he thinking he was going to accomplish, by trying to make people think I am you, and you are me?  I mean, does it even make sense to you?

I'll tell you why he comes out with statements like that....Because he does it himself.  He automatically thinks that, because he himself isn't honest or trustworthy, then nobody else is either.  He thinks because he himself uses deception, then everyone else must also.  I imagine it is a miserable and a lonely existence.  

He has been burned so many times for lying in the past 7 years on this forum, you would think he would get tired of looking stupid.  But he just keeps right on doing it, and getting exposed for it.  Oh well...I have the time, if he does.

At any rate, he publicly implied I was writing as you, and now he knows that is false.  And he is fully content to let his falsehood stand, and reject your letters which prove him wrong.  That should tell you the kind of person you're dealing with.

Now, you just watch, Rita....They will be screaming "attack" because of this.  Never mind that he is the one who started it with the false implication, and that you merely tried to set the record straight and he refused to let you, and never mind that I am merely showing WHY he does it and how dishonest he is....He will portray himself as the "victim" here.  You just watch and see.

And feel free to send me his rejections, if you wish to.

As for having the patience to deal with him, here's the fact....I could care less what an anonymous coward who does nothing but lie through his teeth, thinks of me.  I am fully aware and satisfied that the readers of this board, see that he has done absolutely nothing to discredit me in the least, but only himself.  I can't help that he and his friends don't have the brains to figure it out, but intelligent people do.  That is good enough for me.  I know that he will get his letters from Sister T, Eddie, etc, telling him how great of a job he is doing.  But that isn't worth a dime, considering they are as messed up as he is, and have no problem with his lying.  So, when people like that hate my guts, I wear it with honor.  When someone like Rando hates you and tries to slander you just like the Scriptures tell us that people like him would do, then you know you must be doing something right.

Also, people like you and Charles (the questioner who wrote Eddie) read this board and see the underhanded tactics and how they only make themselves look foolish, and I am honestly amazed that people like Eddie and Rando have no ability to grasp the shame they are doing to their own religion.  Even when people like you and Charles try to point it out to them.  Even when a fellow JW tried to speak the truth in love about their mannerisms, it simply fell on deaf ears.  They simply don't have the ability to grasp what everyone else is seeing.  Remember the example I gave you awhile back, of the story of the Emperor's New Clothes?

At any rate, I do not know who Charles is, but I am also assuming that he is the same person who wrote DW a week or so back, and basically told him the same thing he told to Eddie.  He is a very observant reader, and is pointing out the obvious truth of the matter.  You know his letter had to sting ole' Eddie, but he spoke the truth.  For whatever reason, they feel very threatened by me (although I have never done harm to any of them in any way), and I am honored they deem me worthy of so much of their attention.  Just hate that they have to lie, though.  I always thought Christians weren't supposed to lie.

Anyway Rita, thank you for sending this in regards to your attempt to get Rando to straighten out his false implication.  You don't have to prove anything to that clown about who you are.  Rando simply wanted to make it appear that there really are not other people reading, who see their foolishness for what it is.  What better way to TRY and do that, than to imply that I actually wrote it myself?  But now the truth is out.  But again, you don't have to prove a thing to him.  He is anonymous himself.  He will not put his name and location in public, because he's spineless.  Nor will he put his face on a video, either, as I have.

He knows full well that if his congregation ever found out what he was doing on this forum and his sorry conduct, he would be booted out on his....ear.

I saw the other day where he said that he would like to be the "only JW here".  Wow...Can you imagine that?  He would probably single-handedly convince thousands of people to never become one.  Whether he likes it or not, he should be very GRATEFUL for people like Mr. Hepburn, who actually have some sense and manage to give his religion some sense of credibility, in spite of Rando's best efforts to destroy it.

Have a wonderful evening, Rita, and God bless you and your family there in the Keystone State.

Derrick, here in NC  

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I was raised in the religion known as Jehovah`s Witnesses for 13 years. Since becoming a born-again Christian, I have researched extensively this religion, especially their doctrines and their history. I can answer questions about their doctrines from the perspective of Biblical Christianity. To be clear: Jehovahs Witnesses is the religion of my upbringing, though I myself was never baptized into the religion, nor have I ever been considered as a Jehovahs Witness.


29 years of Biblical research into the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith, and how they differ from the teachings of the Watchtower.

I would advise each questioner to this forum, to carefully READ the profiles of the various volunteers. There are several such as myself, who are not practicing JWs, but will provide you with an accurate and honest answer, regarding JW teaching. If we don't know the answer, we will try to research and get it for you. There are also some excellent practicing JWs here, who also endeavor to give you a factual and honest answer, based on their point of view. I believe by getting both points of view, the questioner can weigh the evidence for themselves, and make an informed decision. Unfortunately, there are also 3 here who claim to be JWs, but do NOT give honest, or well-researched answers. They will tell you only what they want you to believe, and they often hide facts about the history of their religion, as well as print untruths about other people's beliefs. This is done in an attempt to deceive the unsuspecting reader. It can be easily seen who these 3 are, simply by reading the public posts and "answers" which they write. Their posts will normally be filled with personal attacks, and if you question them about some teaching or aspect of the Watchtower that makes them uncomfortable, they will often reject your question, question your motives for asking it, tell you that you have been reading "apostate" sites, or turn the conversation into an attack on another expert. These ones are better avoided, as there is nothing to be gained by way of positive discussion, as they are not interested in intelligent conversation, or honest dialogue. If after reading the forum, you still have any questions as to who they are, just ask me, and I will be happy to tell you. And I can also provide documentation of their willful dishonesty. One thing is for a forum where people from both sides claim to be "Christians", there should never be any willful lying. Such ones only create a distraction in the forum, and provide nothing of any real value.

High School, some college. Studies of God's Word, the Bible, and how it compares to JW theology. I have found my own personal study and experiences to be far more valuable than any formal education or training. The Bible message is clear...Salvation is ONLY through and by the shed blood of Jesus Christ, and no religious organization has a thing to do with it. While attendance at a Bible-preaching, Bible-believing church is a must for spiritual growth and fellowship, no church can grant salvation to its members. Nor is joining a particular group a prerequisite for being saved.

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