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Jehovah`s Witness/Richard's E-mail to Eddie.....My Observations


I wrote to Richard yesterday, in regards to some of the continued misrepresentations of the Trinity, on the part of Rando and Eddie….Most notably, Eddie’s comments regarding an e-mail that Richard took the time to send to him, in order to help Eddie have a greater understanding of the teaching, which Eddie decided to place in the trash bin.

Although this e-mail was intended by Richard to be private, Eddie gave permission to publish it, and at my recommendation, Richard sent it to me in the reply to my question.  

I simply want to make some observations regarding it, and the reaction it got.

I would like to just touch on a couple of things from Richard’s response to me, and I am doing it this way rather than sending him another follow-up that would necessitate him replying to, because I know he has a lot on him right now, and I want to be sensitive of that fact.  I do not wish to write to him with incessant follow-ups, because I know myself what that is like, especially when you have several things pressing you for time.  So, I will just make some comments about his reply to me, which I think should be mentioned.

First off, I wish to say that I will be much in prayer for his friend, who is in need of a touch from God.  I remember a year ago next month, losing a close friend of mine to cancer, and the toll that this takes.  I certainly hope Richard’s friend, whatever her need is, is nothing as serious as that.  At any rate, she is in my prayers.

My first observation that I wish to make about his letter to Eddie, is the spirit in which it was written, and the reply that it received.  Even though I had not seen the letter until Richard sent it to me in his reply to my question, I stated yesterday, that I was confident that Richard wrote with a very humble, and Christ-like mannerism, because that is what we have come to see from him.  And predictably, Eddie’s response was not so “Christ-like”, as that too, is what we have come to see from his side.

And my statement was confirmed in this regard, after reading it.

What struck me, is how Richard approached Eddie with respect, even complimenting his intellect, which I personally would probably not have done because I have not been impressed with Eddie’s intellect.  No insult intended...just stating the facts.  I don't find misrepresentations and half-quotes, and a refusal to correct an error, to be very intellectual.  However, Richard wrote in a way that would exemplify a Christ-like spirit.  I was very certain that this was the case, even without having read it.  

And that is the reason that I wrote him what I did….About how Matthew 7:6 would certainly apply in the case of Rando and Eddie.  No matter how much politeness or respect you try to show them, they will twist your words, and try and use them against you, and have no problem publicly slandering you....Just like Matthew 7:6 says.  

Another thing I found ESPECIALLY interesting was this....After reading this e-mail from Richard to Eddie that I had not even seen when I wrote my address to Eddie yesterday about his gross misunderstanding of the Trinity, it was very telling that Richard pointed out many of the SAME points that I did, proving that Eddie G doesn’t have even an elementary understanding of the Trinity.  Now, how is it that both Richard and I , and completely independent of seeing each other’s posts, came to the SAME conclusions about the SAME points, as written by Eddie G….Namely, that his statements PROVE the he doesn’t understand the Trinity?  

How did we both manage to arrive at the VERY SAME conclusion, and arrive at this VERY SAME conclusion by reading the VERY SAME statements from Eddie?

Now, Eddie assures us that he “understands” it, but funny, other people who do understand it, read his statements and immediately reach the same unanimous conclusion that he doesn’t.

Why is that?

I don’t have to go through all the same reasons again, that I outlined in yesterday’s post, which I am sure, already has Eddie scurrying around like a squirrel gathering acorns, writing to Rando another post with more misrepresentations, and showing his sensitivity to criticism, yet again.  The reasons are clearly outlined….And like Richard and I both pointed out, a person who understands the Trinity, would never make the statements that Eddie makes, nor would he think Rando’s points are accurate representations of the Trinity, either.

I mean, really....A guy who understands the Trinity, would NEVER lend credence to statements that "Trinitarians believe the Father is the Son, and the Son is the Father" , or, "God became man so that man could become God" .  To think those are accurate statements about the Trinity, is to show one's OWN ignorance of the doctrine.  

Bottom line....Eddie G doesn't understand the Trinity.

Again, there is a reason that Eddie picked Rando….”Birds of a feather, flock together”.  Neither of them have a clue what they are talking about, and unfortunately, both of them feel that there is a place for lying, in defense of the "truth".

I also am happy to hear that Richard is still having ongoing conversations with the JW that he mentioned, and that this JW has acknowledged at least to some degree, that what he has been TOLD is the “Trinity”, is not really the Trinity.  It sometimes takes years for something to pay off, even when you think you’re getting nowhere.  And that makes it all worth it.

It reminds me of a JW guy who used to frequent this board, for the sole purpose of debating me on just about every subject imaginable, especially the Trinity.  He even teamed with Rando for awhile, and even though the talks got quite hostile, the truth of God’s Word is able to work in people’s hearts.  Don’t get me wrong….They guy still has much false doctrine to get straightened out on (and he‘s still anti-Trinitarian), but he is no longer a JW, and actually told me that one of the things that he realized the JWs were completely wrong about, was Jesus being an angel.  He could no longer read the first chapter of Hebrews, and continue to believe that Jesus was an angel.  He admitted that it drove him crazy (his words), when someone would ask him when he knocked on their door, to show him where the Bible teaches that Jesus is Michael.  He HAD to try and defend it, but found himself defending what he deep-down, didn’t really believe himself.  

Then there is the JW lady who I mentioned a few months back, who was given my phone number by a mutual friend, and called me because she was having some doubts about the JW teachings on certain things.  After exactly 2 talks with me over the phone, she wanted to meet with me and talk in person, so we set up a time.  But then she cancelled the next day, and said the man she was seeing in the congregation, told her it was best that she not talk to me, nor to speak with me again.  I merely told her that she needed to think for herself, and told her to keep my number and call me if she changed her mind, and that I would be praying for her.  I knew she would call back, and in just over a month, she did.  I am happy to say that she has asked Christ to be her Savior, wrote her letter of disassociation, and is now attending a Bible-preaching church near her home.  

And THOSE are the people that make it all worth while…All the lies, the distortions, and the misrepresentations by desperate people, because they cannot defend their own doctrine with truth.  But God is bigger than their error, and their attempts to slander and deceive.  Did Jesus not say that it would be that way, with those who are enemies of truth?

And let me clarify.  I am NOT saying that all JWs are “enemies of truth”.  By no means.  Some sincerely care about truth, and would never dream of willfully telling lies and distorting other people’s beliefs, and inventing quotes from them out of the clear blue.  But there is another class of JW, along the lines of Eddie and Rando, who aren’t bothered in the least by it.  To men like this, defending an Organization is the main goal, and it can be done by any means necessary….Yes, even lying.  To men like that, the Organization has become more important than truth and integrity, and even obedience to the Scriptures.  

Yet, Jehovah God never once mentions defending an Organization.  But He sure does have a lot to say about “TRUTH”, and what He thinks of lies.

I was impressed with Richard’s final statement in his letter to Eddie, which reads….

“After looking up all of the scriptures, please feel free to ask if I believe these scriptures suggest something in particular. At least then, you will really understand WHY I believe what I do. From there, all I ask is that you represent my beliefs with more accuracy.”

Seems like a reasonable enough request….Simply state the belief with accuracy, and not twist it.  If you have a question, then ask, and at least TRY TO UNDERSTAND why I believe it, even if you don’t agree.  

Who could argue with that?

Just as I said yesterday without even having read it, I was proven correct….There was NO pressure from Richard to make Eddie AGREE with the Trinity.  Only to try and get him to understand it, and represent it accurately.

And Eddie’s response?  Basically, this….“I DO understand it, and how dare you tell me I don’t understand it when I do understand it!!??  This proves your “apology” is not genuine, because if it was, then you would not claim that I do not understand it, even though all of my own statements make it blatantly obvious that I don’t!!  And to show you how upset I am that you would DARE tell me I don’t understand it, and have the gall to ask me to CORRECTLY STATE your belief, I will simply put this in the trash bin.  Guess I showed you!!!!”

Yes Eddie, you showed him, me, and any honest reader of this board, just who it is that acts like a Christian, and desires to have CHRISTIAN and honest dialogue.  

He even apologized for any “disrespect” he might have shown them, even after having shown them NONE, while they themselves are the ones showing extreme disrespect by slandering their fellow man with lies and distortions.

As Richard said…“It is up to the readers to decide if the fruits of the spirit are evident in my writings.”

Yep…When we compare the nature of his writing to those of Eddie and Rando, and the manner he addressed Eddie, with the manner in which they reply back to him, then I think that one is a no-brainer.

And sadly, it is as I said yesterday….Eddie and Rando are not going to suddenly feel guilty about their misrepresentations and start telling the truth, nor do they care about actually understanding the Trinity.  Because if you force them to understand it, then all of their nonsensical arguments against it, will have to be replaced.  And they have nothing to replace them with.  Its always much easier to just keep doing what you are doing, even when it makes you look ridiculous.

Again, I didn’t want Richard to feel the need to respond to another follow-up, but I wanted to point out my observations about his letter to Eddie.  I think any honest person can see that he wrote with a meek and humble spirit, and in a way that honors Christ.  But maybe Eddie realized that too, and that is why it ended up in the “trash bin”?  Hmm…Who knows?  Maybe it got to Eddie a little more than he would ever admit to in this forum?

Keep up the good work, Bro. Richard.  Just keep proclaiming truth and exposing error.  Yes, those who are not truthful will scream and attack you.  But if you influence even one person for Jesus Christ, then its all worth it.  

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