Jehovah`s Witness/Evangelical??


Could you please explain to me........     Why would this person come to a JW site to ask this question?


Shouldn't this person be going to an "Evangelical Site"?  Unless and of course this person IS a Jehovah's Witness and in that case should still be going to an Evangelical site.

JUST SAYING.............  Sure is getting smelly in All Experts, can you not smell the foul odor?

May Jehovah of Armies open your eyes Richard.

Sister TW

Greetings Sister TW,

   I pray that your impending move to Guatemala is going well and that God is richly blessing you and your family.  Obviously I cannot answer for the motives that Christaras has for asking these questions on this particular site.  If you read some of my previous answers to him, you will see that I have mentioned other sites as options, including the Christianity section of allexperts.  However, he chose to come to me with the question, so I will oblige him with an answer regardless of his motives.  He has been asking various experts questions regarding the soul for a while now.  I suppose he is seeking explanations from different points of view. I try to handle his questions and any others that are posed to me with Christian love.

   I constantly pray that Jehovah keeps not only my eyes open, but also those who seek Him.  Thank you for your letter.  

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I am not a Jehovah's Witness, however I can answer many questions concerning the ideas and doctrines on which they disagree with mainstream Christianity. I have spent a great deal of time in ministry with current and ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, as well as those who have started to become disillusioned with the Watchtower Organization.


Jehovah's Witnesses are generally wonderful and moral people who are zealous for God. However, in their zeal, they have pledged allegiance to what they believe is God's spirit-directed organization. This allegiance blinds them from allowing God's word alone to work in them. My hope is to share the love of Jesus Christ with all who seek salvation, no matter their label or denomination. My experiences come from the relationship that I have with Him as the source of my daily strength. These experiences create an undeniable testimony of salvation by grace through faith in the cleansing blood of the Lamb of God. Through prayer and meditation on God's holy word alone, we find truth as revealed to us through the Holy Spirit.

As the word "organization" is misleading in this particular area, I want to be clear that, as a member of the body of Christ, the label or denomination of the church I attend is not the source of my salvation. I do not go to or through any organization for official knowledge or guidance. I go to God's word alone.

I have a Bachelor and Master's Degree with extensive educational experience.

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