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1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
1:2 The same was in the beginning with God.

In John 1:1 we read that Jesus was with God. According to trinitarians "God" is the Trinity(Jehovah,Jesus,Holy Spirit). So they're saying that Jesus was with Jesus! How many Jesus are there?

Its funny if they claim that in some instances God means ONLY the Father. If it means ONLY the Father, where is the "Trinity" in the Bible?

I dont have problem with people who believe in the Trinity. But I know there are many trinitarians who cant stand the different opinion. Lets not forget that they enforced their theological doctrine with sword and violence.

I have doctrinal terror.

Have a good day.

What a satanic tactic.

G'day Christaras

Thank you for your comments.

You know there are a lot of different ideas by people who think they believe the trinity, as to just what the trinity is.  It is unwise to make balncket comments as you have done.

The people such as Derrick do not believe that John 1:1 is ... " saying that Jesus was with Jesus"...  They actually understand that, in the trinity, there are three distinct and separate individuals.  They read into John 1:1 that Jesus was with "the Father"  and that Jesus shared the same nature as the father both being a part of the "godhead" but that there are distinct and seperate individuals.  In that way JWs and true trinitarians are sinilar.  We both belive that God the father IS NOT the same as Jesus, however we differe in that we know that the soly soirit is not a person at all and that Jesus did not always excist but was created (begotten) by God, so that at one time God (the father) existed by himslef, where as trinitarians belive that the Father Son and holy spirit have all, always exicisted.

There is another form of the trinity doctrine that is called sabalism or modalism (that is 3 modes of God). They would agree with you in essence ... "that Jesus was with Jesus"... They will say that they believe in the trinity, and that their version of the trinity is correct. Traditional trinitarians like Derrick, deny that idea as being a false teaching. (Oneness Penitentials is one group  that teaches sabalism )

And yes there are individuals that have gone to church all their lives or for many years who will say they believe in the trinity, but, they get those two ideas mixed up.  My experience from years of talking to people at the doors and from people that have become JWs  from the Catholic / Orthodox churches (which is the vast majority of people claiming to be Christian) fall into that category. Many, if not most, Catholics have no idea as to what the trinity is.  Their answer is "it is a mystery", even their religious teaches will teach them that.   The official Catholic teaching is the same as that of what Derrick believes, but very few of the priest (friars or nuns) seem to have any idea on how to teach it to the congregation, hence, the mix up in the two ideas by the vast majority.

It seems to appear to me,  that some  “traditional” trinitarians do get very defensive about the trinity and get very upset when someone seems to misrepresent it according to their beliefs.  I find that sad that they do not seem to realise, (or if they do, they do not acknowledge) the fact the the vast majority of so called Christians just do not understand the doctrine as it was formulated the forth century.  

Some time ago, I asked a few trinitarians on other boards here at allexperts to tell me just who was meant by the word God when we read it in the Bible. I got various anseres. The main consensus was, that it depends on the context as to who the word God refereed to.  In some contexts it would be the Father, in others it would be Jesus and in others it would be the "godhead". So yes it does seem that the idea of the trinity doctrine causes some problems for some people

Yes it is a sad fact of history that many people died because of the introduced doctrine of the trinity and other pagan ideas that the apostate "church" accepted in to their teachings after the from the second century onward.   29 I know that after my going away oppressive wolves will enter in among YOU and will not treat the flock with tenderness, 30 and from among YOU yourselves men will rise and speak twisted things to draw away the disciples after themselves."(Acts 20:29, 30 1984 NWT)

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