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I didnt receive an inbox email so that I can send a follow up.

I dont understand when you say, Trinitarians dont understand it as meaning "Jesus was with Jesus". Well, then isnt it hypocritical from their part? Isnt their God ONE with 3 persons, to say it otherwise 3 in 1? It cant be only the "Father" in that sentence, if you are trinitarian.

It doesnt matter what false explanation they will give, according to their false doctrine it would be "Jesus was with the Father,Jesus and Holy Spirit".

I used lol, because these guys know how to spiritually harm the others in a polite way. They are really devils that should receive what they deserve.

These hypocrites tried to fool me into believing that they are people who believe only the acceptance of Jesus is the salvation. Now that I dont accept their doctrines, they say Im going into hell. So their doctrines is also a part of salvation. And yes they call it "Bible doctrine", so that I would be seen as a man who goes against what God says. They are really hypocrites, they should leave JWs alone and see their shame in the mirror, lol was too polite for them.

As for the soul, try to understand what I say. Its very easy.
There is an inner man who has free will. Its you, its the personality that is connected with this world and responds to stimuli, expressing emotions and acting via free will.

But this doesnt mean I claim this soul is immortal or that it can function without a body. God created us with a body, otherwise we would be angels. When a man is resurrected his soul wakes up again from the sleep of death, it doesnt return from life in paradise.

Do you understand the difference? Having a soul, doesnt mean its immortal. As for Bible support you can see 2nd Corinthians 4:16, 2nd Corinthians 5:4

I hope Im clear.

G'day Christaras

Thank you for your thoughts again.

You said

I dont understand when you say, Trinitarians dont understand it as meaning "Jesus was with Jesus"

A true trinitarian does not see Jesus as "THE GOD" but as part of the godhead of three individuals.  To say in John 1:1 that "Jesus was with Jesus" is the line of thinking of sabalism (modalism).  These individuals believe that Jesus is "THE GOD" but manifested  in 3 different ways.  So in John 1:1 where "the Word was with [the] God and the Word was God" to say that Word (Jesus) was the same person as "[the] God" is not a teaching of the trinity, but  of modalism. (As I said before people who belive the modalism idea say that they belive in the trinty )

You went to say

"it would be "Jesus was with the Father,Jesus and Holy Spirit"".  If you had said ... "it would be Jesus was with the father and holy spirit" ... that would be closer to the trinitarian idea.  I actually do not know if they see the holy spirit as being a part of John 1:1 or not. From what I understand, a true trinitarian would probably see only 2 individuals in that text, the Father and Jesus , and they would say that Jesus was with the Father and was divine or of the same nature as the Father, not that Jesus was also the Father  as is suggested by what you said  "Jesus was with Jesus" To a true trinitarian that is a silly idea.

You notice that I keep saying a true trinitarina that is because as I mentioned before most people have no real understanding of the trinity doctrine and get it confused and mixed up with sabalism, so before discussing the trinity with someone we must first get an idea as to what it is they understand about the subject.

Now the reason I asked you to please not use lol (laughing out loud) is that it is a put down, and I personally do not want any part of putting down in a derogative way anyones personal beliefs.  Every one has the right to an opinion and to be respected for having an opinion no matter what it is, so when writing to me please be careful not to put peoples or their beliefs down but show everyone common decency and respect.

Personally I find it sad that people can believe that our loving Creator and God would actual send someone to to be forever tormented in a fiery hell. Part of that though is due to Bible translations that do not reflect what the original writers wrote into our language, so, basically, for our day and age, they use poorly translated Bibles

Yes I understand your definitions or ideas about “ an inner man  ”  So I just thought I would share with you a brief comment on how we see the texts describing the inner man I hope you find it interesting and food for thought

This is our view of the “man within” or Physical man as well as a Spiritual man. This is from taken
it-2 pp. 303-305

“The Man We Are Inside.”  In speaking of the conflict of the Christian, including that with the fallen, sinful flesh, the Bible uses the expressions “the man I am within,” “the man we are inside,” and similar phrases. (Ro 7:22; 2Co 4:16; Eph 3:16) These expressions are appropriate because Christians have been “made new in the force actuating [their] mind.” (Eph 4:23) The driving force or inclination of their mind is in a spiritual direction. They are making efforts to “strip off the old personality [literally, old man]” and clothe themselves with the “new personality [literally, new (one)].” (Col 3:9, 10; Ro 12:2)”

The Spiritual Man. The apostle contrasts the spiritual man with the physical man. He says: “But a physical [literally, soulical] man does not receive the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him.” (1Co 2:14) This “physical man” does not mean merely one living on earth, one with a fleshly body, for, obviously, Christians on earth have fleshly bodies. The physical man here spoken of means one who has no spiritual side to his life. He is “soulical” in that he follows the desires of the human soul to the exclusion of spiritual things.

Paul continues about the “physical man,” that he cannot get to know the things of the spirit of God “because they are examined spiritually.” Then he says: “However, the spiritual man examines indeed all things, but he himself is not examined by any man.” The spiritual man has understanding of the things God reveals; he sees also the wrong position and course of the physical man. But the spiritual man’s position, actions, and course of life cannot be understood by the physical man, neither can any man judge the spiritual man, for God only is his Judge. (Ro 14:4, 10, 11; 1Co 4:3-5) The apostle says by way of illustration and argument: “For ‘who has come to know the mind of Jehovah, that he may instruct him?’” No one, of course. “But,” Paul says of Christians, “we do have the mind of Christ.” By getting the mind of Christ, who reveals Jehovah and his purposes to Christians, they are spiritual men.—1Co 2:14-16.

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