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Jehovah`s Witness/1914 and 1975 and other Dates, Testing and Cleansing Periods!


Greeting Brother Elbert Spears,why do think that many who were once Jehovah's Witnesses, not able to endure the test put before them by Jesus the "Head Of The Congregation" regarding these dates that were purposely used to test their true motives?

Thank You for your input.

Keep in mind that Jesus does not "Test anyone" The Bible tells us that Satan does the dirty work ,and that is understandable Since Satan is trying to pull as many as Possible and distract them from Taking in Bible Knowledge,He (Satan Did Just that in 1914.)That year was historically called The Day the world went mad,What had happened ? Satan was cast out of heaven ,says the Bible . It also says "Be glad you havens ,and you  who dwell therein But Woe for the Earth and the Sea Because the Devil has come down to you , Having great anger,Knowing he has a short Period of time .You can see the evidence as a matter of history .The first time in Human History that The whole World was at war.

Anyway Most of those who left the truth were expecting their reward at that time as was true on all the other dates mentioned. It Was Actually An act of greed which overpowered their Love for
Jehovah if they had any to begin with Because that love would have Protected them.Notice the article , Below , I thought it fit the question quite well , by Brother Russel explaining what happened on those dates .

in the Jan. 1 1911 WT, Russell wrote:

"Suppose that our chronological calculations (never set forth as infallible) should prove to be fallible and in error. Our conclusion would merely be that the error could not be very great ....

"If it should prove eventually that the crisis of earthly government will not come about by the end of 1914,(and they did " my words")) should we not be very faithful anyway, and remember that had it not been for that alarm clock which helped awaken us from the worldly stupor, we might not have been sufficiently awake to appreciate and enjoy the wonderful spiritual blessings which daily crown our lives?" - p. 4743
And in the Oct. 15, 1913 WT, Russell wrote:

"We wish still, however, to reiterate what we have said from the first respecting the date of the close of the Times of the Gentiles; namely, that the calculations as we presented them in Vol. II, Studies in the Scriptures, are the truth to the best of our knowledge and belief. Nevertheless, there is enough uncertainty about the matter of chronology to make it a matter of faith rather than of positive knowledge. We remind our readers that our consecration to the Lord is not to October, 1914, nor to any other time except that mentioned by the Savior - `Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.' - Rev. 2:10." - p. 5336.

Attempting to determine dates of future scriptural events in order to encourage fellow Christians was important to Russell (and Rutherford). If they did it honestly and publicly (which they did), it was a part of prophesying (in the sense of speaking out publicly), but it was obviously never considered as (nor promoted as) infallible inspired prediction! Nor was it considered to be an essential element of the essential work of a modern Christian "prophet." When it comes to Preaching the truth of essential Bible doctrines, "where else is there to go?"

Respectfully , Brother Spears

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