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...and I don't believe you can prove to me there is a god. Even if there is one, your version makes no sense. The Christian  version, really makes no sense. Prove to me with extra biblical evidence ther is a god, snakes talk, and miracles happen, including answers to prayer, and you might get my attention. God, if He exists, cannot be good and all powerful if He doesn't stop evil in the world. As I type somebody is getting murdered, raped, or is dying of some terrible disease. It makes no sense that God will just stand by while another  hitler kills some more millions of people. The ball is in your court. I already asked this question to another one of your colleagues and they had NO answer.

Hello Eric,

I will answer the second half of your question first. A common objection we hear is one you mention: If God exists and if he is good, why so much suffering? If he has the power, why does he not put an end to suffering and wickedness?

The short answer is that it is not yet time to do so. He actually has an excellent reason for allowing it to continue for so long.

In the Garden of Eden, issues were raised that had to be addressed. Satan told Eve that Jehovah was holding back something good from her, but if she ate of the fruit of three of knowledge of good and bad, she could be like God and decide for herself what was right and wrong.

Now Jehovah could have immediately put an end to Satan, Adam, and Eve and started over. But that would not have resolved the issue. What if Satan was right? What if we could better rule ourselves independently of God? The only way to find out for sure is let us have our way for a sufficient length of time.

Over the past 6,000 years of human history, humans have tried every possible way of ruling themselves, and all have failed miserably. In addition to the cruelties perpetrated upon each other are also sickness and death.

When God actually does bring an end to human rulership and destroys Satan, there will never be any need to allow this to happen again. Any time anyone says they can do better than Jehovah, all he will have to do is point back at our history and say “That has already been tried and it did not work.”

I did not include Scriptures because they are in the articles. <a href=“>Click here to read the September 1, 2013 Watchtower</a> about “Why so much suffering.”

As to the first part of your question, I really cannot prove anything to another person, but please read this:

<a href=“>The Untold Story of Creation</a> and that should give you food for thought.


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