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QUESTION: Like yourself I am anointed and difellowshiped. I was outspoken in meetings regarding the issue of the GB setting themselves up as the FDS. They attempted to difellowship me for apostasy but were unable to pin the false charge on me but managed to get me for revling,  I had called two elders agents of Satan.

I see myself as a loyal servant of Jehovah , not in the organisation yet not a part of the world. I am in a wilderness, waiting. It has been 10 years. The Devil has tried to crush me but the spirit has strengthened me.

My question is what do you make of the increase of anointed ones.

ANSWER: Hello A-1,

         (First let me say that if you would like to read an extended version of my reply,
         along with pop-up scriptures, here is the link:

Interestingly hypocritical of the "elders",
that they feel justified in retaliating against you for calling them agents of Satan;
yet they feel just as justified calling the uncompromising ones "human apostates", who are working with Satan "in his kitchen of lies".
(That's a quote from the last district assembly program.)
They apparently believe that they are less deserving of being blasphemed,
than Jesus Christ (Luke12:10 A).

Your self-perception as loyal, although no part of the hierarchy of organized religion (which IS part of Satan's world), is in harmony with scriptural truth (Mark.10:42; John15:20; 5:16)(1John2:15,16; Rev.3:17; 1Cor.4:8,10-14).
There exists no divinely sanctioned hierarchy nor organization,
except that which exists within the body of Christ, as arranged by God
(Eph.2:19-22; 1Cor.12:18,24,27,28,29).

Yes, all those who have awoken by the grace of God, are central targets of Satanic rage at this time. Only with God, is it possible to remain standing. We must beg for the strength and wisdom of those shown favor, to be sustained,
so that all those striving to please our Father in heaven,
will be enabled to continue to do so.

About your question,
I regret that I must decline providing a response according to how it is worded.
I always try to avoid forming my own deductions or interpretations.
Neither is it my place to validate who has genuinely received of God's spirit.

The only thing I recognize as valuable, is what God himself makes of events.
We discover those judgments as He reveals them within His Word.

Your question could be interpreted as having a few meanings, and I am not sure which you intend.
It is not clear if you believe the increase is accurate or a fabricated promotion.
A count taken by men holds no weight with God (Rev.7:9). It may only reflect an increase in those partaking (many now believe non-anointed should partake), or an increase in those now confident enough to come forward.

One thing I am assured of, are the words of Christ .
He said that the spirit generated new creation, will not pass away,
until all that was prophetically written, is fulfilled.
(Matt.24:34; Dan.12:7; Rev.6:9-11; 10:7).

Jesus did not specify how many individuals would be present at any given moment as time progressed. He only assured us that his faithful slaves would be present and undergoing their tribulations, until all things were accomplished.

If Jesus felt that these facts were sufficient to grasp,
I am satisfied with that amount of knowledge....
whether the total number called at any given moment ,
increases, or decreases.

If you would like to clarify what your question is,
perhaps I could reconsider it, should you submit a "follow-up".
I also wonder if your question was more about the actual meaning of the "wilderness"
and how that symbol is fulfilled today, since that is your stated subject.
God cared for those who fled Egypt, and those who fled Jerusalem in the first century (Matt.24:15,16). He will care for us as well.
(Rev.12:6,14; 2:17) (Ex.13:21,22; Luke21:27; Rev.11:5; Jer.5:14; 23:29)

Thank you for contacting me.
I wonder if you have yet considered the "WT's" place in prophecy.
If not, I welcome you to consider my blogs, where you will find hundreds of Bible based articles/posts, based upon that scriptural interpretation and application.
It is located at:

I hope you will write to me further, that we might become better acquainted.
The gathering from the four winds is underway, in order for those not blind, to attend...
the marriage feast,
the eagles to the slain,
the battle,
I am sorry you have been isolated for so long.
Perhaps you can now find comfort and fellowship.
I have a contact form on my Main Page, as located at the link above.
Once you send me your email by means of it,
I will also write back to you.

May God continue to bless you,
and all those determined to remain loyal slaves to God exclusively,
as they await their Master's judgment to be revealed.
(Matt.4:10; 16:27)

Love in Christ,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Pearl, thanks for your speedy response to my question. Apologies I should have been more direct. My question was do you see the 144 as literal or symbolic. I believe it to be a symbolic number and believe numbers of memorial partakers will continue to rise.

I have only recently become aware that there are JW'S and ex JW'S speaking about spiritual things and WTBTS on the Internet.

I have found 1 site but do not accept their certainty of nuclear war and yet another site but I can't accept that all in congregation should partake of emblems.

The common thread is the view of Man of lawlessness, disgusting thing, beast etc. Of which I am in agreement , the spirit opened my eyes sometime ago. There has been no greater persecutor of anointed in last days than WTBTS.

It is all very sad. Fear inspiring. Isolating. I look forward to the day we all speak in unity. I do not believe Jah will abandon the organisation, it will undergo a time of refinement.

I believe we all need to mention GB and WTBTS in our prayers just as our leader said - pray for those persecuting you.

I tried earlier today to communicate via the form at top right of site page but it took ages sending so you may not have received it.

I read that you are planning a way to warn WTBTS.Are you proposing a coordinated effort?

PS 48:12 says March around Zion you people and go about it. I relate this to Israel marching around Jericho before it fell, it applies to us now I believe. We are obligated to sound an alarm.

I suppose those of us outside the organisation, in a wilderness state so to speak, have in our own way already been doing this.

Jah Bless


Hello again A-1,
   (Pop-up link:
You have many new questions which are not about the "wilderness" at all :)
I will try to clarify and list them, so that I can address them thoroughly.

you ask if the 144,000 is symbolic.
Everything in Revelation is symbolic. This is conveyed right at the start by Christ himself, if you have an accurate translation of Rev.1:1.
If not, referring to a Greek interlinear is illuminating.
That translation reads:

"The Revelation of Jesus
Christ, which God gave unto
him, to shew unto his servants
things which must shortly
come to pass; and he sent and
by his angel unto
his servant John"

The Greek word for "signified" is "esEmanen",
and means to convey by means of symbolism. That is consistent with the way Jesus always taught while on earth (Matt.13:34,35).
What then, does the symbolic number of 144,000 mean?
If you read about 666, you will get your answer....

Next, you say that you expect the memorial partakers to continue to rise,
yet you don't relate what you believe to be the significance of this.
The scriptures advise us to discount any numbering of God's people (1Chron.21:1; Rev.7:9).
Why then, do you give significance to an amount? That number has nothing to do with how many are faithful
(Rom.9:27,28; Luke13:23,24,25; Matt.25:10,11,12,13; 7:13; 22:14,3,5,6,8).
Please tell me why you seem to feel that the number is significant.

Next you mention that there is a common thread online about the identity of the man of lawlessness, disgusting thing, and beast.
Yet I have only found those who say that the "Man of Lawlessness" is the governing body. I do not agree, because the scriptures indicate that this "man" is spiritual Gentiles...the wild beast from the "sea"...
not the beast from the "earth"/false prophet/harlot who rides the beast.
   "She" has formed an alliance with the "Wild Beast" from the "sea".
(Rev.13:1,11; 16:13; 20:10; 17:1,7; Isa.1:21; Jer.2:2,13,20,21,14; Rev.13:7,10; 11:2)


The Man of lawlessness is the blasphemous Beast/disgusting thing,
standing in the "Holy Place"/God's own temple
(2Thess.2:4; Rev.13:6; Matt.24:15; 1Cor.3:16; 1Pet.2:5,9)
because these Gentiles dare to replace the chosen priesthood of God's Temple
(Eze.44:6,7,8,9; Num.18:7; Rev.11:2).
This is a deep subject, and I hope you will read all the cited scriptures in the following article link,
which clarify this distinction between the Man of lawlessness and the genuinely "called and invited" governing body.

I am the only one I know of that clearly sees this distinction between the spiritual
"Jews" and "Gentiles", and how that truth impacts the interpretation of these prophetic identities.

Next you say:
"I do not believe Jah will abandon the organisation, it will undergo a time of refinement."

Do the scriptures indicate that the final wild beast and final harlot will be refined?
Please send me those scriptures, because I believe the Bible indicates a different outcome to them...
(Matt.13:41,42; 24:51,48,49,50,51; 3:12; 13:30; Rev.20:10; 17:3,8,11,16; 18:8,21,24; Micah1:7; Dan.2:35,44; 2Pet.2:1) well as all who follow them
(Rev.19:20; 14:9,11; 2Thess.2:10,11; 2Chron.18:22,20,21; Rev.13:14,8; Eze.14:10).

God will not abandon the faithful chosen ones.
The faithful will have no part with the counterfeit Mount Zion/Organization
(2Cor.6:14; Rev.8:8; Zech.4:7,13,14; Rev.11:3,4).

Only the repentant remnant of called ones will be saved (Mal.3:3; Rom.9:27; Matt.7:14)....
and each of them will be "killed" by that counterfeit (Rev.6:9,10,11; 12:11; 11:7; 20:4; John16:2).
The Organization is not the remnant foretold to be refined by Christ (Mal.3:1,2,3; Rev.3:18,19)....
the priests are (Mal.3:3; Joel1:13; Rev.11:3).
The way of salvation is also open to those who accept these final symbolic prophets (Matt.10:41; Rev.11:3).

Yes, we should pray for our enemies...
NOT so that this abomination can be mended and continue,
but so that as individuals, they can wake up, don sackcloth, take their stand for truth and be shamed and killed for the sake of it (Mark8:35)...
just as sealed footstep followers of Christ always are (Heb.13:13; Rom.6:5; Rev.6:11).
This action is according to the command of Christ (Rev.18:4; Matt.24:16; 2Cor.6:16,17,18).

(The contact form is not at the top-right of the page. Please find it down lower. It works well for all those who use it. Please try again, or write to me via my email:

Regarding the prophetic significance of the walls of Jericho (Joshua6:6,8; Rev.8:6);
you may enjoy reading:

----under the heading of "ANGELS"

Yes, the blowing of the "trumpets" of the "seven angels" of Revelation,
corresponds to the "seven priests" who blew their trumpets around Jericho.
These are the same "seven angels" in Christ's right hand (Rev.1:20) who are "stars"/illuminators/prophets/priests/lamps, to their own period congregations/lampstands.
(Phil.2:15; Dan.12:3,10; Rev.10:7; Amos3:7; Eph.2:20; 1Cor.12:29,28,18; Rev.1:20)

Yes, this is all horrifically sad and terrifying. I have seen it with my own eyes in vision. It is just as described in scripture (Deut.29:23,18-29; Rev.8:11; 6:17).

I hope you are reading the scriptures and links, because without them, you will not be enabled to share the perspective I am relating to you.


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PLEASE NOTE THAT MY PROFILE HAS BEEN UPDATED. I have been teaching the Bible since 1976, as well as studying JW publications. I am very familiar with the teachings of the Watchtower. As regards anyone's ability to teach truth, it largely depends upon Holy Spirit. For, without it you have no wisdom or scriptural understanding. I will do my best to assist anyone who asks. I have noticed a couple of warnings about "apostates" within the list of "experts". The definition of "apostate", according to the scriptures, are those who deviate from the truth. Therefore, only the scriptures have the authority to identify such a person (John 17:17). Merely disagreeing with someone in authority, does not constitute true apostasy. Otherwise, Jesus himself would have been an apostate. Jesus' own words afford us ample protection from such wolves. He said, "By their fruits you will recognize those men." Matt.7:17-27. Therefore, by all means, exercise every caution! Your life depends upon you doing so! But Jesus did not give the picture men expect of faithful ones today. He did not point to power, authority, growing numbers, accomplishments, or influence as being the sign of his true anointed disciples (Mark10:42,43; Matt.7:22). He pointed to fine fruit. This would include a love of truth and a clinging to God's word in every teaching (1Peter2:2). This authenticity becomes clear, when teachings are closely examined. So too, are "apostates" revealed, as those who deviate from God's word, or fail to do their utmost, to derive every teaching, from it. (see


I have been a baptized JW for decades. I was enrolled in my Congregation as a regular pioneer, though I did not sign the pledge of allegiance to men on the back of the application. I have read the Bible through many times, had been in the Theocratic Ministry school for decades, and was anointed by Jehovah God, through Jesus Christ, 42 years ago in June. As Organizational doctrine progressively strayed from the scriptures, I made comments during meetings and to Witness friends, including elders. Although I justified all my concerns with scripture, this alone lead to me being disfellowshipped in April, 2012. I continue to consider myself one of Jehovah's true witnesses, because Jehovah himself defines who His witnesses are, at Isa.43:10-12. There He states that they are His "chosen" ones (1Pet.2:9), whom he has called to declare the fact that Jehovah is the only Savior (Isa.43:11)...not men, nor an organization (Psalm146:3). This I faithfully do, and I have been chosen by Him to do so. I accordingly write articles about how the scriptures themselves interpret prophecies which apply to our era. ( The directory of articles can be found in my profile, located there.

I belong to the group chosen and anointed by Jehovah God through Jesus Christ...invited to accept the full course of Christ. If I prove faithful, I hope to belong to the Heavenly Mt. Zion, the Holy City, New Jerusalem.

Publications ....also....

The Scribes and Pharisees took the lead in Jehovah's house of worship in the time of Christ. Jesus had the divine credentials to publicly criticize those men, and he certainly did so. Why? Was he a rebel, only seeking to promote disunity and gain a following for himself? No. Jesus realized how spiritually harmful such leaders are to those who blindly follow them. He was therefore obligated, as were his disciples, to champion scriptural truth; despite the backlash from those in power, and those loyal to those in power. Truth (not power, position, or favor with men), leads to everlasting life. John 17:3,17 The anointed are under obligation to accept the same assignment as Christ. They are divinely commanded, authorized, and qualified to do so.... not by men, but by the truth of the scriptures, and Jehovah's spirit. My education, has been by means of that spirit, as we read..... "And YOU have an anointing from the holy one; all of YOU have knowledge. And as for YOU, the anointing that YOU received from him remains in YOU, and YOU do not need anyone to be teaching YOU; but, as the anointing from him is teaching YOU about all things, and is true and is no lie, and just as it has taught YOU, remain in union with him." 1John2:20,27 Matt.13:55-57; John7:15,16; Acts4:13; John16:13

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