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as Jehovah's Witnesses we are told that everything that GB says is from Jehovah. Now did Jehovah tell GB that the is the new way of doing preaching work. In the KM they said August is a speacial month for letting people know about It was also announced that sign is going to be placed on all kingdom halls  world wide. Is that the new light from Jehovah?


Publishing the truth is a good thing. Who can find fault with the WT for making spiritual information available to the world for free?

The Watchtower has a long history of using the latest technologies to reach people with their message - going back to the groundbreaking PhotoDrama of Creation. JF Rutherford was one of the first to use the radio as a medium to preach. In the 30's JW's used portable phonographs and sound cars to blast out Rutherford's sermons. And the WT even dabbled in television programing back in the 50's. More recently they developed the first translation software. However, for whatever reason they were late to utilize the Internet. Now it seems they are trying to make up for lost time.

We shouldn't have the naive idea, though, that Jehovah dictates to anyone what they ought to do. Ultimately Jesus will call all of his slaves to account for how they have used what has been entrusted to them to further the work of the Master.

Personally, I think is a great tool. The information available online might reach people who are in areas where the work of Jehovah's Witnesses is banned or restricted. There are articles in hundreds of languages. It is amazing. And publishers and pioneers with iPads and smart phones can use it in the field and on Bible studies to bring up all sorts of articles and reference material on the Online Library to educate the public. I wish I would have had this sort of tool when I was a pioneer.

It may be, too, that in the face of financial collapse the WT will be forced to suspend the use of paper publications and the Internet might be the only source available, assuming the Internet will stay up, which is also doubtful. We'll see going forward.  

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