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Hello Brother Abdijah,
I am in a very new congregation in South East Asia and we only have 1 MS and he is really newly appointed and we are all struggling for spiritual help and answers. I was out in the ministry the other day, knocked on the door and the lady shouted out and said, ''who is it, and what do you want?'' I said, ''I'm the bearier of good news and I would like to talk with you for a moment.'' She said, "did I win the lottery?" I said; "I have something that is better than the lottery to share with you." She never answered back and after a few minutes I left. What should I have done differently? And, if the lady would have come to the door, what could I have said to her?

Thanks brother,


Hello, Brother Jim.

I donít know all the circumstances surrounding this, such as local customs and culture. Where I live if there are close neighbors, for example, it would not be appropriate (or prudent) have a very long conversation where we have to shout through a closed door. On the other hand, if there are not any neighbors close by, after a couple of minutes one may announce that they are one of Jehovahís Witnesses. If this elicits no response on the part of the householder they are probably not interested, or they may be scared if they are alone.

I cannot say that I would have handled it any differently than you, and I thought your response was clever.

Just remember that it is Jehovah who draws right hearted ones to himself, and while we have a part in this, if we do our best he will make sure the message gets across to those who will accept it.

Had the lady come to the door, you could explain how your message is better than the lottery, for example the lottery may temporarily relieve some financial problems, but the kingdom will correct these same problems forever, and for everyone. And the other benefits such as no more crime, perfect health, eternal life, true peace and security, etc.

One thing you can do is to discern what kind of people you are talking to, such as are they elderly with the common problems the elderly face? Or perhaps they are young and have young children, and then your approach may be different. Any other details about their circumstances or beliefs can serve to ficus your discussion in the proper direction.

I do not know if this is helpful or not, but I do know this: Always rely on Jehovah and ask his help, even just a quick silent prayer and it will help you at the door. (John 16:23 )


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