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Your response did not permit a follow up so I had to ask a new question????? It's sad you think people think you should be in a commune. That must hurt. I didn't mean they should, I am just surprised they don't. I did not know that it's not an option due to looking like a cult. I guess that could be true. You say Jw enjoy going out to spread gods word, yet in reality, it's not an option with the organization. It's a requirement where hours  are documented and recorded. I don't know how being forced to do something could be enjoyable. Anyhow, I always found it odd when they knock on your door and are so polite and friendly to me, yet the ones I know refrain from associating with me in a social setting. I found that behavior to be in direct contrast to the visits. I always felt like they were sales people. Nice as can be when trying to make a "sale" , but in reality doesn't care enough to really want to hang out with me. Kinda of a mixed message don't you think? We"ll spend time with you and talk to you to get you to join our religion, but I really don' t want to associate with you any other time. Real nice way to treat people.  I think this is just one of the reasons are not looked upon in a positive way. Jmo.

The opening statement was my failed attempt at humor:(
Forming a long term friendship will necessarily result in receiving influences that oftentime are not in line with God's standards. I have met many at the doors and studied with many that I really enjoyed being with in their company, but why would I have regular association with someone that does not share the same love for Jehovah that I have? When fellow believers get together, we enjoy each other because we openly discuss constantly what we found in our studies and our fellowship builds and encourages adherence to Jehovah's righteous standards.
This is how it is set out in the scriptures. Again, 1Cor 15:33 cautions us to watch our association. John 17 states that we are no part of the world but that we were not to be taken out of the world. We still have to have association with workmates, other unbelieving family members, neighbors, etc. Our commission is to preach God's Word. If we were not living "in the world" then how would preach to people? (Romans 10) This commission is not a normal thing to do. It isn't that we wake up and say "Yes, I get to preach to people today!!" We get up and say "Jehovah use me where you can. Allow me to find someone that is searching for the truth." If you were to be passing a house that was on fire, would you just continue to pass by because the flames are hot and you don't want to get burned?, or would you run to the door and attempt with everything you have to wake anyone in that house and alert them of the danger? This is just what we are doing. We are going to the burning houses and alerting everyone of the pending destruction but also sharing the "good news" so they aren't left with a void but something to give them true hope. We go to the doors and have them slammed in our faces, true...but we also go to the doors and find that one person that was just getting ready to commit suicide, or was just praying for someone to show them the way. Either way, it is joyful because we know that we are pleasing our Heavenly Father and helping other in the meantime (and who doesn't enjoy sharing information that they are experts at?). We aren't salespeople, but "messengers" who realize the life-saving information we have to share and we do this because we care.

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I can answer any Bible questions that most people today are wondering about. Why do we suffer and grow old and die? Does God care? What is God`s name. Is there a Trinity? Who is the ruler of this world? What is going to happen to the world? What happens to us when we die? We all have questions from time to time which put doubts in us, but once we have a true understanding of the scriptures we can put those doubts behind us and get a true sense of security toward our future.


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Any one of us, as Jehovah's Witnesses, have had such a numerous number of Bible students and conversations at doors. The people we run into vary from housewifes, to homeless, to doctors. Everyone has the same questions and doubts and fears! We are all human, no matter what station in life we may hold. And everyone deserves the opportunity to live forever.

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