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Hello, I was just reading your answer about Jesus's resurrection and noticed how you mentioned that Jesus had flesh and blood when he materialized to people. My question is, why did Jesus ask "does a spirit has flesh and bones"?  And if Jesus was a spirit, why did he need to ask that question? Didn't Jesus give his blood as ransom?

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The Jews had no concept of going to heaven. When Jesus began his ministry he forthrightly declared that he had come from the realms above, from God and that he was going to return to that heavenly realm. At the time not even the apostles were able to comprehend what he was saying. After Jesus died then they had a hard time accepting the initial reports that he had been resurrected.

But then Jesus began appearing here and there to small groups and individuals. However, each time he appeared he appeared in a different body. The reason that was the case is because he sacrificed his original body, having poured out his soul, his life blood to the death. And then Jehovah took the body so that it did not see corruption, as the Psalm foretold. In other words, Jehovah did not allow the body to decompose.

But to convince his slow-to-believe apostles that he had been resurrected Jesus took on flesh on a few occasions, as angels have done many times before in carrying out their assignments. As a materialized human Jesus could honestly say he was not a spirit. And it may have been that because the Pharisees had all-along said that Jesus was merely a magician who had been empowered by Beelzebub, the apostles may have had some lingering fear that the demons were trying to deceive them through some sort of ghostly appearance. Keep in mind that when Jesus walked across the open sea the apostles were so freaked out they were imagining they were seeing an apparition.

But, of course, when Jesus was lifted up into the clouds he then dissolved his flesh and now resides in heaven with the Great spirit, Jehovah, along with myriads upon myriads of angelic spirits and even demonic spirits. That is why Paul wrote at 2nd corinthians 5:16: Even if we once knew Christ according to the flesh, we certainly no longer know him in that way. Therefore, if anyone is in union with Christ, he is a new creation; the old things passed away; look! new things have come into existence.

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