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Hello Brother Spears,
I first wrote you a couple years back and asked you about; how one goes about learning more about Jehovah? You gave me the best advice that was ever given to me, you rtold me to contact Jehovah's Witnesses in my area, start a Bible study with them. Well, I took your advice and this saturday at the "special assembly" day here in the Philippines, I will be baptized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I am so well pleased and happy that Jehovah has allowed me to be one of His followers. As an unbaptized publisher, I have been averaging over 30 hours per month. The people here in the Philippines are very cordial toward the Witnesses and its easy to start studies. I have 5 Bible studies at present and my friend, who has only been an unbaptized publisher for two months has two studies. jehovah has truly bless us and we will be faithful to the very end.
 Again, thank you so very much Brother Spears for putting me on the right course for everlasting life.

With Christian brotherly love,


 Even more good news, my mother who was opposed to me studying with the Witnesses at first, saw such a change in my behavior, that she started sitting in on my Bible studies. Now she has her own Bible study and now, all that ever comes out of her mouth is, "Jehovah says this" and "Jehovah says that' and "I just can't wait for the new system to get here". Also, her two brothers and three sisters have started a Bible study. They live in a different part of the Philippines where the Muslim population is very strong. But the Muslims, (she tells my mom) they like the Witnesses because they are honest people and go out and try to tell people about God!
 See what you have done Brother Spears, you were kind enough to give me scriptural advice, in turn, I shared it with my mom, dad, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, friends, and co-workers. And I would not be surprise when it is all said and done, that we will have enough relatives, friends, and co-workers. that become JW's to start our own congregation. Jehovah is truly a wonderful God and a wonderful provider for those that are seeking the truth!

    Glen , You

Just made my day one of rejoicing,Jehovah truly  is a loving God I am overjoyed at this great news wish i could be there For your baptism . Please send me a Photograph of your family , especially  one showing you being Baptized. Attach it to an E-Mail is :
I want my entire congregation to share in this happy occasion news .

Christian Love to all of you who are making Jehovah your strong hold.

Your Brother Elbert

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I have been a student of the Bible since 1974 and a witness for 18 Years.I do not wish to be considered an Expert in this category because I, like everyone else will never cease to learn.However answering questions is here is very enjoyable ,Even though some continue trying to discredit me and my Brothers and Sisters. May Jehovah continue to his lovibg support .


With many years of bible study as a foundation, I enjoy aswering any question that applies to the bible. I like intelligent questions that require sincere answers.I can not answer silly questions.

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