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My question is this... the WT, and the U.N. connection... granted, I see the hypocrisy. But did anyone ever find out really why the WT was signed up with them? You know the statement, "stay close to your enemies"--how do we know that wasn't the case with the WT? Or, I can ask, what do you know, or have heard, as to why they were involved there?

Robert, you stuck your neck out on this one... why? And when you started asking questions... did you go to your local elders, or did you write the WT?

I know this is old news... and most JW's don't know about it, or care... because it's apostate stuff, if they have heard about it, at all.

I'm curios on some things with the WT... I walked away 3 years ago-(not disfellowshipped)... I get to look in now, with a different perspective... and ive learned some things in these few years... and that's, the WT guesses, uses outside sources for information-(including worldly knowledge/sources)... loves making their non taxable profits, and loves the control they have over their people.

And don't get me wrong... I miss my Brothers and Sisters... but I also realized, the nice, loving, and cool Bro/Sis's would have been like that outside of being a witness... that's just their personality--even though the truth has changed some people-that's a given.

Anyway, would love to hear your feedback


Apparently the Watchtower cozied up to the United Nations as an associate level NGO in order to get better cooperation from them on humanitarian issues. For example, the WT got the use of UN vehicles for a relief mission in Africa a few years ago. One spokesman for the Society inadvertently admitted that because of red tape it was virtually impossible to do certain relief operations without having the support of the UN. Evidently they don't think Jehovah can help out. I have written in-depth on the Watchtower's secret 10 year partnership with the UN in Jehovah Himself Has Become King. Strange Bedfellows

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