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What was and is The Arian Heresy? Arias was labled a heretic for his belief in his "NO TRINITY Doctrine" For thousands of years no one believed the heresy then out of the ashes came the heresy by one man named Charles Russell who could not grasp the Trinity Doctrine so he chose not to believe in it period. He read about Arius and found the so called "truth" he wanted to believe.

Do you know Hugh that NO ONE on earth, past, present and future can fully grasp what the trinity is?

If you can, then, you must me be the smartest human alive today, because even scholars in Christendom, which you belong to, admit that it is a mystery.

As for Arius, do you know that even though he believe that the Son was NOT of the same essence, or substance, as the Father. And that the Son could not be God or equal to the Father, since he had a beginning, yet he believed that the Holy Spirit is a person?

So brother Russel's rejection of the trinity doctrine has nothing to do with Arius but the plain truth found in the Bible.

To quote what he said:

*** jv chap. 10 p. 123 Growing in Accurate Knowledge of the Truth ***

Getting to Know the True God

As Brother Russell and his associates studied the Scriptures, it did not take them long to see that the God portrayed in the Bible is not the god of Christendom. This was an important matter because, as Jesus Christ said, people’s prospects for eternal life depend on their knowing the only true God and the one whom he sent forth, his Chief Agent of salvation. (John 17:3; Heb. 2:10) C. T. Russell and the group that shared with him in Bible study discerned that the justice of God is in perfect balance with divine wisdom, love, and power, and that these attributes are displayed in all of his works. On the basis of the knowledge that they then had of God’s purpose, they prepared a discussion of why evil is permitted and included this in one of their earliest and most widely distributed publications, the 162-page book Food for Thinking Christians, issued first as a special edition of Zion’s Watch Tower in September 1881.

Their study of God’s Word helped them to realize that the Creator has a personal name and that he makes it possible for humans to know him and to enjoy a close relationship with him. (1 Chron. 28:9; Isa. 55:6; Jas. 4:8) The Watch Tower of October-November 1881 pointed out: “JEHOVAH is the name applied to none other than the Supreme Being—our Father, and him whom Jesus called Father and God.”—Ps. 83:18; John 20:17.

The following year, in response to the question, “Do you claim that the Bible does not teach that there are three persons in one God?” the answer was given: “Yes: On the contrary, it does tell us that there is one God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ of whom are all things (or who created all things). We believe then in One God and Father, and also in one Lord Jesus Christ . . . But these are two and not one being. They are one only in the sense of being in harmony. We believe also in a spirit of God . . . But it is no more a person than is the spirit of devils and the spirit of the World and the spirit of Anti-Christ.”—Zion’s Watch Tower, June 1882; John 17:20-22.

In addition, we're not the only ones who reject the trinity doctrine.

Curious - why are you making your qs private since there's nothing to hide?

I wonder what's you're agenda is?  

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