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Derrick the Holland doesnt like the idea of new light. Well, when did "Trinity" enter the hearts of people(apostates)? Did the Jews know anything about the trinity? Did the first christians have any idea?

Of course no! It was a new light, or better call it, a new darkness that was developed long after the death of apostles.

Some faced the so called problem of 2 divinities, so they merged the two in one, into an illogical concept of the Divine. But there was really no problem. People always knew there are more than one gods. Jesus is A god, angels are gods. Of course only one God is worthy of worship because He's the Creator.

Im wondering why Derrick the Holland does not admit that he believes in new "light"?

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It has been a while since we have communicated, I hope you and your family are well.

You asked

Im wondering why Derrick the Holland does not admit that he believes in new "light"?  

I can not answer that.  That is something for Derrick to answer.  There is a lot that you have said that true and needs no more explanation.  However I can add a little to some of the things you asked

You asked

Well, when did "Trinity" enter the hearts of people(apostates)?

The answer to that is by the council of Nicea in the fourth century.

In the second century after the death of the Apostle John there is evidence of the first ones not understanding the relationship of Jesus to Father. Many people think that Clement of Corinth who was evidently mentioned by the Apostle Paul at Phillipians 4:2 wrote of Jesus being God.  They argue that if a disciple of Paul taught it then the Apostles must have taught it.  Here is what he wrote that is interpreted as saying Jesus was God.  When quoting it they r=tend to miss out the comma

1Clem 16:2 The scepter of the majesty of God, even our Lord Jesus Christ,  

You asked

Did the Jews know anything about the trinity?

Simple answer NO. They had no concept of their God being three separate and distinct individuals.  The Israelites and the Jews only had a concept of ONE individual that made up their God, the one by the Nome YHWH (Jehovah)

You asked

Did the first christians have any idea?

Again the simple answer is NO. That is born out by the fact that none of the 1 century Bible writers refer to Jesus as their God but follow what Jesus said and called Jesus the “Son of God”
Copiest of the Greek texts over the following centuries made changes to the text to support their idea of Jesus being God. Sometimes it was accidental and at times it was on purpose.  

Those mistakes have been taken out of the Bible and we can now have a clear understanding again of the true relationship between Jesus and God.

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