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Jehovah`s Witness/DW's Reply Was Exactly As Predicted


Well, did I nail that one, or what?  DW did exactly what I said he would....continue to distort and twist my words (since he can't provide any real quotes), whine about being attacked while attacking, and that he would not actually produce any real quotes, and that he would not be able to come out and DENY that he lies in this forum.

The response from DW, could not have been more predictable. In fact, it went exactly as I said that it would. Remember that I wrote this, in a response just days ago…..

”Here is the pattern that has gone on for years, the pattern that you have noticed, and the pattern that will continue ..… When they attack, they INVENT a lie, and claim that "Derrick says". Derrick then asks to show WHERE this was said. After dancing around for awhile, they will finally admit… "Well, you didn't actually SAY it, but we're paraphrasing your words" I then ask exactly which comment it is that they are "paraphrasing", and they ignore your question. They NEVER actually provide ANY reference to where you said anything even close to what they claim you "said".”

That’s what I predicted would happen, and this is exactly what we saw, with DW making up yet ANOTHER completely false statement about something he says that I believe. This man continues to twist and turn my words, rather than simply refute them. I told this board that he would not simply take something I actually DID say, and address it. But rather, in his desperation to save face, he would attempt to twist my words. He has done it again with his latest response, by typing this all-out lie….

DW: ”3)Another shocking admission namely that verses like this

Acts 2:  

42 And they continued devoting themselves to the teaching of the apostles"

Don't apply to today. Making the claim that parts of the bible are out of date doesn't do his cause any good whatsoever. What a disgusting blasphemy!!

I wonder if Derrick thinks Jesus words here are out of date??  

John 15:  

20 "if they have observed my word, they will also observe yours"

If so are these words also out of date??  

John 14:  

6 "Jesus said to him: “I am the way and the truth and the life"

How does Derrick know which of Jesus words are out of date and which ones aren't?? Where is the scripture that tells him this??  

Now, either DW is really this dishonest, or his reading comprehension skills are really that bad.  I suspect its a combination of both.  But either way, he has no business even talking to anyone about "logic", if that is what he gets from my comments.  

But is that really what was said? Nope, not even close. In fact, just the opposite. As desperate DW always predictably tries to do, he creates a false scenario. He wants to make it appear that I was claiming that some verses of Scripture are applicable today, and some are not, and hope the readers didn’t read what was actually said. But all one has to do, is to read the statements that are public, and readable right here in the forum, to see that he is lying again.

What I actually said, was this….

”Furthermore, he forgets that the Apostle’s teachings and writings later became Scripture, and thus, were inspired by God. He himself admit’s the WT leaders are NOT inspired. And they are not. Poor comparison there, DW.

So yes, following the teachings of the Apostles, is vital to true worship. They were inspired of God, and their doctrine was consistent. Following the teaching of the Watchtower, is not vital to true worship, because they are NOT inspired, and their doctrine changes at any given time.

No such pattern exists in the New Testament Church, like we see in the ever-changing doctrines of the Watchtower.”

What immediately jumps out from this quote, is the statement…So yes, following the teachings of the Apostles, is vital to true worship”.

And this joker tries to claim that I said just the opposite, and the quote is right there under his nose.  And he continues to lie, after reading what his own publications say about misrepresenting people, and after reading what happens to “all liars”.  Well, its on him….He obeys neither the Bible, nor his own publications, in this regard.

But he tried to create a false comparison, by claiming that I said some Scriptures apply, and some don’t.  A complete distortion, and he knows it.

So, it is quite obvious from my comment, that there never was a contrast between one Scripture and another Scripture, but rather, a contrast between the SCRIPTURE AND THE “SLAVE”…AKA…GOVERNING BODY OF JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES.

In fact, my statement above, clearly says the opposite of what DW is desperately trying to claim here. I said that the teaching of the Apostles, because it was inspired Scripture, IS vital to true worship. And that the teachings of the Slave are NOT inspired, so therefore, THEY are not vital to true worship.

Anybody but DW and his pals, could easily grasp that with no problem.

So, my prediction about how DW would continue his games of trying to invent quotes and twist my words, has been proven true. Also, my prediction that DW would write yet ANOTHER post without actually giving any of the quotes he has been asked for, has come to pass. I don’t know why he even bothers. Like was pointed out the other day, he has only made himself look bad…not me.

DW: “6) He appears to not realize that half truths are also lies . He quotes me on divorce but fails to quote my explanation on why I made that comment. Derrick doesn't practice what he preaches ALL the liars are going to the second death.”

This is so very typical.  The very guy who continues to INVENT things from me that were never said or implied, and NEVER shows a quote, is complaining about being QUOTED out of context.  It doesn’t get much more hypocritical than that.

No DW, you are not quoted out of context.  The point you were making, was that divorce is a problem in our churches (which it is, and yours, as well), and that perhaps we should be focusing on that (which I do), and forget about Hell altogether.  

My mentioning that point, was merely to show your illogical way of thinking.  Since you falsely claim that I think we can pick and choose where to use logic, I was merely showing that you seem to think we can pick and choose which Bible doctrines to teach on.  That’s kind of like your latest lie of claiming that I believe some verses are out of date, and some aren’t.  Apparently you are the one who believes that, to suggest that we should leave one doctrine alone, while concentrating on another.  Actually, my premise is that we are to preach the whole Bible.

Nothing out of context there.  The point remains valid.

Speaking of logic on that topic, DW, wasn’t it you who implied that the man in Hell could not possibly be real and actually speaking, because you couldn’t carry on a conversation when you hurt your foot  Now THAT”S logical….People have lain dying with blood coming out of a bullet wound, and managed to give a message to their loved ones, identify the shooter, etc.  But you claim the Bible passage isn’t meant to be taken as written, because you hurt your foot.  You said….

“Now let me tell you I broke my foot a few years ago and was in total agony I couldn't have a reasonable conversation with anybody, that was just with a broken foot so for me a man in anguish in a flaming fire logically has got no chance to converse like this.”

Now folks, Jesus could not POSSIBLY have been saying what He actually wants us to believe here, because why?  Because DW can’t take pain very well, and goes all to pieces when he hurts his foot.  

Good grief, Man.  I have WORKED and unloaded trucks with my broken arm in a cast, and continued working during the 6 months I was on chemo.  Get a little toughness, DW.

But since you couldn’t carry on a sensible conversation when you hurt your foot, Jesus can’t be taken at His Word.  

Now, that is not what I, nor any thinking person, would call “logical”.

And to be brutally honest here....Given your tendency to misquote people and make some of the most ridiculous statements in the history of this forum, it is pretty obvious that you don't carry on sensible conversations even when your foot is feeling fine.  

But again, it’s a complete joke for you to pretend you were quoted out of context, when the point I was making remains valid, and when you don‘t even bother to produce quotes at all.  It was to show your illogical way of thinking, and it did that.  And I could give a hundred more examples.

DW also claims that I didn’t defend my doctrine in my last post.  The last post wasn’t about doctrine.  It was about addressing his false and made-up quotes attributed to me, on logic.  It was also about replying to his comments on the “Slave”, which he basically just came out and told us that, we are to follow the UNINSPIRED Slave because this is the same as following Jehovah God, even if that means that the Slave is currently teaching something that is not correct from the INSPIRED Scriptures.

Which is exactly what I knew his true stance was….Given the fact that he has continually refused to answer that question.  Therefore, his original statement as written, does reflect his true position….although he did his best to not come out and admit it.

By the way, is there a doctrine that you would like to discuss, DW?  If so, then just say so.  I’m not hard to find.

And again, DW did something else that I predicted he would….After launching numerous attacks against my character, he will accuse me of attacking him, when I address his lies against me.  This is truly their mentality….“We have the right to lie about you because we don’t like you being in this forum, but if you dare to answer us or show where we are lying, then we will scream ‘ATTACK’ like the babies we are.”  

But its quite obvious who is falsely attacking who….To the sensible readers, and even to sensible JWs.  And I predicted this is what he would do, and he did exactly that.

As I have told you, DW….As long as you continue your lies, I will continue to expose them.  And I could care less how many times you whine about being attacked.   It is not an attack to call someone a liar, when you can actually SHOW and document the lie, as I have done.  It IS an attack, when you have to misquote and distort someone’s words, in order to call them a liar, which is what you do.  We notice you STILL have no actual quote for either my saying we can “pick and choose”, nor your latest lie that “some Scriptures are out of date.”.

How strange it is, that you don’t just show where it was said.  Do you have any idea how obvious you are to the readers , or do you really think they are as blind as you are?

You need to learn something important, DW…..You can never refute your opponent, by misstating his position.  You can only refute your opponent, by CORRECTLY stating his position, and then tearing it down with the Scriptures.  When you have to invent a position to attribute it to him, then you have already lost.  Must be frustrating for you.

But again, your pattern was entirely predictable, and you did exactly what I said you would do.

Because you simply have no choice……  

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