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Jehovah`s Witness/DW, You Simply Can't Tell The Truth, Can You? You Should Pray About That....


I honestly had hoped that the latest exposing of DW's falsehoods and distortions, would be enough for least until the next time.  Unfortunately, the falsehoods continue, and he has continued to make even more false statements that must be addressed.

For someone who talks so much about "logic", it is simply amazing how illogical and untruthful this man can be.  Regrettably, we have even more statements, that are nothing but complete distortions and outright lies.

Now, let's go ahead and get one thing straight right off the bat.  I do NOT "mock" ANYONE for having an illness.  That very statement, I find repulsive.  Its a lie, and you know it, DW.  As a survivor of Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma myself, I know full well what it is to be ill.  As someone who lost a close friend to cancer just over a year ago, for you to imply that I mock people for an illness, merely shows how low you will go to salvage yourself from the latest exposure.  

You wrote...."His mocking of someones illness just shows his desperation."

And this, after just having said that the readers did not know of your illness.  How is it that I can "mock" an illness, that I didn't even know you had?  Not very logical, for a man who talks so much about logic.

No DW, I don't mock you for your illness.  I can wish you well in that regard, but still find it necessary to expose your lies.  Having an illness doesn't give you a free pass on lying.  It simply doesn't.  You were exposed because you other reason.  Instead of just answering the question asked of you which had nothing to do with me, you instead, chose to lie and throw an unchristian attack towards me.  So, I had to address you.  Had you just answered your question, you would not have gotten humiliated again.  Your illness had nothing to do with it.

Now, as for your illness being the reason you so poorly typed your sentence....Look, you have been given numerous chances to explain yourself.  I have been more than fair.  But you DID type the statement, and until you clarify the statement, then I will assume that you meant it as you wrote it.  You can claim all you want that you didn't really mean it that way, but the evidence shows otherwise.

Here's the problem I have with your explanation.  You seem to want to give yourself, far more latitude than you want to afford me.  If I fail to type in one word, and then go back and immediately correct it, I'm still a "liar".  But when you type one of the all-time most brainwashed statements in the history of the internet, then you want to attribute it to epilepsy.  But that is simply hard to swallow, for this reason.....

When you first wrote it, you knew even then that people would have a problem with it.  You labeled anyone who wouldn't accept it, as "proud", "rebellious", and "not wanting to do things Jehovah's way".  You did not choose to re-word or clarify it, although you could have....Instead, you defended it.  Then, after finally being called out on it (again, after an attack from you), you finally decided to re-word it, but ONLY after continued pressure from me.  You waited nearly a month, because you would rather play games, than correct a statement you now claim you don't believe.  

Furthermore, I have sent you questions, and publicly posted 2 questions to you, that would determine once and for all, what your true stance is in regards to that statement.  So far, you have refused to answer those questions, even after being asked several times to answer.

The questions are:

DW, if the “current interpretation of the Slave” happens to conflict with the Bible, then what do we do? Do we….  

1. Go with the Bible, and be accused of “pushing ahead” of the “Slave”, and being prideful as if we aren‘t submitting to “Jehovah‘s way of doing things“?  


2. Go with the “Slave”, and be unscriptural, but at least we are “in step” with the Organization? I mean, hey, we might be unscriptural, but at least we are all unscriptural together. That’s a good thing, right?  

What say you, DW? The Slave, or the Bible?  

And you have no choice now, but to admit that this is a possibility, for the following reasons:  

1. Your statement implies that the “interpretation” can change when the Slave says so. However, the CORRECT meaning of the Scripture, will not ever change….Meaning, the Slave’s current interpretation might, at any given time, be INCORRECT.  

2. If you don’t acknowledge the point above, then you have to conversely believe that the Bible itself changes in meaning.

DW, if you will finally once and for all, answer these questions, then perhaps we can clarify your true stance, in regards to the statement you wrote, but claim you didn't really believe.

I simply want to know if we follow the Bible, or the "Slave", when they are in disagreement.  Your continued refusal to answer these questions, does nothing to validate your claim that you really don't believe your statement, as it was written by you.

YOU:  “I mean look at Derrick recently trying to use a sentence that I typed against me, that I don't believe and never have believed. How desperate is that??”

Yeah, you're really one to talk.  You keep harping about a sentence I wrote, which was PERFECTLY fine, and well-worded, except for not containing ONE word that would have made it more clear.  And I immediately clarified it.  And yet, you continue to use this as your example of a "lie"?  

And you talk about desperate?  We are still waiting for you to clarify your stance on the Slave, Sir.

Now, regrettably, you have done something else that I just pointed out the other day, that you always do.  I was actually surprised that you did it this time, for the simple reason that I predicted you would.  I am referring to your CONTINUED refusal to actually PROVIDE a statement from me, but rather, continuing to tell the same lie over and over again, hoping it becomes truth.  I pointed this fact out just days ago....That you will not provide a link, but even after being exposed, you will merely continue posting the same lie, hoping it will stick.

And that is precisely what you did, in your subsequent posting.  

You did it again, with this comment....“I always maintained in my three years of being here that christendom start from assumptions and also pick and chose where to use logic and where not too. Then we had Derricks admission of that fact that was really surprising to see him admit that.”

No DW, you were not "surprised to see" me admit that, because you never saw me admit that.  Again, you are simply repeating the lie, hoping it becomes believable.  If you "saw" me admit it, then why have you STILL not provided the quote, so that others may "see", as well?

We both know why....Because you're lying.  Now, I am as sorry about your illness as I can be, but that does not excuse your deplorable conduct.

But here is what I will do for you.  I will, myself, provide the quotes that you are refusing to provide.  These are actual excerpts from the conversation with Super Christaras, where you claim that I said we get to "pick and choose where to use logic, and where not to".  Let's see if those quotes really say that.

Here are the quotes you will not provide, for obvious reasons....

Yes, God gave us the capacity of "logic"...That is why I am a creationist, and not an evolutionist. However, there are limits with any logic and knowledge that God has given us. He intends for those things to cause us to marvel at His power and seek to know Him, rather than to question and argue with Him, or decide that we know better than He does.”

“First off, I did not ever deny that God gives us the capacity to think logically, nor am I saying we shouldn't use what He gave us ....In our everyday lives, and in situations that we face. What I said was, that our gift and capacity of "logic", is not to be used as an invitation to question the ways, nature, or mind of Almighty God, Who is higher than we are. If we ever attempt to place our logic on the same level as His thinking, we have made a serious mistake.”

“Again, that's not what I said. I, too, like to understand things from a "logical" perspective. That is why I have done some study on the topics of creation and evolution, and have arrived at the conclusion that evolutionists have no monopoly on "logic", when you take a long hard look at what THEY believe.

For instance, you see many comments here on this board, from people who would reject the Scriptural teaching about Hell, because it doesn't fit into their idea of how God should "logically" be. However, I do not base my beliefs on THEIR human logic...I base it on what the Scriptures teach.

I believe it is perfectly logical, that a holy God Who abhors sin, and provides us a means of redemption from our sin through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, would require everlasting punishment for those who would spurn or thumb their nose at God's mercy. People who think that is illogical, apparently do not understand either God's holiness, or sin's wickedness.”

“Placing what is "logical", above what is Scriptural. We simply do not have the license to do that. Its one thing to want to logically understand something, and it is another thing to form our own beliefs about our own eternity, based on human "logic".

Again, the Scriptures make it clear that blood has to be shed, for sins to be remitted.”

“Also, I said not to refuse to accept His means of salvation, because you can't "logically" understand every "in" and "out".

You ask if I agree with the notion of blind faith without research? Again, you are talking to someone who rejected what I had been taught to believe in blindly, and QUESTIONED everything I had ever been taught, until I either proved or disproved it from the Bible.”

“And again, you ask if I think we should research and question things, or just blindly accept them. AGAIN, think about who you are talking to here....The guy who has spent 14 years on this forum, telling JWs to compare EVERYTHING they are taught, against the Word of God.”

Now, I think it is plain from the above quotes, that DW's assertion was false.  And this is the VERY REASON why DW will not provide quotes, when asked for them. He KNOWS that he is distorting...this is not a mistake or an oversight.  It has happened too many times.  He has an agenda, and he will do anything he has to, to try and accomplish it...yes, even lie.  

But those are the quotes, and they completely validate what I just pointed out the other day....That at NO time, did I say or imply, that we can "pick and choose where to use logic", and when not to.  What I DID say, was that our human logic has limits, and when it comes to the point that our "logic" is exhausted and the Scripture says something that our logic cannot figure out, then we accept the Bible anyway.  

That is exactly what I said the other day, and the above quotes bear this out.  

Oh, and DW....You ARE aware that one of the topics under discussion in the "logic" conversation, is that your new friend, Super Christaras, could not figure why it was "logical" that blood needed to be shed for our sins?  You are aware of that, right?

Your latest lie exposed.  Now, moving on....

The last thing I wish to briefly address, is DWs' attempts to actually EXCUSE his twisting of my words, and refusal to provide a quote.  The worst part is, he is trying to use the BIBLE to do it, and make God's Word a party to his lies.  This is extremely dangerous ground.

Make no mistake....There is ONE reason, and ONE reason ONLY, that DW always refuses to give a quote from me, that would validate his claims.  And that reason has nothing to do with Scripture.  Its because he does NOT HAVE the quote, and he knows it.  Otherwise, you would see it.

So, this means only one thing....When DW claims "Derrick said", or "Derrick admitted", and then refuses to provide the actual statement, then its because DW is lying and he knows it.  He should know better than to even try that foolishness with me.  He has been exposed countless times, to the point that even good and honest JWs are getting sick of it.

But I am honestly amused to read the back-and-forths between DW and Super Christaras, and DW and "Little LOL".  Where they keep telling each other about deriving the "meaning" from the Scripture, without an exact quote.  

I quote DW...."Derrick wants direct quotes"

Yep...when you're claiming I said something I did not, then yes, its perfectly reasonable to ask for an exact quote.  Why can't you ever provide one?

DW:  "2 Pet3:

4 " saying: “Where is this promised presence of his? Why, from the day our forefathers fell asleep in death, all things are continuing exactly as they were from creation’s beginning"
"Do they literally have to say these exact words just like this to be the one's Peter is speaking of here?? According to Derrick they do."

Now, DW is trying to use God's Word, to justify his misquoting.  This is one of the sorriest and lamest attempts at anything, that I have seen in awhile.  But he isn't being "logical".  He doesn't seem to realize there is a difference between deriving the CORRECT understanding from the Scripture, and TWISTING someone's words into something they weren't.  

If I wanted to tell someone that there would be scoffers in the last days and denying Christ's coming, and they asked me for a quote, I would give them the above verse.  The meaning is the same as the wording.

But there are SOME who also TWIST the Bible's comments, and make them what they are not.  This is quite different from deriving the CORRECT meaning out of the verse.  The Bible also has something to say about those who twist and distort it.....

2 Corinthians 2:17-  "For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ."

2 Peter 3:16-  "As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction."

So, it is regrettable that DW doesn't seem to understand the difference between deriving the CORRECT understanding from the Scripture, and TWISTING the Scripture into something that it does not say.

And he has the audacity to use the Scriptures, to justify twisting my words, into something he knows full well that they are not?  And then complains because he claims I am twisting HIS statement, when he claims that I "know he doesn't believe that"?  Yet he does the same thing, and calls me a "hypocrite".

Give it up, DW.

A word of advice....Don't lie about me again.  I shouldn't even have to tell you that, if you're a Christian.  Get the "theocratic warfare" strategy off your mind, and just start acting like a Christian.  Don't start trouble, and then whine when you get it.  If you lie, I will have to expose it again, just like this time.  

Save us both the time.  

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