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QUESTION: Hello again, I had time this weekend to read what you suggested and found it very interesting. Where might I ask does this info you provided come from? How does one know it is accurate? I keep going back to scriptures being difficult to understand at times. There could be sincere interpretations that are just wrong. We are all just human beings capable of error, so how does one sort this out with proof? I am sorry to keep hounding you, but these are my questions. I guess I have a concern with someone just saying it is so as true. Sorry. Eli

ANSWER: Hi, Eli.

No need to apologize; if no one ever asked questions, no one would ever learn.

Using a parable of a faithful and discreet slave Jesus tells us that in the last days he would have a small group of people through whom he would dispense spiritual food. The food is actually the Scriptures, but this group makes it palatable for us to consume; that is to say, they make it understandable.

Except for prophetic information, for the most part what they teach from the Bible is straightforward and does not need interpretation.

For example we read in Ezekiel 18:4 & 20 that “the soul that sins will die.” See how simple that is. Yet some teach the soul does not die, and they have to make it complicated so it seems like this passage does not say what you can see for yourself that it says.

Another one we teach is Romans 6:23 , where again it simple says “the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is life.” The churches will generally state that unrepentant sinners receive eternal life as a punishment, but you can plainly see that is the opposite of what this verse says.

So you see it is not really all that hard to understand; what makes the Scriptures difficult to understand is the twisting of them trying to make them say the opposite of what they really say.

Admittedly we will sometimes make a mistake in some of our understanding, and we will correct any mistakes we find. However, since the 1870’s we have never changed any of our major doctrines.

About the only things we have had to change was our understanding of when certain prophecies were to be fulfilled, and the brothers back there even mentioned ahead of time that this could happen.

NOTE this quote from page 177 of The Finished Mystery , volume 7 of Studies in the Scriptures :

“But it is well to remember that prophecy is not given with a view to satisfying curiosity, but with a view to enabling the Lord's people to identify events as they transpire. For this reason any advance view of dates is liable to be blurred and the experience of the church has abundantly shown this to be so. But this fact would be no adequate reason for indifference toward chronology.”

I would suggest you contact Jehovah’s Witnesses locally and they can help to understand these things. Even answer questions right away and help you see in your own copy of the Bible. (Sometimes I may be away from my computer for several days at a time.)

By that I do not mean for you to stop asking me questions; I really look forward to them because it also helps me to stay on my toes!

Again, I hope you find this helpful and clear.


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QUESTION: I am becoming very frustrated. I feel stupid. I could not even get past the first paragraph without questions. Who is they???? What small group of people are you referring to....Jehovah Witnesess????? Are you saying the scriptures need no interpretation??? I also am growing irritated with you trying to "push me off" in another direction for answers. I do not feel comfortable contacting my local group, for I do not want to mislead them into thinking I want to be a Witness any time soon. If you do not have time for my questions, just say so, and I will go to another witness. Thank you.

Hi Eli. I am sorry if my answers frustrate you; I am trying to answer them to the best of my ability, and if I am falling short in that regard it is not for lack of trying.

And I am not trying to “push you off” in another direction for answers; I was simply offering suggestions in addition to whatever I may say. One reason for this is the delay between question and answer. For example, I see on my email that it has been about 20 hours since your post and I am just now reading and responding.

As I said, I enjoy answering questions and helping others. Speaking of which, the “small group of people” to whom I referred are those represented by the faithful and discreet slave in Jesus’ parable. These are the same ones as the “they” mentioned, and we believe that these are the ones we today call the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

It would take a long time to explain every point, but we believe this because Jesus said they would provide the necessary spiritual food at the proper time for it, and the Governing Body has always been doing that. As world conditions change and present new challenges to our faith, they provide us the spiritual information we need to meet those challenges.


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