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Hello again Derrick, I have not been on the site lately, and had time today to check in, and read some posts. Nothing ever changes with these poor insecure fools does it? They are so threatened by your knowledge its almost embarrassing. Their fear of being exposed is obviously more than they can bear, so they have nothing left but to lash out and attack like children. If they only realized that by doing this, they hurt themselves and their reputations,not yours.I am not sure why Jw's never seem to understand that most people see them for what they are, not for what they think they are. Numbers speaks volumes. They boast about their membership count quite frequently, but in comparison, it is actually very very low(especially for all the recruiting they do) There is a reason for that they refuse to see and/or admit. Take Care friend.

Hello, Rita!  How are you doing?  I pray you and your family are doing well.  Its been awhile since I heard from you, and glad to see that you are still keeping up with the board on occasion.

Yeah, its still the same old circus.  The pattern is, and always remains, very predictable....They take a cheap shot by lying/misquoting, I confront them and ask for the quote (usually several times).  DW will then tire of being asked for the quote for what he claims was said, so he will start rejecting the questions like a coward, and the quote is never provided, and then.....Another JW comes along and sees DW getting hammered, so they jump in and try to save the day, only making both of them look ridiculous.  They will begin to assure each other that they really are "exposing" that wicked, mean ole' Derrick, even though its painfully obvious who just got "exposed".  

Their desired result, is that readers will forget that DW made another false statement, and never offered any proof to back it up.  You would think they would learn after awhile, wouldn't you?  

But you offered some very insightful comments here.  If its okay, I would like to address them, and also address some of the things DW said, in an attempt to once again, turn attention off of his own blunder.  You see, I have these clowns pegged pretty well.  

Like this person who just wrote to DW....This person has a very, shall we just say "unique" (for the purpose of being polite...:D), writing style, that tends to give them away.  This sounds exactly like the person who is always writing to Rando, and making a complete fool of themselves.  

Since this person always likes to issue challenges from the safety of hiding behind another JW, while never having the guts to write directly to me, while all the time remaining completely anonymous, I just call them "Little LOL"....reason being...."LOL" is this person's favorite expression.  In fact, they have become quite talented in its use, as they can even say it backwards..."LOL".  This person is obviously very childish, and they too, have embarrassed decent JWs on here. In fact, this person was actually called out a couple of times, by other JWs, about their childish behavior, and always typing "LOL" to everything.  

So, let me just get that coward out of the way first and be done with it, so we can get on to other things.  

In their writing to DW, this person said....

"He STILL is AFRAID to DEFEND the Trinity doctrine ever since 2 yrs ago! And he wont even dare use the Bible EXCLUSIVELY! Lol!

Well us readers ARE STILL WAITING for Derrick Holland to MAN UP, if he can and 'TRY' that is, to start defending his doctrines with the Bible and  NOT HALF-TRUTHS which are still LIES. LoL!!!"

Yeah?  Hey readers, this is great!  This coward who always yaps from behind his keyboard, and only writes to fellow Witnesses where he feels protected, has finally issued a public challenge.  And in fact, its a challenge that I have been issuing Rando for years now....An open discussion on the Trinity, using nothing but the Scriptures.  Since Rando is obviously not up for the debate, let's see if this Little "LOL" person will follow through on their big talk.

So, Little "LOL"....I accept your challenge.  You know where to find me.  Only, its me and you.  You will not go through Rando, nor DW.  You will write directly to me, and I will respond, and the responses will be here for everyone to read.  

So, when can I expect your opening statement, Little "LOL"?

Now THERE'S a debate that's never going to materialize.

Okay, now that this person is out of the way, Rita I want to comment on some of the things you wrote.

You said...."Nothing ever changes with these poor insecure fools does it? They are so threatened by your knowledge its almost embarrassing."

Well, your assessment of them, is quite on target.  You're calling it like you see it, and you called it correctly.

Yes, they are threatened.  No question about it.  But you know the funny part?  This latest lie from DW, came with no provocation at all.  I had been on an extended "vacation" from this board, and had posted nothing for over a month.  Then, out of the blue, here comes DW's little lying cheap shot.  I hadn't even seen it, until someone messaged me and pointed it out.  The question had nothing to do with me, yet DW was apparently still tormented, even in my month-long absence.  And again....he made a blunder, when he decided to invent a quote out of the clear blue, and then tell the board that "Derrick says".

That's the thing with these people....They always get shown up and exposed for lying, but they have extremely short memories.

Rita, can I ask you a simple question here?  Just a logical and common sense question....

If you are going to go on a PUBLIC board with countless readers, and tell the readers that someone "SAID" something, do you not think it makes sense to actually HAVE the statement where they said it?  I mean, how hard is that?

And if the person denies saying it and asks you to produce the quote, would it not make sense to actually HAVE the link or quote, to back up the statement?  

Futhermore, doesn't it make a person look sort of stupid, and dishonest, when they claim someone "said" something, and then completely fails EACH and EVERY time, to provide the actual reference where the person said it?  And doesn't it also look sort of stupid, to have to be asked repeatedly, for the reference?  Why not just post it the first time, when you claim they "said" the comment under discussion?

I mean, how dense does a person have to be, to not be able to grasp how dishonest they make themselves look?

Yet, this is the dilemma that DW places himself in, time and time and time again.  This is what hate does to a person....They are willing to make themselves look stupid in defense of a man-made religion or idea, and in the process, they only make the religion look bad themselves, in the manner in which they "defend" it.

But why refuse to provide the quote, if he's gonna claim someone "said" something?

But hey, DW has an answer to that.  And his answer is quite enlightening.  I want to post it for your enjoyment here.

DW's excuse as to why he NEVER has a quote to give, for the things he claims "Derrick says".

DW:  "“He still hasn't learnt that how ever carefully he tries to word his statements I will paraphrase them and expose what he's really trying to say. He carefully words his comments he says this”

Now, he made that particular statement back in January.  He made basically the same statement again, just yesterday.

DW:  "Do they literally have to say these exact words just like this to be the one's Peter is speaking of here?? According to Derrick they do."

So, right here we have an ADMISSION from this guy, that what he originally claimed I said, I actually did not say.  Instead of a quote for the thing he has told the board that "Derrick said", we instead, have an ADMISSION that Derrick did not say it.  

Bottom line...DW lied, and made it up.

And to make it worse, he has just made it clear that he feels perfectly free to take statements, paraphrase (twist) them, into what he wants them to mean.

The problem with that....DW simply doesn't have the brains to get anything correct, as he has evidenced on numerous occasions.  On a scale of 1-10, his comprehension skills are -70.  So, that's the problem with him twisting people's words, and putting a spin on them.

The comment under discussion currently, is when I made the statement that the Bible is the final authority on what we are to believe.  I had said that we should use human reason and logic, but when something in the Scriptures is beyond human reasoning, we should then trust God and the Bible anyway.  

From that, DW lied and claims that "Derrick said" that we can "pick and choose" where we use logic, and where we don't.  

A man would have to be a complete imbecile, to get that from the statement that was made.

So, that's what happens when an already-dishonest person, who's elevator does not go to the top floor, decides to start "paraphrasing".

But bottom line....DW had no quote at all, to offer for his latest "Derrick said".  And as always, I simply call his bluff, challenge him for the quote, and then he starts making his usual excuses for why he once again, fails to provide it.

Yes, you are correct...Same old story.  DW makes a fool of himself, and then another JW tries to help out, and only succeeds in making a fool of himself, as well.

But yes, suffice it to say.....They feel quite threatened.  And why shouldn't they?  The truth is being told, and their nonsense is being shown for what it is.

The thing about DW, is that he has simply gotten too big for his britches.  He seems to think by his recent comments, that he has been commissioned to be everyone's judge.  He has decided that all the other JWs on this forum are fakes, except for 4 (I mistakenly said 3 the other day, but this was incorrect).  Plus, he has taken it upon himself to decide who is saved, who CAN be saved, and who is worthy of destruction without hope of salvation.  

He believes he is above the Scriptural command to tell the truth and not be a liar, etc, while presuming to condemn everyone else.  

And he has managed to convince himself that its all good, because he is "defending the Organization".

That's why he needed to be brought back down to size.

So its regrettable, but as long as incompetent people like him are here, there will continue to be a need to expose his lies every once in a awhile.

You wrote...."Their fear of being exposed is obviously more than they can bear, so they have nothing left but to lash out and attack like children. If they only realized that by doing this, they hurt themselves and their reputations,not yours."

Yow know, Rita, you really hit on something right here.  They are truly motivated by fear, and hate.  And by "they", I am referring to the ones who act like this, and we both know who they are.  

The truth is, there have been JWs who have tried to tell them.  Interestingly enough, my first "welcome back" to the board after being gone for a month, came from a very nice and polite JW, who simply does not agree with the actions of the ones representing their religion in this forum.  And any DECENT JW wouldn't agree with it.  My own mom, for instance, is one of the most devout JWs I have ever known.  In fact, I will say she IS the most devout I have ever seen.  And if she saw the mannerisms of people like this, she would say they are "apostates" and that they are only here to try and give the religion a bad name, by falsely impersonating a Jehovah's Witness.  No doubt in mind about it, and she is not alone in that thinking.  Unfortunately, I do not believe this to be the case.  I think they are actual JWs, without an ounce of common sense, or caring for how they represent their beliefs.  Nobody should EVER have to lie, to defend their religion.    

In fact, DW has had to issue a couple of "apologies", after being addressed about his conduct.  I quote from this one, back earlier in the year....

DW:  "<b>“A brother has kindly pointed out to me that the way is go about things sometimes is not right. I agree that I have made mistakes in my dealings with apostates and opposers. My intentions are merely to point out that Derrick takes the lead in spreading lies and propaganda about our religion and it puts people off making an informed decision.

I don't mean to cause offense to genuine readers of this site.I am still learning myself about tact and dealing with situations that I am very passionate about. The war being waged is fierce and people can be caught in the crossfire.

To the genuine readers I apologize if my manner has offended you in any way that was not my intention.

I sincerely hope you can forgive me and not let that put you off investigating our religion”

Yet, he's doing that very thing....He is giving his religion a terrible representation in this forum, and he is doing it in the worst way lying.  

And even after a couple of times now, taking time for "personal reflection", and coming back with an apology, he still always reverts right back to the same underhanded tactics as before.  

How can a person who calls his religion "the truth" (as JWs do), and claim to be defending "the truth", turn around and tell lie, after lie, after lie?

That's why, if he really loved his religion, he would stop embarrassing it, and leave its defense to someone more competent, honest, and with more Christian mannerisms.

Just shows you where his true allegiance is, doesn't it?  Its not to God or the Bible, but to his man-made Organization.

Rita, you also said...."I am not sure why Jw's never seem to understand that most people see them for what they are, not for what they think they are."

Yeah, its mind-boggling, isn't it?  I mean, going back to the "quote" thing.....They try and make out like they have the perfect right to invent something out of the blue, and when you ask them for the quote, then you're acting "like Satan".  I mean, how DARE you call them out for misquoting, and twisting your words!!  

That is honestly their mentality.  There is definitely some sort of mental block there, that defies comprehension.  

Rita, do you think it is unreasonable for a person who is misquoted, to ask the person for the actual quote?  

Furthermore, do you think that ole' DW wouldn't provide the quote, if he HAD it?

I mean, there are only 2 reasons I can see, that DW would not include the exact quote the very first time he presumes to tell the board what I said, LET ALONE after I ask him for it repeatedly.....

1.  He loves me, and doesn't want to humiliate me, by showing where I said it.

(Now who REALLY thinks that is the reason?)


2.  He lied, and doesn't have the quote, because it doesn't exist.

Hmm....I wonder which it is?  :)

And that's another thing...You mention about how people see them.  A very good point, there.  WHERE are the decent JWs who read this forum, and would feel compelled to speak out against obvious lies coming from their so-called "brother"?  I mean, if I did what DW did, and intentionally twisted statements into something just the opposite of what was said, the JWs would be out in droves...."That Derrick Holland is a liar!!! He is acting just like Satan, twisting words and making up things about our beloved DW!!!! This is exactly how apostates and opposers act!!"

But funny....JWs here do it all the time, and the other JWs reading are as quite as a turkey farm on Thanksgiving Eve.  

But you know what is REALLY behind all this, Rita?  DW is still licking his wounds, from where I completely exposed him as a brainwashed cultist, when he made this statement.....

"”Now here's the truth every Bible teaching by the faithful slave is the correct one until the time they tell you otherwise"

DW simply wants to lash out at me, for what he himself wrote.  Well, he is going to regret it, every time he tries it.  He is simply not going to get away with his lies, no matter how many times he tries it, and no matter how many anonymous cowards write him in support of his lies.

There is absolutely NO denying that his above statement, is saying that the "Slave" can decide a BIBLE teaching is no longer correct.  He can whine and cry all he wants.  But surely the man who feels free to "paraphrase" other people's words, can understand when someone takes his OWN statement, and quotes it EXACTLY as he wrote it.

Rita, its very nice to hear from you, and it is refreshing, the insight you bring to this forum when you comment.  You do a fine job of pointing out the obvious truth of the matter.  As always, it is great to hear from you.  I apologize for rambling on and on, but I was actually debating whether to even bother addressing their latest stupidity.  I really wanted to call out the little kid who wrote him the question with all the "LOL"s, and accept their challenge to debate....(this should be fun to watch).  

But on the other hand, its not always easy to decide whether Proverbs 26:4 is appropriate for the situation....

"Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him."


Whether Proverbs 26:5 is appropriate for the situation....

"Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit."

Different actions for different situations.  I have to admit, I was glad to get your question, as there were definitely some things they posted in public, that were outright lies, and needed addressing.

Again, it is great to hear from you, my friend.  May God richly bless you and yours.


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