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I will like this message to go directly to Robert  king.
Robert king or whatever you call yourself, answer me please,first of all, who are you and who give you the right to speak against or to condemn another religion?.I am not  doubt to call u  apostate or anti christ.

There are a number of articles on The Watchman's Post about me and my personal experience as one of Jehovah's Witnesses and why I do what I do. On every page there is a header menu, just hover over "About" and another drop down menu will appear with a selection of various articles. I might recommend to you the article: Is e-Watchman an Apostate. Thanks for your interest.  

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I can answer general Bible questions or questions regarding the teachings of the Watchtower Society, and questions and issues among Jehovah's Witnesses. Special interest is in Bible prophecy and the return of Christ.


Have been a pioneer minister of Jehovah's Witnesses during the 80's and an appointed elder for about 10 years. Also, I was an approved "expert" on All Experts some years ago, but could not keep up with the questions. I was disfellowshipped for exposing the Watchtower's 10-year partnership with the United Nations and for publishing the book Jehovah Himself Has Become King.

The Jerusalem above

Self published a 500+ page book called Jehovah Himself Has Become King, which is an in-depth exploration of Bible prophecy.

Always a pupil, always a teacher

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