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Hello Derrick. Just read a review mentioning my name.  Interesting, made me laugh out loud. I didn't know that it was okay to call someone names like "boy toy" or accuse them of making up stories without any proof or even two eyewitnesses for that matter. WWJD.  And yes this is my account of one jw in particular, the other one is more rational. And no, I don't believe all jws are like this, but I see a trend of what I read about them online, on this forum and first hand experiences. I found it amusing that one person chose to attack you while giving links to support his claims. I read two of them. One link was from some ones facebook status page. Wow, are you quoting some one from facebook to validate your claim? The other link had nothing to do with the Southern Baptists adopting the Free Masons doctrines, in fact, it stated just the opposite. I asked an expert here if he knew Charles Russell was thought to be a Free Mason? He does have a memorial pyramid at his grave site which bares the symbol of the crown of thorns and cross. Hmmm, I thought Jesus didn't die on the cross? Maybe Charles wasn't in the truth yet. Although he did claim to be the faithful and discreet slave.

To clarify a statement I made earlier about my jw co-worker, yes he did say he thought Jesus and Michael were two distinct persons. This was early on in his bible studies. He later got on board with the Watchtowers view on this matter without missing a step. He still hasn't been able to explain it in his own words. I read their booklet "what the bible really teaches" so I already knew their interpretation. I'm surprised he couldn't regurgitate this back to me.

In response to us needing a bible study, okay. Can we use any bible translation like the KJV or the International Version? I've been offered and had this offer rescinded many times by Jw A as I'll call him. Sometimes I'm just not worthy of hearing the truth. Sound familiar?

As far as this jw A being just one person and he needs keep working til the end. I get it, but he proudly calls himself a jw and says I have no hope for resurrection at times when he's angry. For me, all I have to do is read the bible to know how to be saved. Eph.2: 8-9. John 3:16 any tons more. Just read the book of John!

Now for one of many of my discussions with jw A.
One day at work he decided to share with me what he claims he found all by himself while browsing through the Catholic Ency. (see the trend involving  Catholics). He said he discovered all by himself that the Catholics teach Evolution. What He showed me was a highly technical article about how plants and animals evolved to adapt to new environments. He said no because he saw the word evolve and couldn't get past that fact that it has more than one meaning. Don't forget this jw is from the Ukraine and his reading comprehension skills are a tad bit lower than mine.Finally  I asked him if he really believed the Catholic church can't understand Gen. 1:27, "Let us create man in our image"? That they in fact teach creationism. He said, after I could see the wheels spinning in his head, Yes, they teach Evolution. Look at the article, it says they teach evolution right there. Hmmm so much for critical thinking. He believes what he believes and nothing can change that, but I'm going to keep trying by planting the seed. Hopefully one day it'll sprout.

Take Care Derrick.  Kevin

Hello, Kevin.  I hope you are well this evening.

Well, it has finally happened.  DW has had the nervous breakdown that everyone knew was coming.  Its been building up.  He attempted his lies again, and I exposed him and challenged him again, and he wound up looking stupid...again.  And with his last 2 posts, he has done EXACTLY the very things I said that we could expect him to do....I said that he would CONTINUE repeating the same lies and distortions over and over without showing any documentation, that he would never show an example where I said any of the things he claims, and that he would step up the character attacks and slander, due to his being exposed once again as a liar.

And that is exactly what we just saw.  In his post as of 2 days ago, he fulfilled the first prediction, of merely repeating the same old false accusations that he has already been exposed for....

"It's very interesting that not only do you agree with Derrick Holland that we get to pick and choose which bible verses are logical and which one's are not you also agree with Derrick that some bible verses are out of date and we can pick and choose those too."

See how he just throws a stupid and false statement out there, and once again, sounds like an old broken record?  Just like I said....

But he really went into complete meltdown mode, with the latest post that you referenced.

What struck me, was that DW did not rebuke his perverted questioner, for the "boy toy" remark.  This is the same questioner that I have nicknamed "Little LOL", due to their cowardly practice of remaining anonymous, and typing "LOL" after everything.  This is also the very same questioner who claimed nearly a month ago, that I would not defend my doctrine using the Bible alone.  So, I promptly challenged the nameless coward to a public discussion, using the Bible alone.  After which challenge, "Little LOL" promptly disappeared from the board for several weeks.  This is also the same questioner who has made other vile and dirty implications, as well, about another questioner who writes to me.  

You hit it on the head, when you asked...."I didn't know that it was okay to call someone names like "boy toy" or accuse them of making up stories without any proof or even two eyewitnesses for that matter. WWJD."

Well, one thing is for sure....Jesus wouldn't lie and slander people, or make vile implications.  This person is obviously not a true Christian.  When they received Scriptural counsel from their spiritual brother, Mr. Hepburn, they basically turned on him and justified their immature actions.

But you have to understand...Having "proof" is simply not priority to these people.  If they hate you and want to attack you, they will use every lying, underhanded, satanic method that they wish to.  They feel no need to document or "prove" anything....Even when DW proceeds to tell the board what "Derrick says", he is so pathetic of a liar, that he can never actually show the link to where it was said.  That tells you all you need to know about him.  

And then, you have Christaras, who also has a fondness of writing to Rando and DW.  Let me go ahead and tell you this, Kevin.....Christaras has been writing me quite regularly, and he has learned DW's habit of twisting, lying, and completely failing to comprehend what is right in front of him.  For instance, I heard from him yesterday, and he said this....

CHRISTARAS:  "I saw that Kevin says JWs dont discuss the trinity."

See what I mean, Kevin?  How they can absolutely see things that are not even there?  Not once did you say that "JWs don't discuss the Trinity".  What you said was, there was ONE JW expert who you asked about explaining WHY the concept of Heaven was Trinitarian, and they told you "not until you repent".  And from that, this clown thinks you said that "JWs don't discuss the Trinity".

Again, you see the intelligence of the questioners who are drawn to DW and Rando?  

Oh, and about Christaras....Apparently, this clown thinks he is Christ, now.  Yes, that is how he signed his last writing to me...."Christaras the Christ" .  The one before that, was signed "Christaras god" .  

That, along with his habit of being demonic in disposition and twisting everyone's words, is why I continue to reject him.  I could expose this guy and embarrass him completely, if I so choose.  He's simply not worth the time.

As for Little LOL, I got a kick out of this...."I tell ya my dear brother DW, Kevin and Derrick Holland NEED so much help with a Bible study from us.! LOL! They are definitely LOST SOULS!"

And this is the same person I extended a challenge for just that very thing, nearly a month ago, followed by their immediate disappearance.  

So again, Little LOL, I accept your generous offer.  I have been waiting for nearly a month, for your opening statement from the Scriptures.  What happened?  You scared?

Well, let's see what happens this time....Nothing will happen.

Yeah Kevin, today's post was something else.  DW is grabbing for anything he can hold onto, to stay afloat.  His lies and making things up out of the clear blue, really intensified today.  He showed himself for what he is....a brainwashed cultist, who cares more about defending a religion, than telling the truth.

In fact, he told so many lies in that latest post, he should have been ashamed to even hit the "Send" button.  He must not know how bad he is making himself look, with his character attacks on you and me, and his outright lies.  I'm not even going to spend the time addressing each one, because every reader of this board (yes, even his JW friends) KNOW he's a desperate little liar, who has been shamed and exposed, and is now lashing out with everything in him.

I have never seen such unchristian acts of desperation from this guy, as he has hit a new low with his latest tantrum.  Interestingly, he started off with this comment....

DW:  "Only the incredibly naive would believe everything they hear and read.Particularly on the internet"

Yeah, no kidding.  And only the incredibly na´ve would believe anything that comes from the keyboard of DW, the so-called JW and man of "the truth".  He managed to cram more outright lies and misquotes into this writing, than any other one that I recall.

And guess what....For all his "Derrick believes this and that", he STILL did not give one single link for documentation.  Pathetic....Even when he is called out and exposed for dishonesty, he STILL can't provide any proof.  Kevin, this guy honestly doesn't even have the brains to see how bad and dishonest he has made himself look.

Kevin, I don't think the guy even looks at what he has just typed, before he hits the "Send" button.  Like this comment....

"Derrick Holland has the least knowledge about Jehovah's witnesses beliefs of anybody on the board"

Funny....they spend more time worrying about me, than anybody else on the board.  In fact, it has been pointed out by others, that they are obsessed with me.  If I really don't know what I'm talking about, why don't they just SHOW my stupid quotes AND the LINKS where they appeared, and then tear them apart with the Bible?  If I have such little knowledge of JWs, why is it they have to constantly lie and twist my words, in a lame attempt to discredit me?

I think that speaks for itself.  They are scared, and they feel threatened by the truth of God's Word.  And just as the Bible said it would be, those in darkness cry out in agony when the light is shined on their error, and they do the will of their father, by lying and slandering.  True Christians don't do that....But DW sure does.

But Kevin, the lies were so numerous in this writing, it only showed DW for what he is.  

Take this paragraph...."Derrick believes the trinity, modalism, saballienism, pre tribulation rapture, post tribulation rapture KJV only, non KJV and a host of other contradictory bible teachings all at the same time are accurate knowledge as spoken of in Timothy"

If this guy keeps going with his lies, he will eventually catch Rando.  

Again, the man is in complete meltdown, so much so that he doesn't even realize his statements are contradictory.  It is impossible to believe in the Trinity, Modalism/Sabellianism all at the same time, because they are mutually exclusive.  But as I have pointed out, these clowns do not understand the Trinity, OR Modalism, nor the difference between the Trinity and Tritheism.  How foolish to continually comment on something they have no clue about.

Furthermore, one cannot be both pre-tribulation and post-tribulation at the same time.  

So, I will do what I always do....Challenge the liar to produce ONE statement from me, that expresses a belief in Modalism, or a Post-tribulation rapture.  And I'm fairly sure I have never said anything "non-KJV" on here.  I mean, surely he wouldn't SAY it, if it wasn't true, would he?  Yes, he sure would...cause he's a liar.

Uh, I think that paragraph alone, makes it obvious to ANYONE that this man is so desperate to attack me, that he will say ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, with no regard for the truth.

And he was obviously all to pieces when he wrote this.  It sounds like somebody who has been drinking...." He say's "Jehovah's witnesses believe the governing body are the governing body just because they say so" again another blatant lie!!"


DW:  "He also say's Jehovah's witnesses believe the governing body can usurp bible truths/teachings" again a blatant lie"

Actually DW, YOU are the one who made that comment, when you said...."now here's the truth every Bible teaching by the Slave is the correct one, until the time they tell you otherwise"

Don't blame me for what you said.  By the way, you STILL never told us WHO we go with, when the Slave and the Bible conflict?  Your failure to answer that question, is what got you in this mess to begin with.

Again, I could literally tear apart nearly everything that clown said in his latest crying jag.  But why bother?  Its obvious to everybody, that DW thinks if he can somehow put all of his previous lies together into one writing, it will carry more "umph".  He's desperate....he knows it, I know it, and so do the readers.  And its eating him up inside.

And Kevin, he then proceeds to imply that you are lying.  What a low-down, underhanded tactic that is.  But remember....DW is the guy who knows everything.  He knows who can be saved, and who can't .  He knows who has sinned against the Holy Spirit, and who hasn't.  He knows all about your co-workers, although you are in the Midwestern United States and he is across the ocean over there in England...No matter...DW knows all.  

Furthermore, DW knows who on here is a real JW, and who isn't.  He told us that there are only 4.....

Funny though, 2 of the ones he recommends as "genuine" Witnesses, believe that another one here is a "genuine" Witness, but DW doesn't think he is.  How odd that they can't even agree among themselves, who is a real JW, and who isn't.  And he wants to talk about US not being able to tell between a "true Christian" and a false one?  What a joke...  

But hey, we should just take DW's word for it, because he knows everything.  

Not only is he everyone's judge, but he is above God's commandments against lying.  He doesn't have to obey the Scriptures, and he is above correction.  When a fellow JW writes him about his unchristian conduct, that Witness is labeled an "apostate".....for daring to tell him he's wrong.

This guy has a major pride problem.

Kevin, if my memory serves me correctly, you shared your experiences with this JW from work, BECAUSE you saw the similarities with the way he is, and the JWs on this board.  So, if we see the very same identical actions on this board from JWs, why would anyone find your account hard to believe?  After all, its the same as what DW himself demonstrates.  

Brother, I wouldn't worry too much about what DW says.  He has been thoroughly exposed as a liar.  His credibility is shot.  I mean, look at the people who continue to write to him, and how they are....That should tell you something.

Kevin, DW said that he doesn't respect you or me.  Does it bother you, that a proven and documented liar, doesn't respect you?  It doesn't bother me in the slightest.

But I DID notice something quite interesting, which I think is worth pointing out.  I want to show you a quote from DW, and point something out that I noticed.  

He wrote...."Rev 21:

8 But as for the COWARDS ........their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. This means the second death"

Now, DW THINKS he is quite clever, but he is nowhere close to being clever enough to get by with this one.  Remember here lately, I have pointed out several times, that DW will not DARE to deny publicly to this board, that he has lied about me?  He knows better.  He knows full well, that he has.  And so does everyone else.  But now, I guess he has taken to editing the Bible, and leaving out parts of verses that would expose him.

Like the above example.  I noticed first of all, he did not give the verse...only the chapter.  Now, maybe that isn't significant, or maybe it is.  But he is referencing verse 8.  Either way, why did he leave out THIS part of the verse.....

"and all liars"

Now, WHY would a guy leave OUT the part about "all liars" having their part in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone?  

Hmm...Maybe if he leaves it out, then he won't have to answer for it?  Surely not.  But why would a proven liar, purposely leave OUT, the part about lying?

And why did he ignore verse 27 of the same chapter?  

"And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb's book of life."

But then again...How can a man who lies, even use that Scripture to begin with?  Seems to me that DW revealed a little something about himself there.  Not only does he lie, but he himself KNOWS he lies.  Its not like you and I were talking yesterday, where a person can unintentionally spread falsehood because they really believe it....No, DW knows his comments about me are lies.  And he does it anyway.  Not a very good reflection on him.

Also, I appreciate your calling out "Little LOL" and his offer of a "Bible study".  I wouldn't expect them to make good on it, though.  Like I said, I accepted their offer almost a month ago....and they ran off into the woods for several weeks.  I wouldn't expect too much from them.

Anyway, I appreciate your relating your experiences, and the almost identical similarities that we see here.  Its obvious that your experiences got under DW's skin.  You must be doing something right.

And you know, I didn't even catch that part about Rando giving a link to a Facebook page.  I was looking at the others, and didn't even notice that one.  Wow...What kind of loon thinks that a person's FACEBOOK page, is a legitimate source of information?  There seems to be no limit, to how low these guys will sink.

Well anyway, its getting late, and I have an early day tomorrow.  

Take care, Kevin.  And may God bless you and your family.

In Christ,


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High School, some college. Studies of God's Word, the Bible, and how it compares to JW theology. I have found my own personal study and experiences to be far more valuable than any formal education or training. The Bible message is clear...Salvation is ONLY through and by the shed blood of Jesus Christ, and no religious organization has a thing to do with it. While attendance at a Bible-preaching, Bible-believing church is a must for spiritual growth and fellowship, no church can grant salvation to its members. Nor is joining a particular group a prerequisite for being saved.

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