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QUESTION: Derrick, I can always tell when you've called certain JWs' hand.  Suddenly the subject switches to 'the Trinity'.  It's their 'if all else fails' response when they've been confronted with facts.  Even if the facts had nothing to do with the Trinity.

Reminds me of Johnny Carson's Carnac the Magnificent character where Ed McMahon read an answer and then Carnac (a Swami) opened a sealed envelope containing the question.  With certain JW's the question they always pull out of the envelope is "Should you believe in the Trinity?"  

That little magazine served them well for over 20 years (got their foot in the door) but it seems it is no longer being printed & distributed by the WTBS.  I asked Rando a while back about obtaining a copy & was told it is no longer a stand-alone magazine.  Nor is it on their website in its original entirety.  Just portions of it here & there in other articles.  

That it is no longer being published seems to indicate the WTBS no longer stands by its contents. Perhaps it has been brought to light (new light?) that it was full of deception.  

Quotations taken out of context, authors misquoted, changing a comma to a period when what follows negates the previous thought, the use of dots '...' when leaving out words which would have completely changed the meaning of a sentence, etc.

One only has to google "Should you believe in the Trinity" to find numerous websites exposing what can only be explained as deliberate deception in this no-longer published magazine.

Below are just a few:

God bless you, Derrick and may you continue being salt & light to a world of darkness.


ANSWER: Good evening, Jay.  How are you?  I pray you are doing well, and as always, it is great to hear from you.  

Well, what you have stated here, is correct.  Have you ever seen a group of people more predictable?  I was wondering how long it would be before Rando started feeling neglected, and chimed in with his usual Trinity posts, when as usual, the conversation wasn't about the Trinity.  I think Rando is programmed to the point, that he really doesn't know how to talk about anything else.  I always said that, if you wrote a question to Rando and asked him what time it was, and if it happened to be 3:33, then the number "3" would set him off on another rant about the Trinity.

But think about it....The people here who do the most lying, are the very ones who are obsessed with the Trinity.  The Bible clearly tells us that in the last days before Christ's return, there will be a great "falling away" from the truth, and many doctrines of demons being promoted.  Should it come as any surprise that the main target of those who are led by Satan, would be to attack the very nature of God Himself?  I wouldn't expect it to be any different.

What I find the most amusing, is that ole' Rando's posts are always the same.  He never says anything new.....or truthful.  Have you noticed that?  I mean, nearly every post for the past 7 years on the Trinity, contains the same lies and distortions.....That Trinitarians deny "Jesus is the Christ" (wonder why he thinks we refer to Him as JESUS CHRIST?), that "Christ is nowhere in the Trinity doctrine", that "Jesus is another Almighty God" (my personal favorite).  

I have never in my life, encountered a group of people so determined to babble about a doctrine they don't even understand, or know what it teaches.  Its sort of funny just to watch them.

But the thing is, we saw Rando's need for attention, once again.  He doesn't like for conversations to be occurring without his input, so you will always see him jump in with another of his Trinity posts.  

Of course, he has refused numerous opportunities to publicly defend his doctrine head-to-head....not only with me, but with another reader of this board, as well.  But what do we expect from a guy who stays anonymous behind his keyboard, and won't even use his real name, for fear of discipline by his own congregation?

He doesn't exactly epitomize the quality of honesty or integrity.

Yes, I do believe you are correct, regarding the "SHOULD YOU BELIEVE IN THE TRINITY" booklet, being out of print. Of course, it SHOULD be.  I can't think of a publication with more dishonesty and quote manipulation within its pages.  I guess that is where these guys get their propensity for misquoting people.  They have been taught well.

You wrote...."Quotations taken out of context, authors misquoted, changing a comma to a period when what follows negates the previous thought, the use of dots '...' when leaving out words which would have completely changed the meaning of a sentence, etc."

Yeah, that's a lot like what we have been seeing here lately....One lie after another, along with numerous inventions of "quotes", misquotes, and overall unchristian and dishonest conduct.  Just what we have come to expect from these few JWs here.

Thank you for sharing the various links in your letter.  They provide some excellent reading, for anyone wanting to really know the truth about the WT's misuse and manipulation of quotes.   

In fact, on the subject of the NWT, there is an excellent web site, showing just how extensive the WT's misquotes or partial quotes of scholars, has been.  The level of dishonesty, is truly shocking from an Organization of "truth".....

A couple more interesting links, as well.....

I also found interesting, that Rando has become so desperate in the past week, that he is now implying that I have ties to Freemasonry, and the KKK.  Can you believe that?  This is the funniest thing he has tried, since he wrote a question to HIMSELF, pretending to be a Southern Baptist who was going to get me "kicked out".  Of course, its hard to kick someone out of a denomination they are not even in, but hey, Rando does provide some entertainment here, anyway.

Jay, did Rando ever give anything by way of an explanation to this board, just WHY he was quoting pro-homosexual web sites, and providing their links here?  Or why he was even visiting those sites to begin with?  I remember you pointing that out....that had to be pretty embarrassing.

Yes Jay, just expect the ridiculous posts to continue.  I have really gotten into their heads big time, over the past 2 weeks, it appears.  Getting all sorts of nasty writings from Chrissy (Christaras), but thoroughly enjoying his video-making talent.  I am actually hoping he will upload some more, and when he gets enough, I plan to burn them to DVD and show them to my Sunday School class, as an example of how Satan acts when exposed as false.

Personally, I find it more than a little funny, to watch them sitting around talking about a doctrine that NONE of them even comprehend.  They honestly have no clue as to the differences between Trinitarian doctrine, and Modalism and Tritheism.  

Oh well.

Anyway, it is great to hear from you, Jay. I hope you are well.  May God richly bless you and yours.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Good evening Derrick,

Thank you for the links refuting the SYBITT magazine.  Also the John 1:1 link.  Glanced over them briefly & will check them out more closely later. It's a shame those who need to read this info will not.  Because these websites do not have the Watchtower Seal of Approval.  

Sad to think JWs are blindly trusting the FDS (or GB?) to be their covering on Judgment Day instead of the Blood of Jesus Christ.  We are to 'work out our own salvation with fear & trembling.'  Another person or organization is not going to be able to vouch for us.  Salvation is an individual matter.

You're right.  At first JWs say "Christendom" doesn't know who the one true God is. Now they say we don't know who Jesus is and are denying Christ. Sad. I do know He is not Michael the Archangel or Abaddon/Satan as has been stated on this board.  Jesus asked "Who do you say I Am?"  Since our eternal destiny depends on the answer to that question, we'd better get it right. Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth & the Light."  So I put my trust in Him.

Almost forgot.  Rando's predictable response to why he quotes pro-homosexual websites:  "I'm sorry, but this is a spam question."

Have a blessed Sunday.  We will be observing the Lord's Supper.  


Good Sunday afternoon, Jay.  I hope you had a wonderful service and received a blessing in church today.  

I checked out some of the links you gave in your last writing, and I'll tell you, it doesn't look very good for the SYBITT book.  You would just think that one of the most basic and easy-to-understand principle of honesty, would be to quote CORRECTLY, the person whom you are quoting.  Unfortunately, this booklet did not do that, and it doesn't seem to be a common practice among some of the JWs here, either.  And on that note, I noticed DW's writing today, where he basically had no choice but to admit that he had no statements from me, to back up his falsehoods.  He did try to salvage his latest set of attacks, by once again, repeating the same baseless accusations....Basically, claiming that he was merely reading what I said, and commenting on the implications.  Unfortunately for him, that simply isn't going to fly, because his comments were the exact opposite of what I had said.  His latest attempt at twisting, utterly failed, and will be addressed once again.  Maybe one day these people will learn.

You said...."Sad to think JWs are blindly trusting the FDS (or GB?) to be their covering on Judgment Day instead of the Blood of Jesus Christ.  We are to 'work out our own salvation with fear & trembling.'  Another person or organization is not going to be able to vouch for us.  Salvation is an individual matter."

Yes, it truly is sad.  Its tragic.  The most precious gift these people have, is the opportunity to come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  And Satan has deceived and blinded them, to believe that God has set up an Organization in New York, which is somehow vital to true worship.  

You just saw it admitted this week.....When the Bible and the Slave conflict, we are to follow the Slave, because Jehovah set up the Slave, and it is going against Him if you don't follow them.  Funny....I thought going against the BIBLE, God's INSPIRED Word, was going against God.  

And this is what I knew his true belief was all along, and it took forever, but he finally acknowledged that following the Slave is following Jehovah, and going against the Slave, is going against Jehovah.  And we have the inspired and inerrant Word of God, right in our hands.  Can you imagine what has to happen in a person's life, that would make them actually believe that drivel?  That God has placed obedience to a Slave, over believing what He says in His Word?

Yes, I agree....It is truly sad.  All we can do is pray that the Holy Spirit opens their eyes, before its too late for them.

You said...."You're right.  At first JWs say "Christendom" doesn't know who the one true God is. Now they say we don't know who Jesus is and are denying Christ. Sad. I do know He is not Michael the Archangel or Abaddon/Satan as has been stated on this board."

Yeah, that's the thing.  You see them constantly talking about how there is no Scripture teaching the Trinity (not true), yet they then turn around and tell you that Jesus is Michael, and there DEFINITELY is no Scripture that says that!  I will stack the case for the Trinity, against the case for Jesus being Michael, side-by-side, any day of the week.  

On that note, Chrissy (Christaras) really got bent out of shape over my reply to you yesterday.  I received another writing from him today.  I read the first 2 lines in his writing today, and rejected his nonsense again.  He starts off by complaining about "attacking the messenger" instead of the message, if you can believe it.  The same guy who has posted some very vile things about my character, and has answered NONE of the questions I asked him. That's why I don't even waste my time with him.  I am doing him a favor, because he and I both know that I can pulverize him in a Biblical discussion, if need be.  But I already have, and have nothing to prove.  The last one we had on the condition of the dead, had him saying Paul was contradicting Jesus, and then finally saying that maybe Jesus was contradicting HIMSELF.  So, I'm doing him a favor by ignoring him.

He wrote this, if you can believe it...."the magnificant holy Brother Rando" .  I haven't laughed so hard, in I don't know when.  First off, does this clown not even know that Rando does NOT consider him a "Brother" in the first place, since he is not even a JW?  And "holy"?  Since when are liars, "holy"?  I thought being a liar placed one in trouble with His Creator.

I don't know if the thing about the pro-gay web sites was what got to him, but that really isn't our fault, is it Jay?  That Rando did actually post a link from a pro-gay site?  All we did was ask him to explain why he did.  Nobody said he was that way, but he was asked if he supported this agenda, and I think that is a VERY fair and reasonable question.  

And if you ask Rando to explain his actions, well of course, that is a "Spam" question.

The mentality among these people is this....They can say anything about you that is false, and you should not respond, nor expose them.  And if you actually QUOTE them or something they post, then you are attacking them.  Truly warped minds.

But I think its fair....If he can post his lying nonsense about my having ties to the KKK and the Lodge, then I think its fair to ask him about his own interests, don't you?  I mean, I've never posted links to any of those groups, and wouldn't.  So, why did he post a link to a pro-gay site?  Why was he there to begin with?  Maybe he needs to be a little more forthright with the readers here, instead of worrying about me all the time.

Well, it is what it is.  Thank you for writing, and for your desire to see the truth of God's Word, proclaimed to these people who so very badly need it.  God bless you and your family.


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