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Have you ever read Abdijah's Profile?  I actually studied for several years before that, and was rather critical. However, while that is not the wisest course, it did give me insight into the thinking of opposers of true worship.

Here Abdijah gives DH a comment in secret - but it posts.

Could the separating work have started?

Hi Danny,

Thanks for writing. I hope what you're saying is not true. That somehow he has a secret communication with DH. But from what I saw in the letter he sent to DH, I think brother Abdijah is just being nice to him.

I trust that he knows fully well who DH is. The #1 Critic of JWs and that his aim is to destroy our Faith in our God Jehovah and to destroy Jehovah's earthly Organization. He's here to weaken the faith of others and plant doubts in the hearts and minds of readers.

Case in point his latest rantings about blood transfusion. It's full of garbage talk and poison words.  

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