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Hello again brother Derrick. I trust you and yours are fine.

I thought I'd share a conversation with jw "a" I had not too long ago. We were talking about the meaning of "don't consume blood". I told him it was my understanding  that it was referring  to the drinking  of animal blood at the alter during  rituals. They mentioned idols in the same verses in Acts. We've had this conversation many times and he always steers it the same way. "No Blood at all,what part of that don't you understand"? I asked him if he ate meat. Yes he said. What do you think that red color is? He fumed "come on Jehovah is reasonable ". Hilarious. All this time he said abstain from all blood. Now Jehovah is reasonable if we go against  His wishes.

Another tidbit about who is God in the bible. After over a year of trying to explain to him that the word God is always spelled with a capital  G when referring to the true  God. He said in his language they don't  use  capital letters to distinguish between God and people called god or false gods. Well finally I got this point through to him and he acknowledged that he understands how this is written in English. One example I gave to him was how the NWT made Jesus into "a god " in John  1:1. So I asked him again  if he understood  the significance of of using the capital  G. He said yes,but it is the translators who decide when to use the capital G . So I asked him to explain  to me why the translators decided to use the capital G in Isaiah 9:6? Maybe it just slipped through the cracks with all the changes they were making to the scriptures.

One more observation I'd  like to bring up is in response to sister  t's claim as to why people don't  like jws. It's not because we don't like their  message or because  we don't want to change our wicked ways as jw "a" tells  me. In my polling, I've  found that most people I've  talked to know very little about what jw 's believe. They seem to form their opinions based  on how they present themselves to us in a non religious setting. The one I work with has a reputation for not being always honest. Nobody is interested in hearing his "good news" because they  don't trust the messenger, mostly because of his weird social skills and obsessions. For example he would attend the annual  company  Christmas  party before he became  a jw. Then he said he could no longer attend. I asked why not? You know there is nothing religious displayed or talked  about at the party I said. The staff even removed  the  word Christmas from the invitation. He said it didn't matter because the word Christmas  was used in the past. I asked the  other jw I work with what the deal was about the ability to attend. He said there was no reason not to attend. He had in the  past when he was in town and knows what goes  on. Then last year jw"a" attended to everybody's amazement. I was curious  as to the change of heart, but didn't  bring it up. Then this last Christmas he was a no show. This time I asked him why? He just shrugged  his shoulders and gave  me that irritating look like who knows. He also  likes to say "who knows" to questions I often ask. Let me tell you it's very irritating to ask a simple question and get a who knows answer. And jws wonder why they aren't well received?

Keep up the witnessing so that those in the dark might  see the light  one day.
Take care Kevin.

Hello Kevin, its great to hear from you.  I hope you and your family are well, and that you had a good Christmas.

This JW you work with, seems to not be too sure of himself. He seem to basically parrot what he has been taught.  Especially on the blood issue.  I loved the comment he made, when you asked him about eating blood in meat...."come on Jehovah is reasonable ".  Was he implying that means its okay to break God's law just a little bit, as long as a good steak is involved?

Its odd, because there was an elder in the KH that I grew up attending, that loved his steaks cooked rare.  It was common knowledge that he did that.  I remember my mom saying that he shouldn't, but that it was "between him and Jehovah".  Yet, when a human life is on the line, then blood must be refused at all costs.

The thing about the entire blood issue, is that it is completely unscriptural, and the arguments are absurd.  Like the notion that eating blood is the same as transfusing it.  It is not even close to the same thing.  Blood which is transfused, is not digested, broken down for nutrients, or used as food.  It is a replenishing of what was lost.  In fact, the WT has even admitted that blood is an ORGAN, and they lifted the ban on organ transplants in 1980.  It was once taught that organ transplants were "cannibalism".

Another point that is interesting, is that NO branch of Judaism has an issue with blood transfusions.  I know...I asked them.  The Orthodox Jew who I asked, said the JWs are all alone in their prohibition, and understanding of the Old Testament commands against eating blood.  Not that I agree with every teaching of the Jews, but their understanding DOES carry some weight here, as it was the Jews to whom the command was originally given.  And the Jews are very meticulous to this day, to make sure that their meat is kosher.  Yet, there is not one branch of the Jewish religion, that understands the OT laws to prohibit blood transfusions.

I want to give a few links here, 2 of which I borrowed from an answer from an expert in the Critics category, Jeff H....

The 2nd link begins with a very sad story that I remember well.  It happened in the State below mine, and it was in the local newspaper.  Very sad story of a JW woman who willfully died, rather than receive blood.  No doubt, she was lauded as a strong Christian, and promises of reward and resurrection for her "faithful stand", were made.  The problem is, it didn't have to happen, and God didn't tell her to do it.  It was all based on a misinterpretation of God's laws about dietary restrictions.  It was a tragic life lost, for no good reason.  And the man in the story, had to endure the loss of a baby and his wife, all at the same time.  Out of obedience to a man-made misinterpretation of Scripture, that even the people to whom the command was originally given, did not hold to.

Also, I wanted to comment on this.  You wrote....

"One more observation I'd  like to bring up is in response to sister t's claim as to why people don't like jws. It's not because we don't like their  message or because we don't want to change our wicked ways as jw "a" tells  me."

You know, as sincere as she no doubt is, that woman simply is programmed to the point that she cannot see things for what they are.  She has a persecution complex, that is all too common among JWs.  There is something in them, that NEEDS to believe that we hate them.  I have seen it over and over in her posts....the implication that I "hate" JWs, or that I "hate" Jehovah Himself.  I honestly think they NEED to convince themselves of that malarkey, because it somehow provides some comfort, or confirmation that they are the true religion.  If you can convince yourself that people hate you for your faith, then you can excuse your sorry actions (perhaps the REAL reason people don't approve of you), and you can console yourself into thinking its just a fulfillment of prophecy.

Nor is it because we don't want to "change our wicked ways", as you said.  In fact, I changed those when I became a Christian, anyway.  Although I'm certainly not perfect, I do try to pattern my lifestyle after the Scriptures.  When I fail, I ask forgiveness and make the necessary corrections.  So, I would like to know what "wicked ways" they are talking about.  They never can really answer that question.

Like the accusation of lying....You can ask them until you're blue in the face, what "lies" are being told about them, and they just keep telling you its happening.  While they sit there and lie themselves.  Go figure.

Like you mentioned about your JW co-worker having a reputation for not being honest.  That's the same reputation about 3 of them here, also have.  For whatever reason, they cannot see their own dishonesty, because they're so busy convincing themselves that they are being "persecuted" for righteousness, and trying their best to find some dishonesty in others.  They need to look in the mirror.

And they can say what they want, about how the messenger has nothing to do with the truth of the message.  And while that TECHNICALLY may be true, that's no excuse.  There is a REASON that the Bible commands us to LIVE what we preach....because failure to do so, will only turn people away from the truth.  They have turned so many people away from having a good impression of JWs, just by their sorry actions here.  It sounds like your co-worker has done the same.

The same holds true with me as a Christian.  If I live one way on my job, that is not in harmony with the message I tell others, then I might as well understand that I am doing more harm than good.  If a Christian is going to be disliked, then it should be because of a RIGHTEOUS stand they are taking....not because they are a hypocrite, a liar, or a jerk.  

1 Peter 4:15-16-  "But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busybody in other men's matters.

Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf."

As is the case here on Allexperts, it seems your JW co-worker has created the circumstances himself, which have led to him not being respected.  

Thanks for sharing your conversation with this guy.  It seems he keeps there from ever being a dull moment at work.  Anyway, its good to hear from you, as always.  Take care, and have a blessed evening.


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