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Hello Derrick,

Glad tidings to you and your family. Don't you think the JW's are a little harsh on Brethren Hepburn? Has he ever complained about anyone? He never criticizes the governing body but follows them tow in line. If anyone is a true JW, wouldn't Brethren Brenton Hepburn be one?

Good evening, Jeff.  How are you?  I hope all is well with you, and I thank you for writing with your observations.

I think what these so-called "JW"s are doing to Mr. Hepburn, is wicked and vile.  But also, very typical of cowards and evil "men".  

You see, Mr. Hepburn has been here longer than ANY of the other JW experts here, and has always exemplified qualities becoming of someone claiming to be a Christian.  In the years he has been here, I have never once seen him be rude to a questioner, call them names, LIE about another expert, or post falsehoods under his profile about another expert or questioner.  Nor have I ever seen him falsely state the beliefs of others intentionally, nor have I ever received a complaint from a questioner sent to me, because Mr. Hepburn rejected their question, which has happened countless times with these other so-called "experts".

I have also never seen Mr. Hepburn REFUSE to make a correction, if he got a fact wrong.  In fact, I can show you where he did make a correction, with a spirit of humility, if need be.

Furthermore, I have never seen him invent various aliases, and write questions to himself, pretending to be talking with someone else.  Nor have I ever seen him post that someone is "lying", but failing to show where this was the case.  I have never seen him willfully distort facts, about any subject.

I have seen ALL of these things done by certain OTHER JW "experts", on a weekly basis.

Oh, and one more thing....I have never seen Mr. Hepburn say anything that was contrary to JW doctrine, either.

In short, he has represented the WT well, and exemplified the conduct that a JW is SUPPOSED to show.

So, of course he would be attacked by those who do not display Christian character....Because he dared to speak out, and make a public appeal to them, to straighten up or leave.  And now Rando thinks he has people fooled, by trying to play innocent in all of it, when anyone with a brain knows that Rando is behind these attacks on Mr. Hepburn.

Don't you think its odd, that a mere "study" (Joseph) would be so intent on discrediting Mr. Hepburn, and is so upset that Mr. Hepburn made a comment about the Governing Body "wielding power", which MANY JWs feel is the case?  Mr. Hepburn is certainly not alone in that feeling, and he is in fact, correct about it.  Why would a mere "study", be so upset about that?    

I'll tell you why....This "Joseph" is a fake, that's why.

And even as you said, he did not criticize the GB...He merely made an observation about their ability to have a great deal of power.  The rest of the quote showed his full belief in WT doctrine, and in the Organization.

What's worse....A person who exemplifies the qualities taught by his religion, and represents their doctrine with more substance than several other "experts" put together, but perhaps thinks the GB exercises a little too much control....or....those who CLAIM to be followers of the "Slave", but directly go against its teachings to tell the truth, and correct the "Bible" that they have printed, and dishonor it with their ungodly conduct?

As I have said before....There are 4 JWs currently here, that do a good job in representing that side.

1.  Brenton Hepburn
2.  Abdijah
3.  Carol Massey
4.  Elbert Spears

The others are not worth a dime, in their conduct.  They will lie, slander, and do everything the Bible condemns, if they can justify it by saying they are "defending the Organization".

And Jeff, while I'm on this topic of these JWs attacking other JW experts here, let me just address a side issue to this "Danny Boy"...aka...DW character.

It seems he likes to stalk my profile, to see who is giving me ratings.  He would have known nothing of Abdijah writing to me, had Abdijah not given me a public rating.  The question from Abdijah, had nothing to do with JW doctrine or the Bible, and as Abdijah said in his explanation (which was unnecessary), the ones who are here causing division among JWs are FAR worse than anything in his writing to me. Which, as he said, had nothing to do with the Bible, doctrine, JWs, or anything else that they should concern themselves with.

So, I have 3 things to say to "Danny Boy", 2 of which are regarding Abdijah writing one question to me about a technical issue.

To you, "Danny Boy"....

A. You don't have any facts to even know what the question was about, and you jump to a completely unwarranted conclusion, that somehow we have a secret correspondence going. I believe the Scripture has something to say about that, as well....

Proverbs 18:13 (NWT)-  "When anyone replies to a matter before he hears the facts, It is foolish and humiliating"

Way to act foolish, and humiliate yourself, Danny Boy.

B. Its none of your business in the first place, Danny Boy.  Nobody here answers to you.  

As you told me not to tell you who to write, then do not presume to tell anyone else whom THEY can write.  That sword cuts both ways.

And on another note....

C. Danny Boy, you said you were trying to write me.  Of course, you only said that when I was gone.  Since coming back 2 weeks ago, I have extended you an invitation to write to me.  I've heard nothing from you.  

You scared?  I thought you said you wanted to talk to me.  Was it the fact that I told you to come armed with TRUTH and FACTS, that scared you off?

I'm sorry for getting sidetracked, Jeff.  But these people who are attacking Mr. Hepburn, are too much.  They are cowards who hide behind anonymity, and sit in their own little corner leaning on each other for support, but none of them have the guts or the brains to refute anything I say, or show any wrongdoing on the part of Mr. Hepburn.

It seems any Witness who disagrees with their lying and unchristian conduct, is a target for their attack.  

Some "unity", huh?  And I am NOT throwing that remark at the GOOD Witnesses here, as I know they want there to be unity and peace.  Its intended solely for the ones who are attacking their own fellow Witnesses, because those Witnesses have told them they are acting in a wrong manner.

Jeff, let me just say something here, that Mr. Hepburn may not even want me to say.  But I'm saying it, because it happened.

Awhile back (probably 2-3 years ago), I was taking part in a discussion on another web site, about the JW religion.  Most everyone on that site, uses a screen name, and not their real name.  On that site, there are JWs, non-JWs, ex-JWs, and also just people who are studying with JWs, or have some interest in discussions regarding JW belief.  

Well, many on that site are typical of some of the JWs here, in the content of their answers, if not their conduct.  But I noticed one person on a particular thread, who was actually giving a good defense of his beliefs, and even when people who were not Witnesses would be sharp with him or challenge him, he never came back with an insult or harsh speech.  This person's answers were far above anything else that any other JW was saying.  It was like a bunch of pre-schoolers, and one college professor.  

Again, keep in mind that screen names were being used, and not real names.  In other words, there was NO
way that I could know who it was.  But I sent the person a Private message, and actually told them they reminded me of a JW on another forum, who did a good job.  Keep in mind...I was also using a screen name, so I didn't know who I was talking to, and this person didn't know who I was.  So, they were hesitant at first, to say who they were.  

UNTIL, I told them that I was from Allexperts and gave my name, and I told them that they reminded me of Brenton Hepburn, another volunteer on Allexperts.  

Well, GUESS who this person just happened to be?  Yep, Brenton Hepburn.

Now, I said all that to say this....Mr. Hepburn seems to be the same on any forum, where he is representing his religion.  He seems to try and keep in mind what his purpose is, and how his actions will have a great effect on that purpose.

Now, on the other hand, you just Google "Brother Rando", and see what you come up with on other forums, and how he is viewed all over the internet.  Enough said!

Jeff, I want to thank you for writing about this.  Brenton Hepburn does not need, nor has he sought, my defense.  As I said before....I don't like to see decent people mistreated, and unlike Mr. Hepburn who doesn't like confrontation, I am not bothered by it.  I don't seek it, but I'm not backing down from cowardly bullies, either.  What they are doing to their own brother in their faith, is wicked, and condemned by the Scriptures.

I actually have no issue with a person disagreeing with me, or even writing a post as to WHY they disagree with me, provided they don't lie, distort my position, twist my words, or attack my character. If they use facts and their understanding of the Scripture, then they will have my respect.  Mr. Hepburn has always disagreed with me, without lying about me, or insulting me....or anyone else, for that matter.   

You are correct in your observations, and the reason they are attacking him, is obvious.  

Funny....he hasn't even posted anything publicly in weeks now, yet they are still at it.  The Bible calls it "sowing discord", and its one of the things that God hates.  I have listed a passage of Scripture, and capitalized the parts that certain JWs disregard here in this forum, in regards to their treatment of others....especially their own brother.

Proverbs 6:16-19 (NWT)-  "There are six things that Jehovah hates; Yes, seven things that he detests:

Haughty eyes, A LYING TONGUE, and hands that shed innocent blood,



Wow!  Committing 5 of those 7 things that Jehovah calls an "abomination", is a really, really bad idea, in my opinion.

Take care, Brother Jeff, and may God richly bless you and your family.


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