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Hello Mate. You know what amazes me, is how DH has been on vacation and seems to be able to receive questions from questioners and also create an avalanche of chaos on the this forum. I think we all know DH is typing away feverishly and never been busier!

Here's the trail DH is leaving:

All three links are full of critical complaining how Non Witness deserve to be on a forum that has Jehovah's Name on it!  

Now look at this, and all of this happening while DH is on supposed to be on vacation.

More Critical Complaining from Derrick Holland.  He DEMANDS to be on a forum that has Jehovah's Name but doesn't want anyone to show him that Jehovah is in the Bible. Eddie, where's Christmas in the Bible? Where's the trinity in the Bible?

Derrick Holland disrespects Brenton Hepburn by posting PUBLIC his thoughts after Brother Hepburn asks the forum that this matter be settled in private and after DH acknowledged him he THEN posts ANYWAYS. "After reading the attempt by “Joseph” to cause strife in the forum, and since my name was once again brought into his attempt , then I have decided to weigh in with some observations of my own."

I never saw ANYONE mention Derrick Holland about this Matter? Brother Hepburn is trying so hard to keep this out of the public's eye and Derrick Holland is slander God's Name and using Brenton to do it!

What are your thoughts My Brother?

Hi Danny Boy,

My thoughts, typical response from DH. He just can't help himself, no matter what he does. I think he thrives in causing divisions. He likes to pit us against each other then stands by the way side while  gleefully watch as his schemes comes to fruition. At least that's what I think his hoping, to get us bickering with one another, then get us either removed or give up the forum.

Case in point. Notice how he does it. Here's what he said in one of his post:

>>"What happened to "I will tolerate no rivalry against my God, Jehovah?"

Uh, that's what you just did, Eddie.  Your Pal attacks the Scripture that was inspired by Jehovah, and you say nothing.  He tells us that the Holy Spirit can't even preserve the Bible without error for centuries, and you are afraid to counter it, for fear of upsetting him, even when you KNOW he's wrong.  You wouldn't even stand up for Jehovah's inspired Word.  You threw Him under the bus, as Ms. T did....All to keep from upsetting Rando."

Here's another, from today's post:

>>...To be labeled as NOT being a “full fledged JW”, for merely refusing to join in the lying and slander, makes me wonder what “Joseph” thinks a full-fledged JW really is. Perhaps he would care to elaborate. Is he saying that a real JW, would gladly participate in false statements against others? Is he saying that a full-fledged JW would just “look the other way”, when his fellow Witnesses are making a mockery of the religion that he joined this forum to defend, because hey, “We’re supposed to be on the same team here” ? Is that what “Joseph” thinks a full-fledged JW should do?<<

So you see it's no surprize. We all can see it.

If one is possessed by the spirit of envy, there's no way of stopping it. Thus, he just can't help himself. Nothing to offer but "bitter wormwood".

Here's my prediction: he will respond to this post to cause more division instead of upholding the healthful life giving Word of God that we all cherish.  

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