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Eddie can't say I wasn't fair.  After his posting several false comments to Rando nearly 2 weeks ago, regarding things he claimed I had said, I wrote directly to Eddie and asked him for the statements from me.

Well, he rejected the first question, and said it didn't "deserve a reply".  

Eddie only thinks lies deserve posting....not requests for the quotes themselves.

After the first rejection, I re-sent the question, which he sat on for days, and finally replied to.  This was so it would show up further down in the forum, and hopefully most people wouldn't see that he was caught lying red-handed again.  

So, I wrote him yet a 3rd time, in response to his "dancing act" from the previous reply, in which he gave NO quotes, nor actually answered any of the questions.  I informed him in that writing, that he had 2 days to either answer the request for quotes, or print a retraction.

I told him...."This board needs to know how you operate. You reject questions asking you to do the right thing, and I have to re-send the question multiple times, just to get you to respond. Its funny that you have no problem printing lies, but reject someone asking for proof of them. You also sit on questions for days at a time, so you can keep them out of the forum. Well, that’s not going to work this time. I’m giving you 2 days to answer this, and provide either quotes or retractions for the lies, or I will post it myself."

The quotes, Eddie…..

I believe this was quite reasonable, and quite fair.  

But Eddie has neither the quotes to provide, nor the Christian integrity to correct his lies....Again, proving that he is not a true follower of Jesus Christ, because Jesus Christ never once lied to anyone, and that he does not regard the name of Jehovah God, because he chooses to continually disgrace it, by disobeying what Jehovah commands in regards to truth.

But Eddie sure hopes Mr. Hepburn isn't what "he thinks he is".  The question here is, exactly what is Eddie?

Mr. Ed has been given ample opportunity, and more than enough time, to reply to my very simple request for quotes, for some things he falsely told this board that I said, or believe.  In fact, out of his list of things he claimed I said, I selected only 5 to ask him directly about, and to provide references for.  

Oddly, he hasn’t provided a single quote for any of them.  Isn’t that strange?

Here are the 5 that I asked him about, since he decided to post these claims.  As I told Eddie, when he sat down in front of his computer to write to Rando, he had a choice to make….To tell the truth, or to lie.  He could either use his fingers to type out truth, or he could use them to type out things he knows are lies.  And he chose the latter, as usual.

I asked him about the following comments of his, and asked him to please provide quotes/references…………….

1.  “How could this guy say this "stand strong for Jesus" if DH is the one defaming Jesus' God and Father? Heck, he even denies Jesus when its convenient.”

I asked Eddie to please show where I ever once "denied Jesus" (since I'm a Christian myself), or "defamed Jehovah".  And I clarified by telling him that simply talking about a doctrine that HE (Eddie) doesn't care for, does not constitute "defaming God" or "denying Jesus".  I wanted to see a real statement of defamation against Jehovah, or a denial of Jesus.

2.  “Who is the one twisting the scriptures here, is it not Holland who said the holy spirit changed the passover into EASTER?
Is it not this guy D Holland?”

This is Rando's oft-repeated lie, and Eddie decided to jump in and tell it for awhile.  He should have known better.  I'm still waiting for the quote, Eddie.

3.  “Who is it that keeps tearing us down?”
    “Is it not this guy Holland?”

I simply asked him for an example of my tearing them down, rather than replying to their lies and misrepresentations of my beliefs.  And how it is that he would make this statement, considering they are the ones doing the "tearing down".  And as of yet, no quote from Eddie....

4.  “Who is it that teaches the lie that the Christmas tree is the symbol of Jesus Christ?
    <b>Is it not this guy D Holland?”

This was so laughable, I just had to challenge him on it.  I mean, who would even type something that stupid?  I would just LOVE to see where I "teach" the above nonsense?  Eddie is always sticking his foot in his mouth, with statements like this.

Still waiting, Eddie....

5.  “Who is it that says the lie that "once save always save"?
    “Is it not this guy D Holland?

And still waiting for ANY statement from me, regarding this topic.  So far, nothing.

Now, the funniest thing….Eddie has now had 2 WEEKS since writing this to Rando, to be able to produce the actual examples or quotes from me, which would verify the above claims from him, of what he told the board that I have “said” , or “teach” .  

You would think if I had “said” it, or “taught” it, then there would be some record of it.

But strange….nearly 2 weeks after being first asked by me, to provide the references, Eddie has either rejected the question asking him to provide the quotes, or just sits on them and refuses to reply for several days, in order to keep the question out of the forum.

Or, maybe he is just waiting to reply, because he is diligently searching for the quotes, so that he can be honest in all of his writings?  Yeah, sure he is…:)

Honestly, its always somewhat of a circus, to watch these guys post their lies, and then call them on it.  Just watching their reaction (the rejections, the stalling, etc), is reward enough, because their obvious attempt is to make me look like the liar, but they always manage to only succeed in making THEMSELVES look like the liars, in the process.

But certainly if Eddie could provide a quote for these things he CLAIMS I “said”, then he would have by now.  He must not be able to.

But then, if he can’t show where they were ever said, then why did he write to his fellow liar, and claim that they were said? Isn’t that sort of dishonest?  Isn’t that lying?  But does Jehovah approve of that?

Also, I wrote to Eddie G, regarding a statement that appeared in one of his replies, about the attacks against Mr. Hepburn.  He had made this statement, in response to one of the cowards who are attacking Mr. Hepburn….

EDDIE:  "As to what to make of the information about brother Hepburn, I'm not really sure since the date is 2012. But I hope he's not what I think he is."

Well, I simply wanted to know just what it is, that Eddie “thinks” Mr. Hepburn is, since Eddie himself has proven to be significantly less than an honest person, and has also proven himself disloyal to the GB on several counts.  I was interested in hearing how it is that Eddie feels qualified to form opinions about Mr. Hepburn, who has shown far more honesty and integrity in his answers, than Eddie has.

So, I simply asked him…“Yeah? And what is that, Eddie? What is it that you think Mr. Hepburn is?”

But apparently Eddie views that issue as a big joke, because his reply was simply this….

EDDIE:  “Yeah? And what is that, Eddie? What is it that you think Mr. Hepburn is?”

“As they say - for me to know and for you to find out.”

Have nice day.

Expert: Eddie G

Eddie, would you care to explain how you obtained an exemption from Exodus 20:16, which reads….

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.”

And since you talk so harshly of others who dare to disagree with the GB, would you please explain your own disagreements with them, as of late?  

So Eddie, since you have been caught once again in your web of deceit, and failed to answer an open challenge written directly to you, I will just ask you publicly now….

1.  Can you please defend your reasoning, as to why you believe its okay to print lies, and invent statements that someone has not made, but claim they did?

2.  Do you think by not signing your name to the writing, that you were somehow hidden from Almighty God, as well?  I mean, I knew who you were…Don’t you think He did, as well?

3.  How does your writing known falsehoods, harmonize with all the Scriptures that show that Jehovah is a God of truth, and One Who hates lies?  And how is it that He doesn’t hate YOUR lies, as well?

4.  Are you, or are you not, able to provide supporting quotes for the above claims, which you told the board that I had said?  If so, would you please provide them in your next post?  

I would appreciate it.  I am anxious to read what you have to say.  

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