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jeff wrote at 2015-01-14 15:16:11
One of the rules of college debate is that when one is critical of another's words, the statement is backed by specific examples from the person's comments compared with cited facts, otherwise it is slander.  Within the context of Derrick's comments on blood transfusions you stated, "It's full of garbage talk and poison words".  I would really like to see some cited examples to prove your statement.

Allan wrote at 2015-01-14 23:45:06
Eddie it is people like you and rando that are destroying the reputatrion of your religion and not the honest members of your faith that afre being hounded and persecuted by you and Rando.    Get of this forum.   You afre a sick man  

Derrick wrote at 2015-01-16 12:39:51
Very well said, Allan and Jeff.  In fact, Jeff, I myself have just written to Eddie and asked him for the very thing you are talking about....actual quotes from me, for the things he claims I said.  Not about the blood issue, but in regards to a post that he wrote about a week ago, which attributed all sorts of comments to me, that were never made.

I simply wrote Eddie and asked him where I had said those things.  Instead of posting the comments, he rejected my question, and said it "doesn't deserve a response".

So, his lies deserve posting, but the actual quotes that would validate his comments, do not.

And Allan is right, as so many people have tried to tell this clown....He and his cohort, Rando, are doing far more harm to their religion than I ever could.  

Eddie is not about truth or facts....He is about lies and slander.  He has no integrity at all, when it comes to speaking the truth.

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