jeff wrote at 2015-01-03 11:29:15
I am Jeff from the "critics" side and I wanted to respond to your answer.  

Your response to this question says a lot about your character.  I wish there were more people on this site like you that focus on answering questions and not on slandering someone else.  The scriptures you shared were right on and thank you for not only sharing scripture but also for living by them.  

Derrick wrote at 2015-01-03 12:19:42

Although we have never conversed before, I simply wanted to thank you for this answer.  Everything you said in it was true, and I appreciate your application of Scriptural principle, in dealing with this question.  As you said, we do not have the same Scriptural understandings, but you kept you answer on the issue at hand, and did not stoop to personal attacks.  For that, you have my respect, Sir.  Thank you for your honest answer, and your wise dealings with those who wish to cause strife.

It is true that I have stopped taking questions from this person...For his using the very language and expressions that he used in his writing to you.  While I am willing to take honest and sincere questions from anyone, I am not going to respond to people like Christaras, who obviously only want attention, and strife.  

Again, I appreciate your answer, and that is why I have listed you along with a few others, as GOOD options to get the JW perspective.

Take care.

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