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The one who Knows All wrote at 2015-01-15 23:54:23
Abijah, you are a faithful servant of Jehovah who gives honest and straight forward answers.  Do not let others stop you from doing such a good job as they have seem to have stopped Brother Hepburn.  This site needs a good honest Witness for Jehovah to put the others in their place.

Scott wrote at 2015-01-18 13:22:04
Ill second that! Most of the jw experts here are a joke. They are rude and will not give you a straight answer, and if you disagree with them or their religon they will accuse you of being Mr. Holland. Mr. Abdijah and Mr. Hepburn are two of the good ones who concern themselves with the question and giving good answers. They are a credit to their religon while the others are an embarrassment.

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